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anna and her teddy bear

anna and her teddy bear

By ammobaby123

once apon a time there was a little girl named anna and she go a teddy bear from santa a long time ago.
One day her and teddy got ready for break fest she tied on her shoes then put teddys slippers on.
they went down stares and saw mom cooking
not one
not two
but three
Eggs for her, anna and teddy.
teddy was full and diddnt take a bite but anna and her mom finished there egg just in time when it strted to snow.
Anna, Her Mom and teddy went out side with there coats, boots, hat, warm pants and a scarf on and went out side they did snow angels and the mom judged and said it was a tie between anna and her teddy bear.
after a while they got tired and wen inside.
anna forgot about teddy and left her out there for 1 hour. But she went back for her, annas mom said it looked like teddy had a cold and they rushed her to the living room with a blanket and her pjs.
they all snugled with teddy to get her warm then all of a sudden teddys frown became a smile and her cold was no more.
Thats the end of the wonderful adventure in the winter snow

Hope you Enjoyed.

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About This Story
27 Oct, 2011
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1 min
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