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Ant and the painted girl chapter two

Ant and the painted girl chapter two

By esme

.....(continued) the memory of his mother, leening against the kitchen table, her body held a stunning pose, just like a modle under all the cloth and disiner jakets she wore.
a phone pressed tightly to her ear, her beautifull face held so much mennis as she screamed into the divice, "no NO you LISTEN to me you fat FUCK, your not going to take my chiald away from ME!" her eyes were as cold as ice and as colourfull as zink.
she cluched Ants hand hard, but he was not the one going to be took away, so why did mommey cluch his little hand so tightly?
in a birst of rage, mommey smashed the phone onto the kitchen flore, it shattered like broken glass and sounded like tinkleing bells.
"MOMMEY! HELP ME!" cried Ants older brother Carl as he ran into the kitchen. his hand covered his neck, it blead and blead, the gash twirled its way up his face and finished in his eye socket which was half hannging out and all slimey, Carls mouth was gasping in an 0 shape and he was corcust. "oh my baby!" mommey yelled and let go of Ants hand she was clenching so tightly and ran to the bedroom for the first aid kit. "what happend?" Ant asked, curasly pearsing at his brothers cut up face, whith his good eye Carl staired ahead, thinking about what to say to his kittke brother, he was too young to here about something as gross as what Carl had experianced. but carl did not like lieing, not to his little brother who had so much to expereance in life, so he told him. "a, a girl, she knocked me down, onto a sharp stone that stuck out of the ground, she pased, and spat in my face, s-she was some sort of a devil, she paused to give me this," carl produced a gleming blade, it reflected his face, and came into a long point much slower than normal knives, in other words, it was a long knife. "she said i would have to use it in the future. s-she said i would ................. KILL MYSELF!"

(hey if you like anny of my stories, or hate them, olease give me some feedback at [email protected] )

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2 Mar, 2011
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