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Angel by my side

Angel by my side

By zoexxxx

Its never been an easy life for me all i have gotten to see for the best part of five years are some life supporters and not even families faces without being surrounded by nurses or doctors, i have the decease i never really thought i would get it i just don't look after my self properly, i just didn't get the time to eat or drink, my friend is still having troubles with bullying and smoking she has had a harsh life as well but just hasn't been through the same things as me. it was the last day for me as my frail white body of bone sat up from the sky blue pillow bed little did i know just a couple of hours from then i wouldn't even be here anymore, nobody knew either only till the last minute phone call home saying my heart beat was constantly slowing down, this made me rethink everything i had done wrong in my life if only i had done things properly and ate when i needed i wouldn't even have been there only i knew what it was like the last 10 minuted i had left were people rushing in and out pumping things up giving me things and cards and hugging me goodbye, i knew i had been suffering this for a long time now but nobody gave me advice i would just hie it under thick baggy clothes until someone noticed me when my bones were coming through my face and my collar bones stuck out like jaggers. i had one minute left and this just consisted of me crying and saying im sorry i wish i could and this is when my heart raced up again then completely stopped and there was a beeping just me there lying pale white thin and frail. written by my angel next to my side

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16 Nov, 2011
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