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Am I losing you?

Am I losing you?

By Lynton

Am I losing you?

I tell you I love you
You say you love me too
But why do I get this strange feeling that I might be losing you?

Perhaps it’s all my mistakes
That I constantly seem to make.
Maybe it’s all the little things that I forget,
I know how it makes you upset.
Even though you say love me
And I love you too
But why does it feel like I’m losing you.

All the times when you said that you are okay
I know you never really feel that way.
All the depression was getting to you
We never really spoke about it so I didn’t know what to do.
I wasn’t really sure of how to comfort you.
I just kept on saying how much I love you.
But then you asked me
“How can you love me when it seems like you don’t even know me?”
And I couldn’t even answer you.
Maybe it’s my lack of understanding.
I know how sometimes I can be demanding,
But that’s just one of my flaws
I really wouldn’t want to see you walk out that door.
I just don’t really know how to express myself to you,
I love you baby I really do
But I just wonder
Am I losing you?

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19 Nov, 2014

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