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An Aid for the Dead.
An Aid for the Dead.

An Aid for the Dead.

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An Aid for the dead.

It is said that happiness can be found even in darkest hours of life.

But who is going to tell that girl. She was getting rusted by the deadly moisture of depression. She used to look here and there, scratching her table with pen. Why not?, someone had written really bad about her. She thought about that all day and night. And finally left everyone, but introduced a guest named depression.

But who is going to tell her that-
Love is stronger than any other feeling in this world. If you learn and enjoy love then what’s on earth is depression.

Please girl, remember your precious time, moments, your partner. If you had a break up, start looking more perfect than your previous one.

Yes that boy was the cause. He cheated her, clicked her personal photos, bullied her everyday, wrote an warning on her table. Comment on her looks and face. She used to look at every mirror. One night she stand in front of herself, looked deeply into the mirror. She saw only tears. She punched it, with her full force. Turning her hands bloody.Tell her that-

If you think you are ugly, then you are hundred times much prettier than me. Yesterday god itself was asking for you, saying I want to take my precious and beautiful creation back. You just believe in yourself and the person who support you. Everything gonna be nice. Only you have to change your vision to see it.

She broke up with everyone thinking that nobody is with her. She was wandering around her dark basement, finally found a rope. She rushed to her room. Switched off the cranky moving fan. But, she stopped, postponed her idea. Somebody stop her please. Tell her-

If you think suicide is the only one option, then think it twice. There is no reverse gear in the journey of death. But are many ways and subways in journey of life. May be it contains puddles and hurdles, but it leads to a better tomorrow.

One last time she checked her message. A new friend request she found. Jason was his name. Jason Hope. He was the hope for her, or say an new love. She had started to liking Jason after some messages. Jason noticed that her messages are full of sadness and sorry. He asked the reason why. And suggested-

Just learn to love. Learn to enjoy every colour of life. Depression is just a point of stain in your beautiful canvas. Remove it or paint it with love and happiness.

She told Jason that he will not understand her problems. Rope was ready but she was not. Thoughts of Jason got stuck up in her brain. She wants to die but cannot. Because not someone but Jason told her that-

Happiness can be found even in the darkest hours of life.

After all, love helps her to be free. She never knew when depression had started putting its knife into her heart. But she understood that love is the strongest feeling.


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29 Jan, 2019
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2 mins
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