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Another Poem of Love
Another Poem of Love

Another Poem of Love

apemannAndy (Formerly Apemann)

My breath catches in my throat
And my heart misses a beat
It happens every single time
That we happen to meet
Your beauty defies description
Yet you seem so unaware
Of the effect you have on people:
How many stop and stare
It makes me proud to know that I
Am the lover you come home to
And I revel in the sheer joy of
Being so much in love with you
There is not a moment goes by
That you are not on my mind
You are so special, so wonderful;
So adorable, so loving, so kind.
Every minute we are together
My love for you just grows
You are perfection in every way
From your head down to your toes
I cannot believe how lucky I am
To have found such happiness
After so many years of being alone
And so much misery and loneliness
I have given you my all; my everything
I have trusted you with my heart
I know that we are meant to be
And that nothing will drive us apart
Together we are unbeatable
We are two come together as one
Our journey to the rest of our lives
Has only just begun
Thank you for sharing yourself with me
You mean so much to me I have to say
That I will cherish and honour you, always
And tell you “I Love You” every single day

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About The Author
Andy (Formerly Apemann)
About This Story
18 Apr, 2016
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1 min
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