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Archnophobes in History

Archnophobes in History

By novelisttobe1

Only if you could see it. In my office. It's just spinning and spinning it's web across the wall. My wall. Maybe my maid forgot to clean up. Her pay should be docked a coin. I hated it so much. The spider continued to spin it's disgusting web in my presence. His venom being contained in its small mouth, waiting to injure a normal human being. But I didn't know what was worse to watch. The spider, or the colony of my people? I could see outside my window that more ships were coming in. Which means more Indian's are going to attack us. Yes, its true. The Indians are fighters for the land but they should realize we will do whatever it takes to find our gold. Knock, Knock, Knock. Someone pushed past my door. It was my messenger,James. " Sir, more ships are in the dock. Where should we guard them?" James reported. I told him to get some guns and if you see any wild animals, to shoot. He knew I was speaking of the Native Americans. I decided instead of staring at the spider, to stare at the footprints of James. His boots mustv'e been covered in mud. Because of his mudprints, my office could be labeled as dirty. My maid will have to clean that up. Poor James. His daughter died of malaria 2 months ago. Eventually, I turned my head back to the spider. He caught a mosquito. That's good for him. Hours had passed, and even though I wasn't looking I could tell the evening was peaceful. That's why I was elected towns leader. Because of my perception and my keen hearing. James just came back in. He reported that it was 9 o'clock and everyone was sleep. He said my maid will be hear to cleanup any second but he's going home. I should probably leave but home isn't happy for me. My wife yells and my son screams, and my daughter says nothing. Theyre to simple to understand me. Then again that's why I married my wife. She knows how to be quiet. I get up to put my coat on. Its made from fox fur.

Then my maid walks in. She's a pretty lady.She's about 15 years my junior. She greet's me with passion tonight. She's in the mood. I try to rub her off by telling her that there is a spider in my office. She cleans it up and finishes cleaning. She finishes cleaning to quickly. "Would you mind, Sir, to walk me home?" she ask me. Her name is Scintilla. She lives by herself in an isolated poor part of the colony. I decide to walk her home so I dont have to go home as quickly. It takes 15 minutes. I walk her inside her home. The walls and floor of her cottage are clean. The first time I was here she said that she was said she was here. Scintilla told me that she was born in Rome and was sold as an indentured slave to England right before we found the New World. She works for me. That first night I tried to comfort her, but I ended up pleasing her differently. Tonight she held me in her living room. " I want to make love to you, Sir.", Scintilla whispers in my ear. Her lucious pink lips carress my neck and she says, "You are my master. Do to me, what you can't to your wife. I'm your servant.Sir." I am attracted to her because my wife does not allow me to touch her sometimes. Tonight, I crave Scintilla.

I put hand under her uniform skirt. I try to find her pantiehose and then I realize she's not wearing any. I take her clitoris inbetween my thumb and my forefinger. I feel her giggle and moan against the surface of my throat. She throws her head back, as I squeeze it tighter and feel her juices in my hand. She likes that feeling. I keep my hand there as she leads me to her room. All that fits in her room is the double-sized bed I bought her. She makes me tumble on the bed and climbs onto me. She undresses me because in her house, the only power I have is sexually. Those are her words. She screams at me to undo her cheap corsette. I listen. She is naked on top of me and I love it. I feel like I am one with her when we make love.. Her moans excite me. We stop and she tumbles off me, becoming one with covers. Her liquids drown the bedsheets. I get up to leave because I think we are done but she pulls me down and puts her mouth on my penis. She turns me on and sucks it. I grab her short, thick brown hair again and thrust my pelvis forward. Scintilla gags loudly but continues. I push her head down and an hour later I explode in her mouth. I calm myself down and put my clothes back on. We exhange a hug but I decide to stay over her cottage instead of going home. . Times with her are better than home.

Weeks later, the last ship comes in. The snow escapades the water lightly but I stand at the dock freezing in my coat. A suprise. The king of England's assistant, Arnold, is here. He walks with purpose but time slows down as he descends from the plank-steps. I shake his hand. "Hello Allen. It's nice to see you. The king has sent me here to discuss some serious matters." I shoot his hand. His fingers were dry and his hands were cold. I brought him into my office. The wood of the walls should set him to comfort. "Allen, I heard that you are in charge of this colony." he stated. The sound of his voice was raspy. And disfunctional. The trip here mustv'e caused this. I tell him the name of the colony is Plymouth. I wait for a respnse. "I just want to make sure you know, that as a leader, England counts on you to keep working. If you aren't willing to work someone else will take your power." he explains to me. Confusion. I suddenly notice another spider invading my life. It crawls on my arm but Arnold doesn't notice. The dark shade of the spider is outlined over my pale skin but I am afraid to say something. "Allen! Are you listening? Your colony is the reason the Spanish Armada almost got us. Your ships weren't on guard!" yells Arnold. I understand him. I nod my head but words can't escape my mouth. The spider injects venim into my veins. I shout.

"Maybe I should stay here awhile. Maybe I will evaluate your health for a while okay?" Arnold says as he leaves my office. James helps him find a residence. The sun shines brightly through my window.I watch the spider as it continues to bite me and inject venim in my pores.

It's been 5 days since Arnold has visited me. He stays in a big cottage close to my cabin, where my family resides. Hours pass as I file my paper work for this colony. Native Americans have been killing more and more people since Arnold got here. Its 8 o clock now. Scintilla and I make love roughly tonight. I penetrate her from behind until I have to go home. She doesn't want me to leave. But I go home. As I walk in the door, I hear nothing. My kids arent home. But I feel this weird sensation in my feet that cause me to fall over. The pain is too much to bear. I scream my wife's name. Mary. I scream it but no one answers. However, I hear an echo of the name. Except it's not my voice yelling it. I crawl to my bedroom, the wood floors scraping under my knees. I post my self under the bed-post and hear snoring. I lift up my hands and feel a foot. It's not my wifes foot. I lift my body up enough to see something. Something painful and terrible. My wife has her legs sprawled out in the air. But I'm inbetween them. How can that be if I'm on the floor. The man inbetween my wife's legs stops and turns around. He looks like me. " Allen! I didnt see you there." The voice sounds like Arnold. My wife get's up, naked. She apologizes over and over again but I dont respond. My head hurts. My body turns cold and I faint.

The next morning, I wake up and Arnold stands over me with an empty bucket. My body is wet and so is the floor. My wife holds our kids close to her. I yell at Arnold. How could he do such a thing. I work all day. But then I feel it. Water splashes on my face and the scene resets. Its still nighttime. James is standing over me with a bucket. He yells, "Look what you did!" My wife holds our kids close to her. I stand up still dizzy. I look everwhere while James shouts at me. He grabs me by my shoulders and shakes me. It hurts. He's stronger than I am. He throws me against the bed but I keep my balance. I stare at something terrifyng. Blood conjures on the sheet of my bed. A man lays there wearing a bullet in his head. I look everywhere for a gun but I dont see one. I feel the outline of one however. It's in my hand. Once again I faint. My body weight hits the ground as the world turns dark. I hear murmers and I feel hands all over me. I'm being carried. I wake up again. Im chained to a post. It smells bad where I am. Like piss and blood. I can see the colony from where I am. It's still night. I killed a man. But the man is next to me. Fear. I stare at my family who is outside of where I am. A ship. A ship that's full of indentured slaves and spiders. I look at the spider bite on my arm. It grew. Then I look around me. Spiders are everywhere.

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27 Oct, 2013
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