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An Up and Down Story
An Up and Down Story

An Up and Down Story

BeowulfAnthony E

There was a boy named Up and his best friend was a girl named Down. They both played on the teeter totter. The teeter totter was Up's and Down's. They lived in an apartment building. Up lived on the 29th floor. The elevator would take them to Up's. When they came back down, they would go down to Down's. Down lived down on the first floor.

It seemed everything in their lives was made for them, everyone they knew would have their up's and down's from time to time, and Time and Time were two friends who worked at the clock factory.

One day Down was very sad, she thought that everything going Down was an unhappy thing. Up tried to talk with her and walk with her, but when they walked down the stairs to the cold basement to throw out their garbage, Down realized that everything cold and dirty was down and there wasn't anything that Up could say that would convince her otherwise.

The next morning Up reached up to ring Down's door bell, Down was still feeling down and Up wanted to cheer her up. Up asked Down to come with him, he had a very special day planned. Down reluctantly went with him. On the street, Down saw a magnificent bunch of rainbow colored balloons, naturally the balloons were up in the air and she sighed.

Then Down saw fantastic buildings with mirrored glass windows that sparkled up the street, these windows were of course-up high up, so Down sighed again. Then Down took a breath and looked down and saw a hole in the side of her shoe with a dirty candy bar wrapper next to it. Down went down to pick up the trash and there were ants all over it---"Eeek, everything nasty is down!" She exclaimed. "Nothing good is down!"

Just then Up said, "Stop right here." They were on a beautiful grass hillside by the lake. Up asked her to look down, it took her a couple seconds, until finally Down looked down. The view down was magnificent! The grassy hill led to a white sand beach and a wooden boat dock.

Up and down rolled down the grassy hill and then took off their shoes. As they walked onto the white sand beach their toes sank down into the warm sand. The dock was just a few feet down past the beach and the sun was peeking through the soft white marshmallow clouds.

Their friends, the Side to Side brothers owned a beautiful sail boat and Up had planned a boat trip for the day. The beautiful sail boat sailed out of the harbor and then went side to side through the lake. Later, the boat stopped and Up and Down dipped their toes down into the refreshing clear blue waters.

Down layed down and looked up into the sky with Up. Rays of sunlight showered on them like a child flicking a light switch. Down looked up, and thought to herself that everything up was awesome and everything down was horrible.

Just then they heard, "Pizza and a side of cheese fries is now served down in the kitchen!" Down got up and was walking to the kitchen when Up said, "Stop right there, Down, you shouldn't be down, because there a lot of things that are down that are also Great! I brought you here today to show you that there are many awesome things that happen when you go down."

"We looked down from the hilltop, we rolled down the hill, and walked down to the beach. Remember, our toes sank down into the white sand and we put our feet down into the lake and now we are going down to the kitchen to go down for pizzas and a side of cheese fries!" He continued, "That beautiful sun up in the sky also sends their magnificent rays down on us. So down is a pretty awesome thing!" Down had a smile running up her face, and said, "Thanks Up, I can really count on you for cheering me up, now I am really down for some pepperoni.

The sail boat sailed off into the sunset going side to side with the Side to Side brothers on both sides of the beautiful boat as a warm breeze ran up and down the sails.

Author Notes: A true friend shares everything including their happiness.

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About The Author
Anthony E
About This Story
17 Apr, 2021
Read Time
3 mins
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