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America For Trump
America For Trump

America For Trump

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"Tyrant", "Racist", "Trouble Maker", even "Asshole". Those are just a few names given to Donald Trump and it doesn't make any sense. Donald is not a tyrant, not racist, not a trouble maker, not an asshole. This guy has done so much for America and the world that it looks like the second coming of The Messiah has already been in office since the last election.

This guy did everything. He ended the "endless wars", created peace between UAE-Bahrain and Isreal, made the American economy bigger and stronger than ever, rebuilding the economy full force, lowest unemployment rate in American history, most job gain in American history, brough back American jobs from over-seas, had companies create PPE by the masses and distribute them out to the states and around the world, made drug and insurance companies lower costs, insulin down to about $15/bottle from Obama's $400/bottle, made the free-market less regulated, calling out the bias media, created criminal reform, promoting American freedom and ideas out in the middle east, destroyed the extreme radical group ISIS, got out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, moved U.S Embassy to Jerusalem, pulled out of the Paris Agreement for climate change, stepped foot on North Korean soil and had dialogue with Kim and attempted a nuclear deal, protected American soveriegnty with the border wall, eradicating the MS13 gang, cracked down on drug smuggling, lowered human trafficking cases, legallized the most amount of immigrants in the shortest time, made dreamers into citizens, got children out of U.S-Mexico border cages, brought families closer who immigrated, kicked out illegal immigrants who commited crimes, protected the nation's most sacred document called the Constitution of the United States of America, kept and fullfilled to the promises he made during his campaign with presidency and finally fighting for American ideology and the people.
(I may have missed a few things)

So in the recent event of all things dealing with racism, White Supremecy/ists, Neo-Nazis, KKK all those groups, Donald Trump doesn't support them. He has condemed their actions since the very beginning. The incident in Charlottesville where Trump apparently said "fine people on both sides" was a twisting of truth and missed context. If you watch the whole speech and Doanld's twitter feed, you will see that he both said and tweeted that he does not like racism, white supremecy, Neo-Nazis or the KKK. He has denounced those groups for many years and during the speech. He also goes on to call those groups, disgusting and foul. The sad part about this story is that the media ran with it and thought they would get away with it, but they didn't. Trump was asked a series of questions regarding only that part of the quote and Trump told them to watch the whole speech, get all of the context and read the whole quote. I can tell you right now who didn't listen to Trump's speeches,...Joe Biden. "Sleepy" Joe still thinks to this day that Trump called Neo-Nazis, White Supremists and KKK members, "fine people," when Donald didn't. Joe said that the one in the White House should not be racist, guess that means Joe isn't up for consideration. It's true, Joe is a racist. This is the guy who said during an interview that, "poor kids are just as bright as white kids". So Biden said colored people are dumber than white people in general because of money. Trust me, it doesn't matter if you have money or not, education is as only good as your willingness to learn. Biden also goes on to have the courage to say, "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black". Really? I guess Candance Owens isn't black then, neither is Kanye West or the other many 14% of black voters/supporters of Trump. The hypocrisy from Biden is insane.

Joe's mental wellness is bad. His speeches are so bad, that watching water drop from a faucet is more fun. During a speech in Iowa, the guy said, "All men and women are created equal, know,... the thing." Again, really? Biden was at D.C for almost half a century and he doesn't remember the Declaration of Independence. The document that made America, become the America today, he can't recall. Again, in Iowa, Biden was stating things that should be followed in a basic society saying, "...truth over facts". What does that even mean? How can you choose something over another when it means the same thing? Joe Biden has even "attacked" a press reporter and he looked like he was on drugs or something, seriously. A member of the press went backstage to ask Biden questions and Joe turned around, rushed to the reporter with literally, crazy eyes and grabbed his suit consistantly jabbering, "whywhywhywhywhywhy." and he then goes on to say to the reporter, "whoa, calm down man." as the reporter literally just stood there with a face of confusion. Joe, you're the one that has to calm down.

Biden himself and Biden supporters who are in politcal power are dangerous and liars. These are the people who incited violence against innocent people. New York's very own Alexandria Octasio Cortez said, "keep doing what you're doing on the streets" and never once did she denounce violence. With the rioting, looting, burning of gov't buildings and public businesses, persecuting of innocence, she says that it is justified. So destruction against property and others is justified, but when a police officer uses self-defense, it's wrong? Not sure how that adds up. Mayor of Portland didn't want the feds to come in even when Trump said that all he has to do is make one call and the feds would protect the city and the people. That didn't happen though. The mayor let the city burn down as police resources were limited against the BLM and Antifa mobs who put the city through hell. Then the mayor made the call which was a little late.
Mayor of Chicago, Lightfoot, said that she would protect the statue of Columbus and Italian descendants were happy that she said she would protect it. That was a lie though. Just days later, the one symbol in Italian history, which would be Columbus finding the Americas, was taken down and destroyed by BLM and Antifa mobs. Not only is the Italian community pissed at her because she didn't protect the statue, Lightfoot barricaded her own home and just ignored what was going on outside.
Joe Biden is lying in front of the American people. He claims he won't raise taxes and will guarantee universal heath-coverage. One big question is still unanswered about that. Who will pay for it? It's gotta come from somewhere. Anyway you put it, the people of America will pay for it. And taxes will go up for every class of America.
Biden's celebrity supporters even lied to everyone. They said in 2016 that if Trump was elected, they would leave the country because they said that (genrealizing) "America will be hell". It's been 4 years and I didn't see or know of any celebrity who "pledged to emigrate somewhere else" leave the U.S yet. I'm still waiting for them to leave. They said when the 2016 election was over, the Canadian Immigration site crashed. The media was all over that when it happened basically saying, "it is a sign". Well, look at what happened when Biden pledged to take away guns from the law abiding American citizens. Gun and ammo sales shot straight up (not trying to make a pun). So something that was said, but never followed through on was "a sign" from the media, but not the gun and ammo sales that actually happened?

There is so much stuff going on with the media and the political race and this is just the beginning. It is up to American people though to make the choice.
Your voice, your choice.

Author Notes: The silent majority no longer silent.
Trump 2020!

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16 Sep, 2020
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