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By FrostBreath

The tarantula stared deep into my eyes as I clung to the tree branch, my arms and legs too frozen to move down to the next. I scrunch my eyes closed as tight as I could as the arachnid poked my skin with its long, fuzzy legs, exploring this new ground that had suddenly appeared in front of it. My nerves shot upright, prickling every inch of my skin with each movement of the spider on my neck.

Before long, it had made its way into my hair and to the top of my head, scuttling towards my face. I let out a soft whimper of fear when I felt a leg probe at my eyelid and, without meaning to, opened my eyes. To see its pincer-like jaws snapping at me.

That’s when I lost it. I flung the tarantula off of me with a loud shriek and bolted to my feet, slipped, and fell the remaining three feet to the ground. I instantly hauled myself up and bolted from the tree.

Author Notes: I hope you all enjoyed this skin-crawling mini-story :)

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14 Jan, 2021
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