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An Eternal Moment

An Eternal Moment

By jharris1

A hope given only to be dashed against reality as their eyes meet.
She holds the promise of acceptance and caring.
His future only holds cold steel and cement, an incaceration earned but not deserved.
To give in to the passion is to betray himself.
Her warmth can only ever be fleeting, his destruction assured.
His world, bleak, her presence a flash of light.

A splash of colour like the spring thaw, vibrant blossoms fighting against the harsh winter.
To concede to his feelings is to let her in only to lose her.
Is the moment of joy worth the years of loss?
Can that brief stint of warm emotion sustain him through the barren desolation of the future.
His choices lead to a predetermined fate, an assured self destruction.
Her choices lead to opportunity and understanding.
Like the wilting of autumn meeting the sustenance of spring.

His breath is ragged as he pushes through the fear, her hand feeling right within his.
Her smile, like the sun to the struggling lotus.
Fleeting the moment might be, the memory is for eternity.
What hope do prison walls have against her sweet touch?
To regret this is to regret life.

The darkness recedes and a smile replaces the look of scorn.
His eyes alight with happiness, this moment is his new eternity.
She is like an angel, offering acceptance. A judge without judgement.
Fear withers and the regret falters.

For this moment, they're free for eternity.

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About This Story
16 Jan, 2012
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1 min
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