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An Error in Judgment

An Error in Judgment

By storygoddess500 - 1 Review

Dr. Greg Wellington was fifty six years old when he met Evely Delisle. Evelyn was just thirty six years old. He never had a problem getting a woman's attention. He was moderately nice looking with plenty of personality. This combined with being a doctor drew women in. Then why was he so drawn to Evelyn, his patient?

Evelyn had always liked Dr. Wellington. He was always so nice, normal, and more sane than most of her other doctors, but the dynamics were changing between them. After six years of going to him, it went from cute and playful banter to pushing boundries. The last time she went to him, some odd things happened. Things that made her question if she was Imagining things. Like when he said "There's something different about you today."

It made her say to herself "This is what guys say when they want to have sex with you."

She tried to dismiss it as nothing more than a compliment, but later on that same visit, he said "You're quite muscular, aren't you?" This by itself was amusing. It's not that she didn't expect him to notice. She just didn't expect him to let her know he noticed.

She said "Yes", and turned away from him slightly embarrassed and amused.

He noticed, and said "Evelyn, are you being shy with me?"

She said back "Something like that."

He must've intrepreted her being shy with him as her wanting him because he looked at her with desire/lust. Evelyn didn't know what to think, but she was sure he must've been mistaken.

She left the office. Later on that night at work, her friend Lori noticed the change in her, and said "What's up? You don't seem quite like yourself."

"I'm not. I'm in a situation where I'm not sure if I'm imagining the whole thing or not."

"What do you mean?"

Evelyn explained the days events. After listening, Lori said "So you think he has a thing for you, huh? What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to go back. I'm going to pretend for now, that it was just my imagination. I don't want to make something out of nothing."

Becky the nurse on shift said "Who is your doctor?"

"Dr. Greg Wellington."

"I knew him years ago. Back when I knew him, he was cheating on his wife."

Lori watched the blood drain from Evelyn's face, and said "Are you all right?"

"I guess, for now. This has given me a lot to think about."

Over the course of the year, it was all she could think about. She wanted to cancel the physical she scheduled, but she didn't. She hoped he could keep it professional like he always did except for the last physical. Little did she know, this upcoming physical would be anything but professional.

When it's finally time for her to go to her physical, she tries not to act nervous. When checking in, the office staff say amongst each other "He wants to rush this through." At first Evelyn didn't think anything of the remark, but then they took her in without her ever having to sit in the waiting room. After they do her vitals, they leave. Evelyn begins to undress when he walks in. She didn't have anything more than her shoes off when he said "Do you mind if I watch? I'm going to see everything anyway."

The blood drained from Evelyn's face as she reluctantly agreed. She knew he was right about seeing everything, but also becuase she remembered the office staff saying that he wanted to rush this through. That made her think "He must really be pressed for time if he can't wait for me to get undressed." She didn't expect him to stand behind her though. This caused her to freak out on the inside. If he had stood anywhere else, he could've had her embarrassed smile. Instead, she had to talk herself out of having a panic attack by repeating in her head "I never had a reason not to trust him" over and over again.

After she was fully undressed and in a johnny, she exhales loudly, and climbs up on the table. After listening to her heart, he tells her she has tachycardia (a fast heart rate). Evelyn is sitting there thinking "No kidding. Don't you think your heart rate would be fast if you almost had a panic attack?" But out loud, she didn't say anything.

He has her lie on the table to do the breast exam. He takes her arms out of the sleeves instead of having her do it herself. She thought it was strange, but she let it go even though she was thinking it was like he was trying to seduce her. When it was time to do the pelvic exam, he brought a nurse in, and that went the way that it should, very routine.

While lying on the table with the nurse still in the room, he stood on Evelyn's left side and put his arm between her legs to reach behind her right knee. He looks at her and says "I'm checking your pulse." Since that was all he did, she let this go as well. What else could he do with the nurse still there. It made Evelyn think "I seriously think he is trying to seduce me. I mean he had to wrap his arm between my legs. He couldn't do the side closest to him or switch sides. Such mind games."

After the so called "Checking her pulse" was over, he leaves the room for her to get dressed. Once dressed, he comes back in being his usual self when again, he looks at her with desire/lust. She could feel the heat and intensity in the way he looked at her. It was the kind of look where it felt like it bored into your soul.

Evelyn tried to hold her composure and act like she didn't notice when she got caught up in the moment. While scared, she became aware that she was attracted to him, and found herself becoming drawn to him. She had so many thoughts swimming in her head simultaneously. She thought about kissing him, but the Toby Keith song "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This Unless You Mean It Like That" was playing in her head, so was the fact that they were both married, and his facial hair was long enough that she couldn't even see his lips. Evelyn decided she had way too much to lose to risk it on anything less than perfect. Plus, she had this inner voice saying "He doesn't have your best interest. All these things were a wake up call.

Evelyn wondered how someone could be attracted to someone when they were somewhat scared and their adrenaline was pumping in overdrive. She decided it must be the danger in the air that made it exciting.

Just as she thought she had kept it together, she received this mental image like a nonverbal message that he sent her. It was an image of a man slamming into a woman during sex. Upon receiving this mental image, Evelyn held herself in the stomach and said "Awh." Evelyn felt this all the way to the core. It was like being punched in the gut. After the sound effects, all she could think of was it was like being impaled. It felt so real, like it actually happened. He never asked her what that was, but rather continued to look at her with desire/lust. She had to turn away because she felt so violated.

Once she was able to recover enough to look at him again, he gave her a look that showed her how confused he was. Like he was saying "Why would you turn away? What happened?" She left that day wondering the same thing.

For weeks after that day, she could think of nothing else. Anywhere she went, she couldn't shake the way he looked at her. This image of desire/lust would come out of nowhere, and she would have to hide an embarrassed smile behind her arm until she could regroup. Lori noticing the change says "What's going on?"

Evelyn spilled the beans, but not before she could see some humor in it. The idea of the two of them together when they were eighteen years apart was amusing.

Lori says "Why do you think he waits until he sees you naked to try this stuff?"

Laughing, Evelyn says "There are two reasons. One is I maily go there for physicals because I never get sick. My other thought is it's because I'm feeling good. He thinks if I'm not sick when I go to him, I'm more likely to be receptive."

Lori and Evelyn chuckle.

"What I want to know is what is it about me that makes it worth the risk? I mean he could lose everything. Plus he knows I'm not on any birth control because my husband had a vasectomy. How could he not realize that he never prescribes it for me? Maybe if my husband was a total jerk, I might consider it, but not there. It would have to be classed up a bit. That being said, I was totally unprepared for that."

Lori says " I have no idea what would make him think that it was worth the risk unless it was the age difference, And I bet you were unprepared. I mean he made you feel safe and you trusted him for six years before this happened. Are you going to find another doctor?"

"Not yet. I saw that confused look on his face when I turned away from him. He didn't try anything or try to convince me after I turned away. He accepted my decision. This combined with how normal and sane he is compared to my other doctors make me hope we can get back to the way things used to be before he started looking at me like that.

"I don't think I could do that if my doctor tried to seduce me."

"Well, so so many of your doctors hve been jerks, you have to weigh the pros and the cons. There are so many pros. I like that he could admit when he was wrong or didn't know the answer. I liked that he wasn't afraid to show his humanness. He would talk to me about his homelife so that I got to see him as someone other than a doctor. He never made me feel stupid or inferior. For all these reasons, I'm going to call this an error in judgment."

"You know, I always felt like we had a connection, but with the age difference, him being my doctor, and both of us being married, it never occurred to me that the connection could be chemistry. I mean I never thought of him as attractive or unattractive. Just something in between. It totally threw me to find out that I could easily like him in that way."

"I bet it did. I don't know what I would do. What's his name?"

"Greg Wellington/"

"Wait, your husband's name is Craig, right?"


"You know, you could literally say the wrong name, and get away with it."

Laughing, Evelyn says, "Yeah, I thought about that before too."

The following year, Evelyn goes back to him. He comes in with his hair dyed black. It was not becoming on someone sixty three years old. She sat there thinking, "I hope he didn't do this for me."

He takes a seat on the stool with his back against the wall and his hands behind his head like he always did, and says "So Evelyn, are you going to talk to me about the last visit?

"Absolutely not."

"Really? All right. He sat there with a bemused look on his face. She left there thinking things were getting back to normal. He seemed more like the doctor he was before.

After that visit, he sends her a letter in the mail saying he is retiring. Evelyn was so mad that she emailed him saying "How could you let me make an appointment for the following year?"

He has his business office call her to lie to her because he didn't have the guts to do it himself. They told her "It just occurred to him."

Evelyn knew it didn't just occur to him because she knew someone whose husband was a patient of his two years before. The husband told his wife that Dr. Wellington was thinking about retiring, so Evelyn knew he had an idea for two years. After the lying to her, Evelyn couldn't take it anymore, and wrote a letter saying what happened to her the day of the inappropriate physical to his office. She didn't put private, personal, or confidential on it. She wanted them to see what kind of person he really was. She ended the letter with "I don't remember when I knew a bigger coward."

Ten days later, she went down to his office to get copies of her medical records. It was obvious that they had read it. The people in his office that she never really cared for, looked at her differently. You could see the empathy and understanding in their faces. Evelyn left that day feeling justified knowing they now knew. It was time to turn a new page, and be done with this chapter in her life. Evelyn hoped having a new doctor would help her forget everything that had transpired between them, allow her to heal, and put it in the past where it belonged.

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