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Another Day
Another Day

Another Day

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I sat up from my bed. Another dream, another idea. I didn’t know what would come of it, but I knew it would change me. Stumbling around my room I managed to put all my clothes on and make my way down to the kitchen. I lived alone, one man, one house. Enough money to support myself, but not enough to pursue. Enough food to eat, but not enough to get full. I made myself a small breakfast and got myself up for more interviews. Another day, another job.

I arrived at the next place for work. A fast food store. I walked in with my slightly fancy attire, was directed to a small room, and sat down. The interview seemed to go well, but I couldn’t take the job. Enough income to keep myself going, not enough to live. Enough people to keep myself social, but not enough to be happy. I said my thanks and left. Another day, another refusal.

I managed to pull over next to where he used to come. It was a small ledge overlooking the city. We used to come here on weekends with just a meal, and sleep underneath the stars. The world used to be brighter then. I still couldn’t believe it would darken that fast. Enough left to remember, not enough to hold. Enough to love, but not enough to keep. I closed my eyes and knew what was coming. Another day, another death.

Author Notes: Another day, another idea. Not every daily thing comes nicely. Tell me what you think!

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20 Feb, 2019
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