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Ant and the painted girl

Ant and the painted girl

By esme

"what i hate about people is, they are so out there for THEMSELVES you know?
and drugs, i like them, oh i do. but they dont make your friends feel happy. what would make this human race a lot happier would be careing for other people.
when i try somthing, that i like, i show it to my firends, and them enjoying the expereance that makes me feel good, makes me feel better too.
Hey, this is drug talk.
dont listen to me.........."

A apartment bilding lay in the middle of London city, with little windows covering its surface, like bees would cover there victim if it tried to eat there presous honey, a man sleeps, in the 34th apartment is his dessolate room, he twistes and turnes in sleep. The blue covers tangled in a mess around him, his bare chest rapadly breathing in and out.
this is what he dreamed..................

"you!..i know you you are the girl, with the dog i painted. B-ut were is the dog? tell me!" Ant frantacly screamed at the girl who was smileing faintly. Her smile, was not like Ant had painted her, this smile of hers was gastly, vile, sick, and horrble.
"Ant how little do you realise, your dog, is dead." the girl raised her boney white hand to her chest in a jesture of sympathy that was not really there, "he was important? yes he was, hahah how could i not know! he was your chiald hood pet, hahah your brother told me when he begged for help, you were sure it was your nabours? oh, such a wired pair them young too. but it was'nt, HOW LITTLE DO YOU REALISE!? it was your mam. she killes your dog after she went syco." by this time the girl was screaming her voice going very high and then very low in the same breath. She stopped to catch her breath. "how can you know this? HOW CAN YOU FUCKING KNOW THIS?!!! tell me how!" Ant screamed, wanting to ring the girl's neck, but being to afraid because of the DEVIL INSIDE HER., it was true, ever since Ant's dog had died, squashed by a car, his mam had never been the same.
"its the drugs, this is just a fucking dream!" Ant said to himself, putting his head in his hands and cursing himself for being so stupid.
Every thing was the same here as in the painting he painted, The tall old oak tree with autam leaves, the sunny rays of the sun hilighted evrything yellow, even the grass they stood on was not a blade differant, only thing missing, the dog. The devil girl was standing under the oak tree, half shaded by the leaves. Ant was about a meeter away from her in the sun. "Aaaaaaant" she mermered, she strode over to him and laid her hand on his sholder, feeling a soft delicate hand on his sholder Ant swung his head up in serprise and was just about to swipe her hand away when she said, "I will make you an offer, I know i am of no importance to you Ant, but i will say this, if you give me your word and let me have just a needle prick of your brothers blood, and call your mam, sall will come back to you." then she smiled down at him, every detail visable on her cut up face.
"i am dreaming, you, this, is a dream." Ant wimpered, frantacly.
"maby so" the girl said and steped back, "even so do it"

Ant's eyes snapped open, suddenly aware of wair he was, sweat oozed out his pores and his black hair was stuck with sweat to his forehead, Ant stood up the covers falling about his body, it was twilight outside, and the moon was barley visable behind the thick curtens.
Suddenly Ant beant doubble in pain, his back exploded in agoney, and a chilling cold creaped up his spine, he stummbled about trying to find his morpheen.

The next day Ant was sitting on the edge of his bed, the picture of hid dream, on his lap, his head in his hands.
Ant staired down at the painting nothing was different. nothing at all, sall (the dog) was lying in the shade under the oak and the girl standing her long hair blowing across her face. Ant stood up and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day, but he could not forget what a wired night it had been, what a strange dream.
Ant could not walk down the street without feeling like someone was stalking him, was right behind him, he wanted to feel loved, to have motherly atention, but he knew that would never happen, not from wanda (his mam) anyway.
he concidered phoning wanda, but they had not seen each other sisce Carl, Ants older brother, had committed suiside, offed himself by stabbing his lungs and suffercated.
Carl was the famalys favorite and when he killed himself it made all of the famaly heartbroken.

After eating breakfast on the 9:20 train to hamchester, Ant was just about to close his eyes when a mother with two yelling kids sat opposet him, "boy, this is not going to go well" he thaught as the dores to the train closed and trugged on.
The kids would not shut up! and the most annoying thing was that the mother did NOTHING about it! she just sat there with her head on the plastic train table and merered to herself, who did dhe thin she was? did she have a licence to be crazy! Ocasionly she would look up and smile at Ant, he would smile back, but they would never make talk. the train speeker anounced Hamchester, ants stop, but he did not get off, instead he took out his phone and rang wanda, "hello?" Ant said on the fifth ring but there was no reply, the phone beeped and ant sighed. "whats going on?" Ant thaught Wanda usualy ansered her phone, well that was wwhen ant was a kid, the memory came clear to Ants mind ......................(sorry i cannot continue but look out for chapter two! sorry again.)

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28 Feb, 2011
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5 mins
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