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An Interview With God.
An Interview With God.

An Interview With God.

AlanAngelLogan van Engelen

First of all, I would like to thank you for letting me ask you these questions. I am not sure how to address you. Do I say Lord or...

Just as you would anyone else. I'm happy to finally be able to answer some questions. All big news outlets have been contacted in the past years but none were interested what so ever.

I have a hard time believing that. What did they say?

No reply at all. From any of them.

How can that be? After what you showed me, it is unmistakably obvious.

People have completely misunderstood scripture. The old and new testament were also heavily modified by people to suit their own needs. Some things were written down incorrectly.

Lets start with that. The old testament. It states, In the beginning..

Yes, I have already told people about that. With zero response really. It is supposed to say, in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. With heavens being a reference to what you see in the sky, the universe.

But, many have said heaven and earth..

That is where the confusion begins. The earth is in heaven. People are already in heaven. They have been from the start. It is the fault of people associated with organized religion that have used this for their own purposes. To control people and steal their money. Which of course is a logical contradiction. In later texts it clearly states that wealth and possessions should not be the goal of one’s life. How can people then think a church, supposedly representing god/jesus, should be trusted? They gather large amounts of wealth from their followers, in direct contradiction to the guidelines of scripture.

So, you are saying the church cannot be trusted?

I am saying the church and the Vatican for that matter are completely corrupt. They do not represent the Christian religion in any way.

Is this what people have referred to as the rapture of the church?

Yes. Straight from the source. Most people have not really listened, now have they?

Maybe they will understand after our interview then. I also wanted to ask about the continuation of the scripture. And then god said, let there be light, and there was light. Why was this included?

It was supposed to illustrate how I do things. I speak commands and that is how it is. I have understood there are plenty of religious people that did not know this, because they only read the new testament or when they did read it, did not understand the meaning of it.

People will probably want to know which language you were speaking before this reality was created.

I developed two languages completely myself. They are Dutch and English. First, I came up with Dutch, but after a while, I decided I could improve on it and came up with English. That is also where the similarities come from between the languages.

But, both those languages are spoken on the planet.

Yes. Because I SAID SO. Why is that so difficult to understand for people?

Because people believe the origin of the history of the languages and...

Incorrect babbling people believe is irrelevant. I gave this reality a history, including the languages etc.

When did this reality start then? Science says it was 13.8 Billion years ago, certain religious people claim 5000 to 10000 years ago..


How is that possible? It just seems..

People understood God was all powerful right? So why ask how that is possible? I could explain it in more detail, but you told me before we sat down you wanted to follow a certain thread with your questions.

Alright. What exactly happened with Adam and Eve? I am quite sure people would want to know about that.

There never were an Adam and Eve. This is exactly an example of what I am talking about. Completely misunderstood and written down wrong. Let me explain. When I was instructing people what to write down, I was outside of time and space. There, I can see what changes as a result of the changes I make or the instructions I give. I then decided to try and teach ancient people about the Atom and Electron. Atom turned into Adam, and the electron into Eve and the negative charge of the electron turned into a rib from Adam. Then, the negative charge of the electron was translated into negativity of the first supposed woman, who then supposedly did everything wrong and was the supposed source of all things wrong, etc. Complete nonsense.

This is mind blowing. But, you knew about this? That people had misunderstood? Why didn't you correct it?

Yes I knew. And I attempted a couple of times to instruct people some more, which just made the story even more elaborate and false. I then decided to leave it that way and get other information written down in another way.

But, wasn't that story the source of women being treated as second class citizens within the religion?

No. The source of that was men to begin with. The whole idea of launching the Christian religion was to make people behave to a higher standard. The implementation of it, made life much better for women than before, regardless of the faulty content.

It was even worse before?

Yes. Women and children were being beaten and raped continuously by all men. They were treated as property. Pieces of garbage you could just throw away whenever they felt like it.

What about the story of Noah then?

Plagiarized story from the Epic of Gilgamesh. I never told people to include this in any religious texts. We discussed including links to articles in this interview. I think you should link the Wikipedia article here so people can view it for themselves.

What about the story of Jesus then? Did that actually happen?

Parts of it. I personally came here before, with the name Jesus, to personally guide people to a better way of life and understanding. As you may have read, that was cut short by certain people not believing who I was. Mainly the Jewish people who had already messed with the biblical texts. They thought they could get rid of me for good by killing me. As you can see, they were very wrong.

You must have known before hand what would happen right?

Indeed I did. As it was all part of my plan to begin with. People can never win from god. So, after I died, I ended up back outside of time and space and continued to prepare my return.

When did you return? And where?

Well, I could say 1984 when I was 3 years old. In the Netherlands. A city called Eindhoven. Where life went from bad to worse.

Could you detail your experiences a little more. We already talked about this and this is an important part of the story.

Well, to begin with, there were not many kids around to play with. I ended up being kind of friends with an older kid named Berry. Who had an even older sister named Wendy. To begin with, he would just about torture me for no reason. If we would be walking by any spiky bushes, he would push me in and laugh at me. Sometimes multiple times. He, his sister and some other girl named Cassandra then took me to a kind of closed off area, where they tried to sexually assault me. It was only after some kids came by on bicycles and heard me yelling that they ran away. My supposed parents, after telling them about it, did nothing. It then continued, as my supposed friend then forced me to steal gum for him at a store under threat of being beaten daily. Not that long after, we moved to another city.

That sounds horrible. What happened after you moved?

We moved to a neighboring city called Helmond. Literally translates to the mouth of hell. There, kids would threaten me with death and cutting my throat and things like that. On one occasion, two kids stopped me for bicycling by them and started assaulting me. After they let me go, they found me again and continued their assault. I did not fight back. After a while, most kids left me alone with nonsense like that, as they had noticed while playing soccer with me, I was stronger and tougher than them. But, it did not stop there. Someone I had gone to school with, a Muslim name Rashid saw me bicycling by and attempted to steal my bicycle. When he failed, he came up behind me while I was still holding my bike and tried to break my neck. And that still wasn't it. As I went to high school, kids got a hold of one of my school pictures and put it on the wall next to the kids that had died that were also students. There was absolutely no reason what so ever to do anything like that, as I didn't even speak to the people involved. There are a lot more details to it that I will not even go into right now. After that someone tried to kill me with a palm strike to the nose. The reason? I looked at him through the window of a snack bar I was eating at.

I can't imagine it getting much worse.

Oh, but then you are wrong. Already when I was around 11 my mother decided to turn our house into a battleground, by attacking my father multiple times a week. Physical fights that turned into flying furniture, ashtrays, wine bottles, well, just about anything you can throw I guess. Resulting over the years in broken bones and hospital visits. Guns were taken out at one point. Knives. Scissors used as a weapon. This went on until I was about 20. While that was ending, a group of friends I had started using hard drugs and threatened to bash my skull in. A challenge I accepted, but they never came out of the house I went to where they were hiding inside.

That sounds crazy. I don't think most people experience all of that in one lifetime. How did all of that affect you?

It made me really, really tough. I would say, hardcore to the bone. But, that was also not the end of it, as the worst was still to come.

We talked about the other things that happened. I want to focus only on the workplace you told me about. That is where the real problem occurred correct?

Yes, yes indeed. I had ended up working in the field of IT. I had thought myself programming and all kinds of other skills that turned out to be useful in the job I eventually found. Then one day, my employer sent me to another assignment. A government organization, where an external manager named Peter, turned out he was Jewish, hired me for the job. At first, it seemed like a normal job. Something I had done before. After working there shortly, I had already figured out we were terribly overstaffed for the work load that needed to be done. I thought that was suspicious. I also noticed odd little meetings going on and orders being given that I could not match to any work on the department I was aware of. I decided to ask another guy that had already been sitting there for a while named Hans, also Jewish turned out, what was going on. He started smiling and asked me if I really wanted to know. I said yes, of course. He left his desk and went to talk to Peter I found out later. He later in the day came back to me and said that he had the ok from Peter to get me into their special project.

Special project? Did they tell you what that was about?

I asked Hans and what he said was that they were sabotaging another company that was doing work for the government, called Cap Gemini. I told him that was illegal and I wanted no part in any of that. I would just do the job I was hired for.

What did he say?

He tried to convince me a couple more times, after which he left kind of angry, to talk to Peter again.

Did they leave you alone after that then?

No, turned out they got worried about me knowing what they were doing. Next thing, Peter shows up, and he starts offering me to start a study, anything I would want and he would make sure I would not get any or hardly any work so I could complete my study at the workplace. I refused. Because that is corruption. Well, anyway, after turning a whole bunch of crap down from him, I got him to explain to me what they were sabotaging. He explained that, because of European Union regulations, when the Dutch government wanted to make a change to their IT infrastructure, they were forced to put the contract for the work on the open market. Apparently, before such regulations, they could pick their own company aka buddies and friends etc. Cap Gemini had gotten the contract but, according to Peter, the Dutch government was not happy with that outcome. Therefore, I was working on a secret project, building the same type of platform that Cap Gemini had done, while others were trying to sabotage their services so they would break their service license agreements and the government could unbind the contract.

That still sounds illegal, no matter who ordered the project. What did you do?

I explained to him, as he was trying to convince me I was being patriotic if I joined, as the Netherlands was under attack by Cap Gemini and the European Union, that I would not join such an illegal sabotage project and I would stay impartial. He then got mad about it.

What did the rest of the department do about all of this actually?

The people sitting there were all in on this. All corrupt, useless human beings. Each and every last one of them.

You are sitting there, with knowledge that they are doing something illegal and you refuse to join. How did they handle that?

First, just about the whole department started or ignoring me, or insulting me, or making rude jokes about me etc. I just laughed at everything they did. At one moment this Hans guy said, I shouldn't be laughing because he was trying to insult me. So, after a short chat with him, he asked me, are you in now then? So, I sarcastically said, Yeah, sure... And he ran off to tell his friend Peter. They then tried to start workshops which had nothing to do with the work we were hired for, including network hacking etc. I just interrupted the whole thing by not joining etc. This was all coming from tax payers money by the way. People at that place were being hired for an average of 100 euro’s per hour. About 20 people minimum on location. That was kind of the straw I guess. Peter came out of his office and tried to illegally terminate my contract. I refused.

Illegally terminate you?

Yes. He said I had to leave immediately, because I had insulted people on the department. All I did was reply with hurtful jokes once and a while to the insults that were thrown at me. What he was trying to do was against the law, in other words, illegal termination. I asked to speak to his boss, the person in the government who had actually ordered the project. He said he was the boss. I did not believe him. He was an external manager. Push comes to shove, he comes to me one day and says former Queen Beatrix had ordered the project we were working on. I said, let me speak to her then.

What did he say?

First he got mad and said it wasn't possible and eventually he comes to me with a phone and gives it to me. This woman claiming to be former Queen Beatrix on the line. I talk to her shortly, as she tries to assure me I am working for the good guys. I told her I have no idea who I am speaking to on the phone and if she could come by to speak to me in person. She says she would see what she could do, in the mean time, I could stay working there and do whatever I wanted. I returned the phone to Peter and told him what she said. He then told me I was crazy and walked off angrily.

Why did he say you were crazy?

Because I talked to her like any other regular person. And the fact I told her to come talk to me in person. People grovel around supposed royalty you know? I do not. Nor will I ever.

You could do whatever you wanted. What did you do?

Well, first, I had to tell Peter to take a hike again, as he offered me 10 million euro’s to leave the department. I told him I was not for sale. Then they started getting really wacky. They tried to convince me that Peter was the godfather and leader of the Dutch Illuminati. I told them to suck it. I kept on doing the work I was hired for. And, I started having serious conversations with them. About the money system, about Israel and Palestine etc. At one point they asked me, with your high moral code, who do you think you are, Jesus or something? So I said, yeah sure! The Jewish guy named Hans then said they were going to crucify me and burn me at the stake all while laughing.

Wait a minute. So, you once again encounter the Jews and they threaten you with the same thing that happened to you thousands of years ago? Did they actually believe you?

It is completely irrelevant to me if they believed me or not. Do you understand what I am saying?

How did it continue?

This Peter and Hans guy come to my desk at the end of the day after Peter said to everyone they could go home early and write the full hours of the day. They threaten me with death. With his supposed godfather powers, he would have me killed. I was absolutely not impressed. He also said they were going to make me look like an idiot and ruin my career through his contacts etc. Etc. So, I told him: "The joke's on you!". He looked at me funny and asked, where is that from? So I said Thunderdome XIII(13), a cd I owned from the 90s. He got all pissed off at me saying 13 is an important number to the Jewish people and that I was making fun of his religion, he was going to tell his Jewish buddies and they were going to have me killed some more. Well, anyway, after his nonsensical rant, he said, staying impartial, not accepting bribes. Who do you think you are, god or something? Of course referring to Deuteronomy 10:17.

And you just stayed sitting there after all of that?

Of course! I wasn't scared of them. So, they started doing that regularly. Coming to my desk at the end of the day and threaten to kill me. And at one point, they also threatened to kill my family. I then threatened them back by quoting another cd I owned. It is called Hellsound 7. I told them: "You boys don't want to f*ck with me, cause I can flip out and kill everybody in this room." That seemed to scare them. I thought it was funny.

So, you were absolutely not scared?

Scared of what? I was doing the right thing, they were NOT. I would gladly die fighting for the right way of doing things. But, anyway, there were more discussions, also with Hans, who had worked on an oil platform. I asked him, because he was always talking tough about it, if he was a Leathernecker, as that same CD, hellsound 7, includes the track Leathernecks - Leathernecker. I told him about it. He didn't think it was funny.

How did they respond to all of that?

Well, it quickly became obvious they were not going to kill me, but try to scare me. So, long story short, I took the time to get more information from Peter, having more discussions. I said, the only solution to the whole Israel, Palestine question is a two state solution which they would have to negotiate. He said the Palestinians are animals, and you cannot talk to them. I then mentioned Jacque Fresco, a man some people may know, who definitely had some good ideas. Peter said he was a communist and not to listen to people like that. He then said all Jewish people felt the same about the Palestine situation. I mentioned Rabbi Weis. Peter then said Rabbi Weis was a Muslim. It turned out Peter is someone you cannot talk to I would say.

How long did that continue for?

Oh, A long time. Months. With Peter instructing People to insult me daily and flip me off and things like that. It really was ridiculous and childish. Until one day. Hans started bothering me about the Royal house of the Netherlands. All day long he went on and on. I am absolutely not interested in Monarchies. They should be abolished. I made that perfectly clear. When I was at my high point about it, guess who walks onto the department? Former Queen Beatrix. So, she heard what I said and started yelling at me. I asked to talk to her privately to discuss what had been going on on the department. She refused. Eventually, she just said I should stay sitting there and she left. A whole bunch of people then ran over to Hans shaking his hand, saying, oh, perfect timing Hans, great etc.

They had set you up?

Yes. They thought I was after a high level job and they thought I was after Peters job. I explained to them that I wasn't. I just wanted to tell my story and my view on what was going on over there and then I was planning on leaving. They told me they didn't know that, but it was too late, as they were not going to help me to rectify it.

The former Queen told you to stay sitting there. They wanted you to leave. What happened next?

They then threatened to make it a lot worse for me if I didn't leave. I told them to shove it once again. Now, it was personal right? In the mean time, some other Jewish guy started working on the department. He also joined their little attack team against me. He would act like he was my friend, try to get information from me and pass it to them. I was aware of what they were doing. They then kept on saying they were going to destroy me, so I eventually turned to the other people on the department, who were not directly involved, and asked them if they were going to do something about that? They all refused. So, I told them at one point I would help them to destroy myself.

Why? Why would you do that?

Why not? I was going to make it perfectly clear how rotten those people actually were. So, I told them to make recordings of what I was saying and then edit them to make it sound horrible and stuff like that. And that is exactly what they started doing. And even after I had told people I was going to do it on purpose, some of them still didn't get it and also joined the attack team.

What else could they still do? Did this keep on going?

Oh, yes. Now it really gets good. So, one day, after I had been ranting at these people, Hans says to me, why don't you go outside and talk to yourself? So, I said OK. While outside, standing with this guy, he suddenly pulls my sleeve and says come here you. So, we are standing in the same place, but the colors around us are, a bit different and the sound is muted a little. So, he starts claiming he is god right? He explains he is always angry at people and he cannot get rid of it himself and asks me for help. I ask him what he wants me to do. He says, I will give you my powers, then you can fix me. So he does that and I say to him, you are not angry anymore. He smiles and thanks me. I then say, do you want your powers back? He says, no, you can keep them. Fine, I said. He then asks why I didn't leave? Those people were going to kill me. I explained that I was doing the right thing, I Wasn't scared and if they would have killed me, I would have gotten them in the next life. He smiles some more and says, I want to do something for you. What do you want? So, I said, I wanted a new girlfriend, as the current one I had was problematic, and a new job, something different. So, he says, No problem, but you have to defeat me with a puzzle first. So, I said, can I have a hint? He says sure. So, the conversation ends and I walk back into the office.

Wait. Did you actually know who you were at that moment? It seems you didn't believe what that guy was telling you, did you?

It is a long story, but I indeed did not believe a word of what he was telling me. But a very curious thing happened right after. I walk into this office which has a paper hanging on the wall which said: "Somebody else? He doesn't work here." I walk back into my office area and ask this guy sitting next to me, "If you could be anything that you want, real or imaginary, and you had to grab as much power as possible, who or what would you be?". The guy answered God right? I said I would be Nobody, because Nobody can defeat god, nobody can do everything and nobody is perfect.

You won the puzzle?

Of course I won. But that wasn't the last of it. I end up back outside talking to the same person claiming to be god again right? But this time, it gets really wacky. He says, so, you made it, and you are also god now. And you were already god since you were born, since you existed. Like a paradox right? He then says, listen, I am going to end this world. The apocalypse. People haven't listened, it's a big mess. So, I argued with him for a while to give people another chance. I proposed writing a 3rd testament. Another book he says. I had another idea. To write it out of music. And I really like electronic music, so, I proposed that. He thought for a while and then he started mentioning all these tracks, which I already knew. He says, we just mention them and they will be created. He asks me, are you going to give all these tracks to yourself? I replied, no, we give them to other people. I don't care about money or anything like that, so, let’s do it that way. He smiles and agrees. He then tells me he has another idea. Let’s go outside of time and space and create a whole bunch of stuff together. I say OK. We come back to the same spot we were standing both laughing and laughing about everything we had done. He then says, let’s go again. We both had more ideas, so that is what we did. We then came back to exactly the same spot once again. He then starts like, which woman are you going to go after? I said I don't know. He starts talking about some woman named Miss K8, a DJ. It was 2008, I had never heard of her. He says, yeah, that is a woman for you. But, you have to rescue her. What do you mean, I asked. He says, yeah, she is going to be attacked and you have to save her. I was like, why does it have to be like that? He says, trust me, you will find out. Then he says, neh, that is not the right woman. How about, a woman with car trouble? She will be driving a red car. I declined. He then started talking about a woman named Inna who I had never heard of, whose father was going to die. She was going to ask me out to the beach but stand me up. He then told me about a woman named Sarah who I also had to save, but I refused. The reason being that I would not let myself be forced into some situation like that again. Who was I saving? He then said, very well. At some point, you will be standing next to a woman reading a book, and when you look at it, you will remember everything and I will be gone and this environment will be yours. I had no idea what he was talking about, but anyway. He then said, you also have to go to prison. I didn't want to do it, but he convinced me to do it. A short stay. He then said, at some point, you will start seeing 11:11 on the clock. You will find out later why. Then, he said the weirdest thing of all. Listen, these people wanted to mess with you. What we are going to do is, we are going to let them hypnotize you and program you to agree with what they are saying and a whole bunch of crazy stuff is going to start happening because of that. Now, I really did not want to do that, but he once again convinced me. As last he said, you are not going to remember these conversations until a later point. It will come at the right time.

That is incredible. So, you were talking to god, or yourself? Or, how am I supposed to understand all of that?

It is quite a paradox isn't it? It will get more complicated later on.

What happened on the department after that? Did they really hypnotize you?

As a matter of fact, there was this hypnotist on the department named Maurice. A really horrible person, claiming he could hypnotize people and change their eye color and stupid things like that. One day, I come walking on to the department and this guy tells me it’s the birthday of Maurice, who is standing right in front of me. I go shake his hand to wish him a happy birthday and right then he attempts to arm pull hypnotize me, after which they lead me to my chair and Peter starts talking to me. He starts claiming he is god and he is going to destroy me. I ask him who can defeat him. He says NOBODY. So I tell him I am NOBODY. He got really angry after that. He starts saying I am surrounded by enemies, referring to the people on the department, and they are going to destroy my mind until there is nothing left etc. Etc. But, he will give me one chance to save myself. So, I tell him my mind is like a quantum computer. Unhackable.

What did they try to do then?

Well, a whole bunch of stuff. But first off, I would like to add, in one of our previous conversations on the department, I had told them I really hated tattoos and piercings. Which brings me to another part of the biblical texts which was written down incorrectly. I could not get people to understand what I meant with piercings, so it is now as you read it in Leviticus 19:28.

They started digging in my mind and they asked me, what are the first things you remember? We got to the point where I said I remembered a name. A woman named Inna. I had no further details. They kept on asking me who she was, but I didn't know. They then got me to agree she would have a tattoo of a Christian cross on her arm and a cross tattooed on her finger and that I would send her to hell after I met her. They then tried to get her carried off and raped. I did not agree to that.

What? Why would they even propose something like that?

Because those people are rotten to the core. It is irrelevant if they thought/believed that would be real. Who would say things like that right? Bad people, that is who.

Did you ever find out who Inna is?

I will get to that later. They kept on trying to dig in my mind, I told them something about two entities I had been talking to. Peter than hammered on me until I agreed those entities would be bad and against me. After that they tried some more, but I just kept saying the rest was blank. No other memories. They then tried to get to other things, but I just kept saying that information was outside of time and space and they couldn't get there. That really pissed them off. They eventually gave up and came up with a new plan.

A new plan? How long did all of this go on for then?

Months. They never, how do you say, unhypnotized me. Instead, they programmed me so that every time I would see a certain sign I would fall back to sleep. A sign I really hate by the way and they knew that, as they had specifically chosen something I hated, after asking. This sign. They would flash this at me with both hands every time they wanted to mess with me.

What was their new plan?

They got me to agree to go home and uninstall all security software from my computer so they could install backdoor software on it. They then got me to agree to expose myself on the webcam and they recorded the footage at the workplace on a computer. Hans was in charge of that.

They then started showing that footage to people on the department and in the building I was working in. They also started modifying it, by adding more crap to it to make it seem like I was crazy, a homosexual, child molester, into beastiality etc. They also sent that to my employer and of course the former Queen of the Netherlands.

Sorry. I am speechless at the moment.

So, they kind of had me looking like Gaius Caligula.

But they weren't finished there. They then, as I had told them I had been interested in acting before I started working in IT, convinced me to audition for certain roles, which I agreed to, and they recorded that on the department with me saying all kinds of nasty things. They then also tried to make me look like a Nazi and took pictures of me raising my hand with my eyes closed. When they had all of that, they compiled it again and started sending that around as well.

What did your employer say about it?

They at one point made fun of me about it, speaking indirectly in front of me about it. The director then indirectly said they were not going to get involved in it and they would give me a nice salary and my job as long as it would last. How nice huh? They never asked me directly about it. They eventually denied knowing anything about it, while colleagues of mine made fun of me and excluded me from many things. They did not even know what had actually happened. People like that are, in my honest opinion, a waste of space and the world can do without them.

You are still sitting at that same workplace right? What happened then?

Oh, Hans then started saying to me, you are going to jail, you are going to jail, repeatedly. Referring to the videos they had fabricated and sent around. I at one point said, fine Hans, I am going to jail, in my house slippers. He shut up after that. Then, something happened. They had said, they were going to lock me down and I would never get out and a whole bunch of nonsense. But, I was already out. You see, I eventually die and end up outside of time and space. From there, I took control of myself and started talking to the people on the department.

I am trying my best here to follow you. You are outside of time and space and inside at the same time? What did you say? What did they say?

Yes is the answer to the first question. I told them who I really was. I also told them that if they didn't stop it, I would put them all on the internet with swastikas on their foreheads. Which I already did by the way. It has been removed by now. They didn't believe me. Instead, Peter came up with another idiotic plan. He said I was to go to the high care facility for psychiatric patients in Eindhoven. I said I was interested to see what went on in places like that, so I agreed. He then said they were going to force me to take medication. I said fine, but I wouldn't take it. They would not succeed. They then started proposing all these names of women that would be working there like Bo and Hanneke and other names. I said OK. And they were laughing and laughing. Peter then said I was going to have incredibly smelly feet that would bother people at that place. That I thought was really funny, so I agreed with that. I then said I would walk right out of the place, with no problem. Peter kept on saying, no, they are going to keep you there. I just said, NO they are not.

Excuse the expression, but, my god! Did it finally end there?

Nope. They eventually flashed their horn sign at me again and then Peter got me to agree to the fact I would have these horrible panic attacks that would drive me to depression and things like that. I eventually took control of myself again and really talked these people. I told them who I was again and what I wanted to do for them. Including filling in some blanks and mistakes people had made in science and things like that. I also explained I was looking for a woman, as was told to people a long time ago, the bride of Christ. Have people seen what happened to that? Claims the church is the bride, Israel and other nonsense right?

I had also told them I was interested in working in the music industry. Electronic music. They said, we can help you with that. They asked me to describe a woman I would be interested in and they would find her. I said OK. Some days later they flash their stupid hand signal again and put me to sleep. I get woken up and there is this blonde woman standing in front of me, who they had supposedly told who I really was and that I was looking for a woman. Kimberly was her name. I have a chat with her and she seemed really nice. Right in the middle of it they put me to sleep again and tell her to say things to me and force me to agree with what she is saying. She comes up with this outrageous idea of me only thinking she is with another guy that works at a company named scantraxx, but in the end, because it is all fake, we end up together. After she is done and she leaves, Peter comes to me and says, everything she just said will now become real and makes me agree to that.

Even after you explained to them once again who you were, they still tried to sabotage you?

Yes, yes they did. Then, they tried to make it even worse. They got another woman involved from the Dutch music industry, DJ Korsakoff, Lindsay, who they showed the footage they had been sending around. I had a chat with her as well and once again, they put me to sleep. She then also put a bunch of crap in my head. In other words, she also never asked me what was going on. She just assumed.

How much worse can this get?

Oh well, I will tell you. Peter then started trying to program me to not like women, but only transsexuals. He went on with this for quite some time.

This Peter sounds like a complete lunatic. What happened with that then?

Well, certain things you put in the mind of god, will actually happen. After he did that, there was a grand influx of transsexuals/transgenders. Because god controls this reality. But I am not taking the blame for that. It was Peter.

It still wasn't enough. So, they found this woman named Kateryna from the Ukraine and flew her over and she came to talk to me on the department. Also from the music industry. They then told her to put more transsexual crap in my head, which she complied with.

Wait, why?

They had convinced these women I was some crazy, Gaius Caligula like idiot and they all decided to attack me right? So, after they had done that, they commanded me with their hypnosis crap to forget about all of that. Which worked. For a while.

This is unreal.

But they weren't finished. They then got a guy named DJ Paul Elstak to come to the department. But after telling him what they were doing to me, he said he wanted no part in it and left. Then, I got really annoying. I constantly started talking about things that really pissed them off, like the second world war. That pissed Peter off so much that he tried to kill me by putting overdoses of medication in my coffee. When that didn't work they started threatening to give me HIV if I didn't leave. I didn't leave. They then threatened to get the Rothschild family involved, as I had spoken out against the monetary system and banking families in general. One day some guy showed up called Nathan who insulted me and then said he could get a whole bunch of companies involved like Vodafone to tap my mobile line and things like that.

Did it ever stop? I mean, how long does this go on?

There are more details to it, but eventually they gave up. But, I remained there. What they would do is, every time new people would come onto the department, Peter would call them into his office and show them his secret footage of me and tell them I was a child molester and things like that. People would then be supposedly friendly to me, taking underwater jabs at me all the time on the department, I just ignored them. What happened next is, every day, I started seeing 11:11 on the clock. I tried everything to avoid it, even following other people to the coffee machine and only going back to my desk after the last person left the conversation. I would get back to my desk, 11:11 on my computer. I would go home, watch a movie. I had to go to the toilet. Pause the movie, walk by the kitchen, 11:11 on the clock. That continued for at least a month. Until I said, now it's enough with this 11:11 crap. Then it stopped.

The 11:11. Did you know what it meant?

No, at the time I had no idea. I looked it up, but all I found was meaningless gibberish. But I definitely remembered it.

They stopped directly attacking you. What then?

Well, people on that department kept on treating me like I was a disease or something and I finally left after about 4.5 years to go to another assignment and work there. That was fine for about one month. Then, Peter and Hans started sending their secret footage to the new company I was working and other parties involved.

Sorry, but this is sounding like something from a movie or something. How did the people there respond?

One person asked me if I had any enemies, which I kept short and told him not to get involved. Other people made fun of me there, others insulted me for no reason. I was able to continue my work there until I decided to leave.

Did anybody at all ask you what had happened?

Not a single person asked me anything else about it. One can wonder how that could happen right? Skipping a more uneventful part of the story, what starts happening is, I start having these horrible panic attacks. It would just not go away. Day and night. I could hardly sleep. I tried my best to keep going, but in the end I could not really function anymore. I had to go on sick leave and sit at home almost having a heart attack daily. I tried to ask for help from people. I started explaining to people what had happened to me at that workplace, but all they would do is tell me to take all kinds of dangerous medication. I tried some of it, which only made matters worse. Much worse. I could not function at all anymore after that. I couldn't even concentrate on reading a sentence, let alone do anything else. I had broken down completely.

The panic attacks Peter put in your head?

Exactly. Eventually, I found my own way out and started growing stronger and stronger again. But, there was something missing. It was like I was constantly just one inch away from breaking through. I turned to god. And for some reason, I said out loud in my bedroom: God, Jesus, put me on a path to find my perfect girlfriend. Then I added: God, Jesus, now you are going to prove that you really exist and I am a hard man to convince, so it better be good!

So, you didn't know who you were at that point?

I did not, for a very specific reason I will explain later. To continue, after I said that, I woke up the next day and saw something in my mind. It was like a screenshot. Black background, white numbers. It was the number 38. That is all. Just 38. And I just got this feeling, there is definitely something up with that. I had to look into it. I figured, it could also be the numbers 3 and 8, separated right? I already had extensive knowledge of all kinds of subjects, so I decided to dive right into it and figure this out.

Finally we get to what you already explained to me. Please continue.

I first concentrated on the number 3. Like the holy trinity in religion. Where else could I find the number 3? Pythagoras. Deals with triangles, 3 sides. Now, Pythagoras was also known for a certain type of numerology.

As I thought about it, I right away got one system in my mind which I never changed afterwards to make it fit or anything like that. The system is simple. The letters of the western alphabet have their full numerical index number, 1 to 26. The result of addition is then reduced to 1 to 9 or 11, as 11 is the only master number. The first word I looked at, was the word God. 3 letters.


So, the 3 and the 8 are right there. And the symbol for 8, turned on its side is the infinity symbol. So, I decided 38 symbolically represents god. I then calculated the word Jesus.


Interestingly enough, since 38 is not a master number, 3+8=11. Which alludes to the fact that God and Jesus are the same entity, as written about in the bible. Correctly interpreted anyway.

So, I had 2 numbers, 11 and 38. Interesting I thought. But there is a lot more to this 38 of course.

The age of the universe:
13.8 Billion years old. The 38 is in there, but if you take what is before the point it also says 13. That will be important later.

The moon, average distance:
384,400 km. As you can see, a 38.

The solar system:
The earth is the 3rd of 8 planets. 38.

Dark Energy:
1.38 x 10 minus 123. 38.

Strong force vs Gravity:
Strong force is 10 to the 38th power stronger than gravity. 38.

The eye of providence, also known as the Illuminati symbol:
A triangle, 3 with an Eye in the center. EYE=5+25+5=35=3+5=8. 38.

In Quantum Mechanics, both the proton and neutron are made up of 3 quarks. They exchange 8 gluons. 38.

Interestingly enough, the proton, which has a positive charge, of course resembling a Christian cross has a rest mass of approx. 938 MeV. 38. But that is not all. There is a bible verse that goes like this:

2 Corinthians 13:5

Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Or do you not realize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you? Unless indeed you fail to meet the test!

So, there is an old Greek word, used in Christianity. It is ICHTHUS. Which means:

And indeed, all matter around us is made out of protons, which indeed spells out Jesus Christ through 938.

And people think all of that is coincidence then?

Coincidence does not exist. Certain people on this planet.. Well, need I say more? But, it didn't stop there. I am sitting at my computer one day listening to music and I come across some woman I had never heard of before, so I thought. Her name said Lady Kate, but when I looked her up she seemed to have changed her name to Miss K8. Real name, Kateryna Kremko. I noticed the initials K K, which of course is 11 11. I figured, hey, maybe.. Maybe.. So, I decided that if she would play anywhere near my house, I would go and see her. And it turned out she was. About a month later. In the mean time, I one night got this horrible vision in my mind. A vision of Kateryna being attacked and horribly mistreated. I decided to write a document with a whole bunch of stuff in it, including my worries about the vision and put it on a USB stick I planned to give to her. So, the place she would be playing at, here is the address:

Heuvelring 116
5038 CL
Tilburg (area code 013)

As you can see, the postal code ends in 38.

I go there that evening early and talk to some people. She finally arrives and I end up standing next to her while she is mixing. So, I wait for a moment when she can take a break(I know how to mix music you know) and ask her a question. Do you believe in coincidence? She answers yes. I tell her I want to give her something, but she refuses to take it. Luckily, I had seen her come in with this blonde woman, who I was able to speak to. Her name, Kimberly. So, I give her the USB stick and ask her to give it to Kateryna. Shortly after that, I leave and go home.

What did Kateryna say? Did she contact you afterwards?

Although my contact details were on the USB stick, I didn't hear a word from her. I kind of got stuck right there. I wasn't sure how to continue. In the mean time, as I told you before, I had been talking to these people about everything that had happened to me all those years ago. I had also met some guy, a real piece of garbage, that was beating his girlfriend, verbally abusing her, cheated on her, stole from me and admitted to me he had slept with a 14 year old girl. I told those people I was talking to about that as well and the fact I should go to the police about that. They then told me not to do anything, not to get involved in it. They were also not going to do anything about it. I got really angry about all of that. Really angry. Then, I found out that they actually did not believe a word of what I had told them about what had happened to me. I then decided to send them a really angry email, saying I might kick all of their asses and how they would like that? I received a letter about that saying I had to appear in court for threatening people.

Those people would not take action against somebody beating women and worse, but they wanted to put you in jail for sending an angry email?

That is correct. How do you like that? Great country huh? The Netherlands? Then, I got into a fight with some people. There was this Muslim guy working in a night store I would go to, to buy my BAVARIA beer. He at one point asked me if I wanted to invest my money in a trailer full of weed plants. I would make loads of money. I of course refused. I then later ascertained this guy was having a big mouth about me and the fact I was drinking beer. I went to confront him about his big mouth, after which a whole group of Muslims and Dutch people attacked me in my back. They started punching me and as I turned around to get out of the circle that was forming around me, one of them tripped me and I fell ripping open my face as I fell on the asphalt. Multiple guys then started kicking me in the head and ribs while I was laying on the ground. I then got up on my hands and knees while they were still kicking me and started rolling at high speed towards my right, pushing the guy out of the way standing next to me. I then started getting up while they were still kicking me and just before I was completely standing they all quickly ran away. I called them a bunch of pussies and left the street, walking straight home.

You just got up? And they were kicking you in the head?

Yeah, I noticed a bunch of bumps on my head later on. For the rest I was fine. But, you could say, mad as hell. I then decided to push it even further. I took pictures from the internet of former Queen Beatrix and her son, now supposed King of the Netherlands, Willem Alexander and put swastikas on their foreheads and posted it on the internet. About 45 minutes later, while I was in my bedroom in my underwear, I hear a bunch of noise at my front door and then hear a crashing sound with people yelling, Police, Police! So, I walk over to my bedroom door and open it. There is this SWAT team guy leaning in the corner, looking at me with fear in his eyes. So, I asked him, what do you want?

You weren't scared?

Of what? A bunch of clowns with guns standing in my apartment? So, after a couple of seconds of looking at each other, he grabs my wrists and we do this hopping dance together into my bedroom. So, I say, wait a minute, wait a minute.. And we stop moving. I ask, what is this about? He says, you are under arrest! I ask him, what for? He says for threatening people. So, I said fine. These guys put cuffs on me and I ask them to dress me as I was in my underwear. They put my training pants on me, a buttoned shirt that was hanging on my closet door and my house slippers on my feet. I ask them what the noise was they caused and if they broke anything in my house and they yelled, SHUT UP! So, I said fine. They put a blindfold on me and took me to the car, after which they drove at high speed to the police station. There, they get really rude. They take the blindfold off and I have to get on my knees with my head against the wall. This guy takes a little trolley with a handlebar on one end and they lean me over the handlebar with my chest and start pressing down. This guy comes up next to me and says, YOU ONLY SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TO, DO YOU UNDERSTAND? So, I didn't answer. After which they put even more force on my back, pushing my ribs into the handlebar. He repeated, DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I then slowly turned my head towards him and said Yep... Not very convincing. Maybe they were trying to scare me or something. I don't know. Didn't work anyway. So, I then had to strip to my underwear again and got this cool, see through jumpsuit I got to wear for the rest of my stay.

Police brutality? Were you resisting in any way?

No, I didn't do anything to stop these clowns. I followed their instructions. They seem to be out of their minds or something. Anyway, I sit in that jail for a couple of days, waiting to go see the judge. By the way, those beds really suck. It was like a piece of stone. These detectives get me out and ask me, what is the deal? I tell them about the workplace I was at, the details I knew about the project, who were involved, all of that. I never heard anything back, but I am assuming nothing much was done. Afterwards, I am transported to go see the judge. I sit in this piece of garbage cell with only a cement seat all day, getting only one coffee to drink. I started reading the wall graffiti. One said, only God can judge us. I agree with that statement. Long story short, the judge, saying my case is a difficult decision, decides in 30 seconds to send me to jail. A couple of hours later, off we go in the transport again, sitting next to some crazy Spaniard high on drugs and a black guy that was telling stories about prison like he was living in Oz or something.

What an adventure. How did they treat you over there?

Ah, was fine. So, once I got there, I started thinking how to get out. I phoned my lawyer who told me they were planning on keeping me for at least another 6 months. Which is ridiculous. People beating women roam the streets right? And I have to sit in a jail cell for what? Insulting people of the Royal house? Supposedly threatening people? He gave me the number of a colleague who told me he would join me for a meeting, one week from then, with a judge and somebody from the high care facility in Eindhoven. A week later, I have my meeting and I get transferred to this very new and modern facility right next to the Catharina hospital where I was born. While in that prison, I had overheard people talking about how they smuggled stuff between departments and had seen people walk next to the metal detector without being checked. Curious. So, at this new place, I wreak havoc. Purposely. Firstly, I tell these people what had happened to me all those years ago. I also tell them about the people that attacked me on the street. Their conclusion? None of it happened. I was making it all up and I needed to be medicated. I told them to, forgive my rudeness here, stick it up their ass. So, I start making YouTube videos, because I had my laptop and internet access, and start making videos about a whole bunch of stuff. Including the situations with other patients on the department. I saw people being left laying on the floor for an hour. A patient who had a big mouth was medicated so heavily that he couldn't walk anymore. I called it, Nazi style! I then kept on talking about people on the department and employees at that place. Including two women named Bo and Hanneke. And others. I kept on getting complaints about a horrible smell coming from my room. My feet smelled so bad, you could smell it in the hallway. After a talk with one of the supposed psychiatrists there, he said I had to stop talking about people on the department or they would confiscate my laptop. I told him he had no grounds to do so, as they had not let me sign a non disclosure agreement. I could talk about anything and anyone I wanted. We then made a verbal agreement about it and I promised not to name anybody on the department anymore. So, I started using nicknames and codes to talk about certain people. They kept on attacking me about forcing me to take medication, so as a response, I started making YouTube videos, which were part of a movie script about the real illuminati and in one video said I was going to left hook kill one of the psychiatrists there and in another, kick everybody’s ass in that place. Mind you, they were part of a movie idea. How did they know about what I said? They had the night guards of the building watching my YouTube videos when they were on duty. After that, the psychiatrist phoned the cops and said I threatened him and the police showed up and they confiscated my laptop for one week for supposedly breaking the rules of the facility.

Those things you had agreed to all happened? It sounds to me you were having fun/making a mockery of that place, correct?

Of course they happened. I was having lots of fun in that place. I was allowed to go for walks every day and decided to buy a whole bunch of socks which I would wear until they stank so bad you could hardly bare the smell and started collecting them in a pile in my room. I had a plan for that. Then, I figured something out. I had been stuck on the number 38 thing right? So, I suddenly thought, I need to phone my mother. Turns out, she has the number 38 in her phone number. I did just that and explained the situation and asked her if she had ever seen any recurring numbers in her life. She had. The number 77. She lived on number 77, then she got a phone number that ended in 77. It was all over the place in her life. She always remembered, as it was in her face all the time. It got me thinking. First off, I already knew:


And I had, for some reason, just before that, seen the details of a very unique building in Eindhoven. It is called, the Evoluon. A giant, saucer shaped building. With a dome of 77 meters across.

Which reminded me of something. My mother’s favorite movie. I like it as well. It is called: Close encounters of the third kind. I figured, there is the 3 again. And the movie is from 1977. Thinking about it, I figured, it must have something to do with the 5 tones played in the movie.

The 5 tones:

They are, D, E, C, C, G. Converted into numbers, it says 45337. But what to do with that? Well, it immediately hit me. The number pi. Pi, 3.14159265358.... Pi is 3 and in behind the point or comma an infinite number. Turning the infinity symbol back on its side, you get an 8. So pi can also be seen symbolically as the number 38. I was convinced I needed to lookup the number 45337 in the number pi and so I did. I realized I would get an index number of where the 4 starts, starting from an index of one at the first number, 3, of pi. I then right away used the same numerology rules I had already discovered on the index numbers of the occurrences of 45337, until I hit an index number that ended in 77. Here are the results of that:

1. 51591=5+1+5+9+1=21=2+1=3
2. 112322=1+1+2+3+2+2=11
3. 183368=1+8+3+3+6+8=29=2+9=11
4. 238861=2+3+8+8+6+1=28=2+8=10=1+0=1
5. 460261=4+6+0+2+6+1=19=1+9=10=1+0=1
6. 569265=5+6+9+2+6+5=33=3+3=6
7. 644728=6+4+4+7+2+8=31=3+1=4
8. 873608=8+7+3+6+0+8=32=3+2=5
9. 970334=9+7+0+3+3+4=26=2+6=8
10. 987977=9+8+7+9+7+7=47=4+7=11

Writing those results in order, you get:

3 11 11 1 1 6 4 5 8 11

I noticed the 11 11 and 11 right away. It reminded me of only one thing. The Epic. Kateryna Kremko and Kimberly. But, I noticed something else as well. 458. 458 are the last 3 digits of the speed of light! 299,792,458 m/s. And if you take the remaining 6 numbers, you get:


But, I figured, the street address of the EPIC. Heuvelring 116. The 116 is in there! How about


The 4 is in there. And, thinking of it, 11:11? 11x11=121!

So, I removed the street address:

3 11 11 5 8 11

For some reason, the number 58 meant something to me. I will explain it later. But, I noticed something else. If you move the 5 and 8 to the front, you get:

5 3 8 11 11 11

The 11s, split in 2, as 1+1+1=3=C and 1+11=12=L

538 CL

Well, you cannot get a 0 with this type of numerology. It is the postal code. Very interesting. But it doesn't stop there. There is also a book, "Close encounters of the third kind".

It's ISBN-13 number is 978-0440114338.

It ends in 38. Looking at it, I figured there might be something up with the 1143. I tried the 11th iteration of 45337 in the number pi. The result:

11. 1116243=1+1+1+6+2+4+3=18=1+8=9

The 11th iteration ends in 43.

So, I put the sequence in order again:

3 11 11 1 1 6 4 5 8 11 9

And I saw it at once. The word EPIC is in there.

(3=C) 11 11 1 (16=P) 4 (5=E) 8 11 (9=I)

Removing those numbers leaves only:

11 11 1 4 8 11

So, Kateryna Kremko, a number I am assuming is 148 and Kimberly.

What does the number 148 refer to?

I will get to that later. Back at the Nazi concentration camp, I mean, high care facility in Eindhoven, those people were still trying to force me to take medication. At one point a simple employee told me that if I lost the legal battle with my lawyer, they would forcibly hold me down and inject me with things against my will if I still refused. I asked him if he thought they had enough people in the building to get that done. He then told me he was going to write what I had said in my report. I wished him good luck with that. I asked for an independent counsel about my case. He also screwed me over. The last judge hearing was pending as I had weekend leave. I could go home for the weekend and sleep there. What I did was.. Do you know those office ceilings with those grid panels? That was the ceiling in my room. I took all the socks from the giant pile I had collected and put them in between the panels. The result was that the whole ceiling was full of the most foul smelling hanging socks your nose could ever handle. I packed all my stuff and left. Walked right out the door. On Monday, I got a phone call from the facility, asking me when I would come back. I told them, NEVER.

Did they come get you at your apartment?

No. I was just sitting in my apartment, alone. No person showed up to talk to me or anything like that. I then got an idea. I was going to go somewhere I always wanted to go. To Spain. I had not been there yet so I planned a single trip, not planning on coming back. I packed some necessary clothes, my laptop and phone, bought a second hand car, emptied what I had left on my bank account, got in the car and started driving. Straight to Lloret de mar. For some reason I had to go there. I knew I did. I was sure of it.

You drive all the way to Spain. What did you do there?

Many things. I will stick to the important part. For some reason, I had a feeling I needed to go to a certain bar, which I did. And I met a waitress there. Her name, Inna Inna. Interestingly enough, she had a tattoo of a Christian cross on her arm and a cross on her finger.

You found Inna?

Yes, yes I did. And if you would take the time to calculate, INNA=9+14+14+1=38=3+8=11.

Her name calculates to 11 11. I tried to explain to her what happened and what I knew, but when she didn't reply for a while, I started posting nasty things to her and told her she was going to hell. She stopped talking to me after that. I did get back into contact with her a couple of months later and she asked if I wanted to go to the beach with her, but she stood me up. She had told me that her father had died recently and that she was having a hard time with it.

I sent her a message telling her I would use her mind to make a music track and it would appear shortly. And so it did. It was called Heartbreak.

Hearthbreak (Brutale 038)

Something else had happened, which was quite intere

Author Notes: Anybody think this would ALSO make a great movie? I certainly think so. I would call it, Logan's EPIC! Beat the crap out of Logan's run wouldn't it? There seems to be a problem with the amount of characters allowed. It is missing the last third of the interview. Therefore it is now also on wattpad. Sorry, but it cannot be split in 2. Link:

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