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Angels (Part 1)
Angels (Part 1)

Angels (Part 1)

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The light dripping through the cracks in the rock cast shadows upon her thin and sunken face. She stares at her hands, horrified of what she has become. One of my kind. A monster, you could call it. A blessing, some would dare to say. But I thought it unfair. She never had a chance to choose her future. Her life which could’ve been so beautiful and light, will now always be stalked by a hidden darkness. I feel pain for her. I was once in that position. Afraid and weak. My body urges me to flee from the scene, hoping she’ll be fine. But she needs someone to guide her, just as I had been guided long ago.

I scoop her small and bony body into my chest, cradling her in my arms. She seems so young and microscopic in my embrace. My wings unfurl from their tight position against my back. I carry her to the mouth of the cave where she had undoubtedly been dragged through. My nose scrunches as I breathe in the metallic scent left by blood. It’s well beyond me how she survived long enough to even be brought into the ceremony.

Guessing by the lack of suspects, a smaller colony turned her. Perhaps in the hopes she’d cause mayhem in the cities only miles away. Larger colonies wouldn’t be so foolish as to turn a random passerby and leave them to starve in a cave.

I take a moment to stare at the utter beauty of the mountainside. Deep slopping hills contrast against that of the rigid and rocky mountains. I can smell the river below as it beats against the rocks in its path. I leap off the edge of the cliff, earning a grunt from the bewildered girl. It was foolish of me to assume she was completely unconscious. I attempt to whisper some comforting words but the wind blocks out any sound coming from my mouth. She opens her eyes for a moment to look at me. She must think I’m one of them, for she passes out straight after. At least I no longer need to worry if she’s afraid or not. I continue on in the direction of my nest.

Author Notes: Let me know if you'd like to see more from this series! Sorry for such a short entry, the following passages will be much longer. Also if you notice any mistakes I would love to know so I may fix them right away.

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18 Jan, 2017
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