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By resie

Yes, I'm finally out on my own. Away from my crazy parents and my brother.

It's only going be me, me, and me. No one else else needed.

My parents constantly tried to rush me out the there house talking about it was best for me to go.

So, when I finally escape that hell hold that didn't even help me pack. So they suggested a nice little apartment complex not far from them. I follow there suggestion and was gone in couple days.

They said they were going bring my things. I just took most of my clothes and few drawings since those were the things I really needed.

David was still stuck there at that camp. His room was right next to mine when I was living there. Such a loud cry baby he was. I had to go in there and smack him around a couple times to shut his loud mouth up.

The apartment wasn't nothing fancy. Decent rent, and a nice neighborhood far from any noise or city area.
When I arrive at the apartment complex the parking lot hardly had no cars there except for a few here and there.

I took the bus there since my parents didn't want to drive me there.

When I got off the bus I saw what look like a nice looking couple come out one of the complexes. The women was crying, and I heard the man telling her it's best for us to do this.

Hmph, somebody got their heart broken I guess.

I walk to the leasing office to speak to the man who can lease my apartment to me. My parents spoke to him 1st, and then me over the phone a couple a days ago about the complex.

He told me to come to the leasing office once I got there. The complexes here was huge, but no time for sight seeing.

I enter the leasing office and came to a desk with a women. She was chewing her gum with her mouth open. How rude of her.

She ask me my name. I told her who I was and who I came to see. She said one minute and told me to sit and wait.

It took nearly a half hour before the leasing man got here. He apologize and said he was dealing with other residents here.

We chated for awhile about nothing and then he lead the way to my apartment.

We arrive there and it was such a nice place. I loved it. It was quite, had nice bathroom, a window letting the sun smile in in the A/M hours, and I even heard my neighbors. They were loud, but not loud like my brother was. I would have to introduce myself to them later. The leasing man ask if I like I like this apartment and if I needed anything just ask him. He'll take care of me.

I thank him and said it's perfect. He smiled and left me to my space.

Not to long after, my things arrive with the movers. Why would my parents send my things with movers? They said they were going to bring them here to my apartment for me.

Oh well, I just wish he was here with me. 

Some time has past and my apartment is fully furnish and decorated nicely just how I wanted it. All my paintings and drawings are up. Being an artist I sometimes need silence and a nice quite place to draw in solitude . He told me I was such a nice artist and that my drawings was lovely.

I look out my window and saw some of the neighbors sitting at the park bench. I meant some but not all that live in my complex. Some just like to stay to themself and that's perfectly understandable.

I heard a knock at my door and to my surprise it was the leasing man. I haven't seen him in ages. I welcome him in but he said that's ok he was in a hurry. He said on his way here he saw my parents at the leasing office. He said I might want to go visit them. A small grin slid across my face.

I walk out my complex and to the leasing office passing residents in the park.

I arrive at the leasing office and saw my parents. My father gave me a big grin and ask how was I doing on my own. I told him it's alright. I just love the privacy I told him. He nodded his head.

My mom on the other hand was a bitch. She kept a straight face the whole time.

I told them they should come see my apartment. They said ok and I lead the way.

I lead my parents to my complex passing my neighbors. They stared at my parents. Some didnt like new visitors here.

We arrive at my door and open it up. I welcome them in and showed them around. They were quite awed at my place. I would be too. I ask where my brother is.

My mother charged at me attacking me with all her strength calling me mean names and slur words.

Why was momma attacking me? My daddy grab her just in time and calmed her down. She said never wanted to see me again and left me and my daddy there clueless. Silence bestowed in my apartment.

Daddy said I shouldn't bring my brother up around mommy. I wonder why. My daddy look around my apartment taking shots with his eyes of everything.

He look at my pictures and drawings. He took one off the wall and ask was this him. And begin laughing at the funny drawing of him.

I said yes, and showed him my favorite picture I drew of me. His smile change to a slanted position.

He ask who was that beside me. I said him, me, and her.

They're standing right here next to me daddy.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes. Enjoy. :)

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20 Feb, 2014
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5 mins
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