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Am I Worth a Second to You?
Am I Worth a Second to You?

Am I Worth a Second to You?

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Am I worth a second to you? I’m not asking about minutes, hours, or even days- you’ve shown that I matter at least that much. But am I worth slipping through the crowd for, just to say hello for a moment? Am I worth waiting behind while I tie my shoe and everyone else moves on? If you saw me passing by with headphones in, would you tap my shoulder to get my attention? Or would you simply walk on? Would you text me, just to ask how my day was? Or how I’m doing? Or whether I thought your response to the AP Gov daily question was well-thought-out? I once used to be worth that much to you. I used to be worth texting just to tell me you’re excited that it’s snowing (with several exclamation points). I used to be worth weird animal facts, like the duck’s corkscrew penis and how octopi will rip off the limb that allows them to reproduce and give it as an offering to their lover. I was worth enough that you would listen to me sing, and sing back. I was worth telling me that folksongs would suit my voice. I was worth “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles. I was worth sitting next to, without prompting, without asking, without anything. I was worth talking to even as you had to finish a chapter in ten minutes for Politics & Lit. I was worth gushing about your girlfriend to. I was worth telling about how she saved a bug from the sidewalk, and how sweet she was. I was worth telling your accomplishments to. I was worth sending recordings of your orchestra’s state qualifiers performance to. I was worth sending clips of the dome structure you were building on the coast with your dad. I was worth following your singing account, which is private, which only three other people followed including yourself. I was worth so, so much. I’m not sure if I’m worth a second to you anymore.

Author Notes: Any comments/suggestions are appreciated! This is just a piece from a little broken-hearted soul :)

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9 May, 2022
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