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An Angel's Death
An Angel's Death

An Angel's Death

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An Angel’s Death

By: Benjamin

“Shit I’m gonna be late for class again!” I thought to myself. I decided to take a different route to class since the bullies are always waiting for me near those bathrooms I pass. Of course when I take a different route they would be waiting for me somewhere else though. “Oh look who it is.” one bully would say and then the others would start pushing me and hitting me. I was just thankful that I knew I wasn’t going to get dunked in the toilet again. After that was over I finally made it, just as the bell rang I had sat down.

“Alright class________________,” the teacher said something about how we were going to have a special lunch today and something about our lesson for today, but I didn’t really care about anything other than lunch. I was starving. I hadn’t eaten anything for breakfast and I didn’t really like to skip breakfast, but I didn’t have a choice. “Axel! Come back to Earth!” the teacher yelled, I guess he was trying to talk to me, but I was zoned out. “Sorry, Sir. I was just thinking.” I apologized to him. “You need to go to the nurse, you're bleeding everywhere.” he said. “I looked down at myself, I was covered in blood. I always forget to go to the nurse before I enter class, but no one ever seemed to question why I was hurt. “I didn’t realize I was bleeding, I’m sorry. I can clean the mess-” I was just apologizing, but then the teacher had interrupted me. “Axel, you don’t have to be sorry for bleeding. You were clearly hurt, if you want to talk about it I’d be more than glad to talk to you.” of course he had to say that in front of the whole class, everyone started to look at me weird and whisper amongst each other. “No sir. That wouldn’t be necessary, after all this is high school. It’s only a few more years and I’m able to get back on them.” I responded. I guess I must have made myself look like a bad-ass because everyone started looking at me like I was amazing.

The nurse had given me a box of band-ades. I used a lot of them, but there were still plenty left in the box, so I handed them back to the nurse, but she pushed my hand away and said, “I can’t force you to tell me what’s happening to you, but you can at least keep these so you can bandage yourself when you do get hurt.” I thanked her and walked out. I was in my last class before lunch so I decided to rush everything. Then the beautiful sound of the lunch bell rang throughout the school. I grabbed my bag and ran to my locker, it was in a different hallway, but it took me no time to get to it. I undid the lock and grabbed some stuff. I shoved some books into my locker and then I grabbed my lunch money and put it into my pocket while I put the lock back on the locker.

“Yes!” I had forgotten about it being a special lunch. I felt really lucky today, I was acing my tests, I didn’t get my head dunked, I even get to have a delicious lunch! I ran to the line and luckily there weren’t many people in the cafeteria yet, so I would be able to get my lunch and sit outside. The lunch ladies are always very generous and give me a good bit of food, I thanked them and went outside. I looked toward the cafeteria and people were starting to crowd. “Lucky.” I had said out loud and then began to eat. I obviously spoke too soon though.

“Hey, loser, this is our turf!” one of the bullies came up to me and said, then another said, “HEY! Look at his tray! Those damn lunch ladies gave him more food than us! Why did they give you so much nerd!?” I was getting so annoyed at the fact that they just kept calling me names so I decided to stand up for myself (and literally stand up with my tray.) “My name is Axel dumb-asses!” I finally just blurted it out. Something I’d wanted to say my entire life to them and I finally did it. Everyone was looking at me again, exactly like they were before in class, as if I was someone else. “What did you say to us, loser?” the bully said. “I literally just told you my name. You really need to pay attention.” I said, then I started to walk away. They didn’t follow me, but as I was walking away the main bully said, “I’m gonna kick your ass so hard later!” I just ignored it though.

I sat on the ground under a pretty cherry blossom tree and I continued my lunch. I was about to grab my roll and start eating it, but a bird swooped down in front of me. It was a dove, though, I was honestly wondering why there was a bird flying this close to me. I didn’t really care that much though, so I decided to go back to trying to eat my bread, but before I could grab it. The dove swoops in and snags it. “HEY!!” I yelled and then to my surprise my reflexes had actually managed to grab the bird. I freaked out

so I gently took the bread from the bird and then I sat the bird down. Everyone had started to go back inside.

I was freaking out because the bird tried to stretch its wings, but it could only stretch one. I started to get a little sad, but before I could think of what to do the bird started glowing. “WHAT?!” I yelled.


“OW! What the…” the bird became human and….he looked hurt. “AHHH! I-I’m so sorry! A-Are you okay?” I said freaking out. “Yeah...I might have a broken arm….no thanks to you.” He said quietly and some-what kindly, it was honestly strange. “I’m really sorry.” I was super apologetic, but I wasn’t sure what to say other than sorry. “Ummm… are are you exactly?” I asked nervously, and he responded to me rather quickly as well. “I’m an angel or what most call an “Earth” angel. My name is Jackson, I’m supposed to come here and check this school to see if I can attend. -You can’t tell ANYONE AT ALL about who I am. Okay?” He said. “Y-Yeah, but...what about your arm? It looks like it hurts…” I said. “Don’t worry, since I’m an angel I’ll heal faster and pain doesn’t affect me that much. I can still feel it, but it’s not strong.” “Okay, that’s good to know. Do you NEED a cast?” I was nervous...I mean, who wouldn’t be nervous. I’m literally talking to an angel. “Yeah, I still need a cast, I just won’t need it for too long.” He said, but then he grabbed something from his pocket. It looked like a berrie; he ate it and started to move his once broken arm. “There that should fix it. By the way, that was a healing berrie, but it was also my last one.” he said. “Oh, that’s cool. Well, I’m really sorry, if I hadn’t broken your arm everything would have been fine and you wouldn’t have had to use your last berrie.” “Dude chill. It’s alright I used my other two from crashing into things, no worries. I mean...You only broke my arm.” he said it again, but he sounded angry. “OH CHEESE! I have to go to class! BYE!” I jumped up and darted to the trash cans and threw away my stuff. I was confused, but it didn’t matter. I guess I could say that today has been a very interesting day. “Bye.” Jackson said, standing up. “He never gave me his name.” he thought to himself, then he turned into his bird form and flew off.

I finally got to class, I knocked on the door and the teacher opened it. She asked why I was late and I told her I was doing something. I then walked into the classroom and sat down. An hour had finally passed and it was time for my next class. I have one other class and then I can finally go home, though, I would in all honesty, rather stay at school.


Finally, school is over… I felt like it was a long day. I went to my locker which is luckily on the same hall as my last class and I undid the lock. I opened the locker and a note fell out, I picked it up and decided to read it at home. I grabbed some books and placed them into my backpack and then I locked it back and left school. As I walked out of the school a boy shoved me down the stairs. I got up and left my backpack on the ground. It was the bullies. “Hey, loser, try and act tough!” “Yeah, try. Dumb-ass!” “Gay wod!” they were calling me names as usual, but the last thing they said was the REAL mistake. “You really should WATCH YOUR DAMN MOUTH!” I walked up the stairs and got in the main bully’s face, I could tell he was nervous. “You better get out of my face or I’ll kill you.” He said quietly. “Oh, you don’t have the balls to say that outloud? How sad.” I said mocking him. “HrK-” the bully spit up blood after I punched him in the gut. “Hey! GET HIM!” one of the bullies said. I grabbed his arm and twisted it till it broke, then I punched the third one in the face and knocked him out. “I’m not taking anyone’s bull anymore. I suggest you scram.”I said with an angry face and they left. Then I realized that I had to go home. “I’m not going home...I’ll stay at the park instead,” I had thought to myself, then I started to walk toward the park. I was thinking about what I should do for dinner, so I then decided to just stop by a gas station. There was one down the block from the park so I went there. They had a mini Subway so I ate that and went to the park when I was finished.

It was almost midnight and I was still wide awake as usual. I was thankful that I still had a lot of battery on my phone though, that kept me occupied…”AHH'' I screamed; something had flown at me, but I wasn’t sure what it was….Then I saw that beautiful glow again, it was the angel. “Hey, earlier I never got your name…” Jackson said. “O-oh...Sorry my name is Axel.” I replied. “That’s a cool name! Can I ask what you’re doing in the park at midnight….alone?” Jackson asked, hesitantly. “Oh...ummm… My dad is an abusive basterd and he’s homophobic so…...I’d rather just be here.” I said. “Sorry...I guess that wasn’t any of my business…” He said politely. “It’s fine, I would actually like to be able to talk to someone every once in a while. It gets pretty lonely being alone a lot.” I told him. “Well, I can keep you company. I am, after all, going to start going to your school. We can be friends!” He said, holding out his hand. I thought it was weird that he was holding out his hand to declare our friendship, but I just went along with it and shook his hand. “Friends.” I repeated.

The next day was cloudy and dark, but it didn’t rain. I liked it. Jackson had walked into my homeroom class and he introduced himself. I wasn’t expecting him to be in my homeroom, but I didn’t really care. He sat across the room from me and I guess I was staring at him because I heard someone whisper to me if I was gay. Of course, I turn around and say “what?” at a normal, non-whisper voice. The teacher hesitated to call me out, but he still did. “Do you have something to say Axel?” He said, then I said, “....Yeah…” still staring at Jackson and he asked, “Well, what is it?..... Are you alright Axel?” He started to worry, but then I suddenly got a really fuzzy feeling and I realized that I was sleeping. My head started throbbing and my head when flat onto the desk.

I woke up in the nurse’s office, but instead of seeing the nurse I saw Jackson. “W-what happened?” I asked, I felt really weak. “You just blacked out. I’m not sure why, and neither is the nurse.” Jackson said quickly. “The ambulance is almost here. I’ll carry you outside.” He said. I looked at him as he stood and braced himself to pick me up. There was a strange feeling I got inside suddenly and then he lifted me as I saw his halo and wings. “Wooow…” I said aloud. “Are you okay?” Jackson asked, everything started to look fuzzy again. “You're very….pretty.” I said, then I blacked out again.

Jackson had blushed and continued to walk with Axel. The ambulance had arrived and Jackson laid Axel on the stretcher. Jackson requested to come along and they let him. Axel started to wake up again, but this time he was even more weak. They were almost at the hospital now, and Axel couldn’t speak or move.

“His heart rate is dropping dramatically!” Someone said, but I wasn’t sure what was going on or where I was. I turned my head, I saw someone looking at me, they were crying. It was Jackson, but...why is he crying what’s going on? Why is everything glowing? “It’s...too..bright.” I managed to say and then everyone in the room was gone. I suddenly remembered something….”J-Jackson….” the memory was from so long ago. It was me and Jackson….I was five years old and so was he. We were playing at the beach. His...parents? they were there...and my mom… I remember who Jackson is, I remember what happened, I know why he’s here… I know why everyone’s gone…

“Jackson?” I said and then I opened my eyes. Everyone was back and thanking God that I was alive. Everyone started to leave except one person,...Jackson. He walked to me and smiled. “You look beautiful too.” he said, then I quickly sat up and turned to look at my sides…….”I’m...dead?” “Yeah...but God decided to let you be an Earth angel”Jackson responded happily. “Wow….” I could touch my wings and my halo. I could do anything now….I could get payback? On the entire planet…..-

Author Notes: I'm going to make multiple parts and I guess it's not really a short story, but yeah. I hope you enjoy it.

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