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American Exceptionalism

American Exceptionalism

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Between the Pacific and Atlantic shores of North America lies a vast expanse of territory often sentimentally referred to by its inhabitants as The Good Ol’ USA.

Good as it may be, it hosts a redneck haven where god-fearing, gun-toting, uneducated and often hateful white males hold political beliefs that are so far to the right as to render any progressive national political change a virtual impossibility.

It’s a biblical realm of ignorance and dark ages thinking, where The Invisible Man rules with an iron fist and grown men, with all their false bravado and compliant wives, cower before his omnipotence.

It is the land of leather skin and the toothless grin, a world outside the wildest imaginings of the urbane and sophisticated. Intellectual thought is non-existent; in fact, any thought beyond what’s happening at the diner and what is imagined to have happened two thousand years ago is considered extraneous thinking, unworthy of further reflection and dismissible with a hominoid grunt.

Education tends to falter at the lower, elementary grades, when the inability to stitch together a coherent sentence meets with the grudging approval of educators possessing an equal economy of intellect. Thus children grow up to be as incomprehensible in word and as illogical in thought as their scatterbrained forebears.

These inbreds quite literally believe that some “god” sat down on a cloud somewhere and penned that enormous and sadistic work of fiction called The Holy Bible. Of course, not many of these gummy citizens have actually read it, since they can barely read the numbers above the weathered aluminum doors of their doublewides. But, no matter. The trailer will be rendered moot when the rapture causes the mass ascension of these bozos.

In the meantime, elections are blessed with their vote, a vote cast without consideration for any candidate other than the bible-thumping, liberal-hating monsters who’ll cunningly sell their souls to their imagined devil in order to get elected. After all, it is the dangerously politically inclined among these hicks whose intelligence rises to a level just high enough to outwit the witless who’ll buy the snake oil and get them into office.

This is where the anti-intellectualism comes from, this dystopia of the dim. And this is what will always prevent American progress.

If only the rapture were a real possibility.

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16 Oct, 2017
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