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By sweetmoon

I hold her hand as she slowly dies, he killed her and I know he will come back for me too. Her name was Gabriella like the girl I met a few days ago. Just that in this case, Gabriella was my best friend , the one person that toke care of me when I was in need. We were both born the same day, and in our eighteen birthday, she died because her boyfriend’s anger mad him and made him killed her. I told her not to ever go out with him, yet I think that she never heard my voice. She wasn’t the type to listened to someone when she wanted something really bad and now, she pay for those mistakes.

College, she was princess of everything around the school. I was the person from the main streets and the one that would help anyone who was in need, so how did we become friends? We went to the same science class, that day I met her, she was injured from her arm. The book she was holding from her good arm, somehow it drop to the floor and to my good luck, we were only ones in class since everyone has gone outside to play. I pick up the red book from the floor, which with a piece of note in front it said “Not good enough” and I slowly put it inside her bag without any words. Gabriella look at me for a second as if a “thank you” way and walk away to the door, she turn around and smile as she left the room. The night I dream about her smile, but just that in my dream her smile was her own death and I was trying to take away the rope that was around her neck, but it was to late. That’s when I woke up by a knock at my door, I open the door to find Gabriella standing in front of it, trying to catch her breath. ‘’My boyfriend ah.. His dead” she said as her whole body fell on the ground.(to be continue)

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12 Oct, 2011
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