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An Autumn Kiss

An Autumn Kiss

By BillyKing

Antony sat silently watching the gentle autumn wind lift the last leaves on the tree opposite his favoured seat outside the Imperial War Museum. Its facade lite and bright against the shouded gloom of the Lambeth backdrop. Strangely he sat in a smart blazer and slacks, no tie or cravate, looking so out of place as the world rushed past on its homeward journey. The temperature was in single figures and set to drop below zero over night, yet he felt impervious to the cold, he perfered it to the summers recent excesses. He watched as the white "jam sandwich" Police car screamed past its blue lights flashing in time to the wierd annoying noise it created to gate-crash the heavy traffic. Those lights hurt his eyes, splitting his vision and creating dark, splintered shapes against the spectrual colours, that seemed to pulse forward infront of the car. One thing it did do was to high-lite a single old man ducking down beneath some bushes, to take cover under some old plastic.
'Reg' as he was known locally,was a regular beggar at Waterloo station, just up the road, but tonight he was taking it easy someone had dropped a tenner,and it was his lucky day to find it. So he had a large bottle of cider, some stale-ish bread and strong cheese to eat and planned to have an early night and make for the Borough market in the morning. He slumped heavily down onto his 'bed' of old foam in plastic bags beneath his black plastic cover when he was confronted with the sight of a pair of very expensive leather shoes, attached to an equally costly pair of trousers
"Fuck off bastard" he growled and made a supreme effort to lung at the intruder, who just side stepped and with incredible strength grabbed hold of the grubby collar of his fleese under his coat and lifted him up to his feet "fucking leave me alone you cunt" he yelled and tried to shake loose, but the grip was firm
"Struggle all you like I can break your neck as easy as I could drop you" Antony hissed in the other mans ear "or I could slice your throat and leave you to bleed out! " now the malice started to tell for Reg just went limp, but his heart-rate hit new heights as panic, fear and dispair hit him all at once, and that was exactly what Antony wanted, and in a highly practiced move he spun his hapless victim round and bite, his fangs striking the juggler and was rewarded by the rich life giving blood.
Here we pause for a moment dear reader to regard the different responses of the two men locked in this vamparic embrace, for on the one hand you have the 'attacker' who is drinking the highly charged blood, richly laced with the endorphines of fear. It is his most desired meal, for it is so satisfying and fortifying that just two pints can sustain his for 8 to 12 hours. Then we have the 'victim' that is so frightened that ordinarily he would lose control of his bodily functions, does not, in fact he is receiving a highly sexually charged surge through his body that it responds as it would to a lovers tenderest caress, to that ultimate, and uncontrolled emission, at whish point Antony stops, retracts his teeth, gently licks the site of the bite and allows the poor unfortunite Reg to slide down under his makeshift tent, sleeping as contentedly as if he had just had sex with a horny untamed wildcat of a whore.
Returning to the moment Antony drops the black plastic over the recumbant Reg brushes off the debris of dead leaves and damp soil, turns and walks away. "Sleep well old boy and wake in the morning healthier than you went to sleep". It was the Vampierian prayer of gratitude to the donator of food, and it was likely to be true for the "kiss" of the Vampierian was actally a transmittion of fluids, the endorphine rich blood was countered by a few drops of liquid serum from the bite that, on their home planet was intended to seal the bite and prevent infection, on this planet reverse many, if not all, human aliments. This means that, as with Reg who had the onset of cancer of the lungs, his sympoms will disipate and ultimately fade away. Not only that but the sexual responce is a byproduct of the extremes the body goes through as first it is raked with fear and dread, heart racing to the point of collapse, and then the introduction of elements designed to force two pints of blood throught two tiny holes in just 20 to 30 seconds, which sends messages to the brain of utter euphoria, and that is interpretted as a sexual high, then transmitted as release and involuntary emission.
Where you might ask are these Vampierians from? are they really not just Vampires? what makes then different? well the answer to these, genuine and fair questions is yet to be revealled.

Author Notes: This is my first story with this theme, and would welcome feedback on not only the style but the basic idea/twist, many thanks in advance

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25 Sep, 2013
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4 mins
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