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Another Day
Another Day

Another Day


"It feels like I’ve lived and died many times over."

sunrise to sunset it’s all the same
in this fight every day’s a close call
clinging on for dear life over an open flame
there’s not much time before I fall

I can’t handle this pain
I don’t want to stay
I rather have struggled in vain
than suffer through another day

there’s so much I fear
I want it to stop
and my options are clear
looking down from this rooftop

however, I don’t wish to go
I just want to pass this phase
but by ending today I lose tomorrow
I can’t have it both ways

is there really another path
could I really stay
could I fight through the bloodbath
and survive another day

on that roof I pondered and waited
I looked around and felt at peace
I began to see good in this world I had hated
and no longer needed release

I knew it’d be hard
so I called a friend
I’d left myself scarred
but with help I knew I could mend

finally my head was right
and I decided to stay
I’d won the fight
and would live to see another day

my days are still numbered, as life is finite
but at least for me the end’s no longer in sight
now a couple years later, alive and well
I think to myself ‘oh how life is swell’

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About The Author
About This Story
14 Sep, 2020
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1 min
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