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An Angels Death part 3
An Angels Death part 3

An Angels Death part 3

2 Reviews

An Angel’s Death (part 3) (final part)

By: Kade

I begin to smirk, something inside me changed. No more Mr. Nice-guy. “Alright you sorry sack of potatoes, I suggest you start telling the truth.” I say, my voice sounds different; yet it’s nice. Marshall looks up at me, terrified. “Oh, what are you staring at?!” I yell, smirking. It all seemed so amusing to me, I could do whatever I wanted and no one can stop me.

I ask Marshall one question that will change everything. “How do you want to die?” He sits 6 feet below me, staggering to even begin thinking about what I was going to do to him. “Very well, I’ll choose,” I say. I teleport behind him. Pulling him off the ground, I say, “You shouldn’t lie to a sociopath.” I throw him to the ground. “Ahhhhhh!” he screams as he slides across the ground and hits my throne. Coughing up blood, he looks in shock. “I-i thought-” Marshall says as I cut him off, finishing his sentence. “You thought you were immortal? Ha! Take a look at who you’re fighting! You can still die! You’re still on Earth!” I say.

Sharp, flexible spikes emerge from my back, all pointing at Marshall. He sits up and looks at me, “please…*coughs* please no…” he begs. “Oh poor pitiful you! I’ve thrown you once and you cough up a little bit of blood. What a shame…” I say. I send one of my flexible spikes over to him. It wraps around his body, binding his arms, then lifting him in the air. I bring Marshall to me as he squirms, trying to escape my grip. “Haha! Please, what’s your problem? Hm?” I smirk again, then I noticed the pattern; I’m just taunting him… I felt a little bad, but not enough, so I just finished and figured out a way to kill him. “Hmm… I know. Very simple, but it’s SO fun!” I say, letting go of Marshall. He falls to the ground, scrunches up and attempts to get up.

I watch him struggle to get up; once he’s finally standing I say, “Now, it took you long enough, but let's get this over with. I don’t want to waste my time on you.” “You’re gonna pay for this!” Marshall yells. I stop smiling and stare at him. I walk to him, but he tries to step back to avoid me. I grab his arm and use my spikes to take us really high on top of a near-by building. Once we’re there I let go of him and he backs away quickly. “What are you doing?!” he yells. I walk towards him one last time and say, “What you did to me.” His eyes widen as he realizes the scene laid out before him. “ I can still remember,” I say.

I push my hand against his chest, pushing him backward until I stop. “Go to hell.” I shove him and he falls. Screaming for mercy, I look down and watch him cry, falling hopelessly. Marshall hits the ground and a bright light suddenly appears around him; I don’t look away. “His angelic powers can’t save him from a monster.” I think. The bright light fades and all that’s left is his broken body. Blood is splattered everywhere and his skull crushed. His face isn’t recognizable anymore. I take a step off the edge of the building. “I just want to see someone,” I think to myself. I plummet, waiting to hit the ground, but I go through. The ground shatters like glass and I fall to hell.

When I get up I look around, there isn’t much fire…. Then I see a throne. There’s someone there… “Well look at the fallen angel that came down. Couldn’t help yourself could you?” Satan asks. I look down and smile. “I figured out how I died….but you already knew that. …….Didn’t you…. Jackson?” I say. “It seems you figured out everything! Haha~I’m surprised, really!” Satan says, “I lived with you because I could sense your potential. I had to be with you, but then I grew to you. Would you like to stay here with me?” “Yeah, that’d be nice.” I say happily, turning around. I walk to Satan and stand in front of his throne. Then he stands up and walks to me, hugging me. He leans into my ear and says, “You’ll have to become a reaper if you want to stay with me. Even then, you still won’t always get to see me.” My heart stopped for a second, “I’ll do it.”

He lets go and shakes my hand, then I disappear and reappear in a very populated city. I ran to an alleyway where someone was getting robbed, then I killed the person trying to mug an old lady. I reappeared back to Satan. “That was quick!” Satan says surprised. “I won’t be able to permanently stay here, will I?” I ask sadly. “No, but as long as you keep killing people you can be here for a little bit.”

I disappear again, back on Earth. I pull out a scythe and kill someone in front of a bunch of people. Then I reappear in hell.

“I’ll keep killing and killing, until eventually there won’t be anyone left. It’ll just be me…… Why?” I ask. “It was my plan ever since you were born.” Satan says.

“Then let’s make it happen….”

Author Notes: Sorry this took so long, I'd been really busy, (even though it's not that long) but I hope you enjoy! Please leave a review 'cause I don't know what to think about my writing skills....

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7 Apr, 2021
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