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"If anything all I'd want is your approval. your opinion, only yours. I try hard every day to please you" I turned to look at him tears falling from my eyes. His face unmoved, almost emotionless. He doesn't care, does he? From the long silence, he spoke.

" I don't think you're trying hard enough," he said with a stern look on his face,

"Not enough! are you kidding me! My whole life you made my choices! I followed every word do you want to know why? because I was afraid of being left behind. That's why." all the words I've kept in my heart for so long are finally coming out.

"Watch your t---" I cut him off

" To hell with that! like I'd care. You always told me to think about myself but how can I? If you push your morals on to me. Why should I care about finances I'm not there yet! why should I care for my siblings by myself, I'm not the parent here! Why can't I be the kid? Why do you go out and come back late only to be drunk? I'm not mom! she is gone you cant make me her. shes gone and shes never coming back!" I screamed trying not to choke on my words. after few seconds he looked me in the eye. I thought he finally took me seriously.....

"You are not your mother you never will be I mean look at you! Unemployed, bad grades, cant dress properly you're not ready for anything. now listen to your fath---" I knew it he didn't take me seriously not even a little

"You are not my father! The man I knew 13 years ago was my real father.If you really want to be my father go back to when I was five 'cause up til now you've been no father of mine! So don't talk down to me because you couldn't handle it. I was five, FIVE! I couldn't be a kid because you gave up on being a father to me and my siblings I grew up so they can have a future!" I stopped myself I had noticed my yelling woke up my brother, my sister by his side.

"what happened?" he said half awake. I walked towards them. They are so fragile, gullible, and bright. sometimes I envied them.

"Everything is fine. Lets put you back to bed." I said in a sweet, calm voice. I turned to my father, he seemed to want to say something but quickly stopped himself.

"Dad" if you didn't remember, tomorrow is I'm turning 18. I'm moving out with a friend and I'm taking the twins with me. You will have to give custody, if not I will see you in court see who wins. goodnight." I left it there and walked off and for a second I thought I saw my father shed a tear and quickly wipe it away.

The next today, I got ready to leave. Before I did I saw a note on the kitchen table it read:

To my dearest and oldest daughter, you are right I have been a horrible father to you and the twins. I hope one day you could find it in your heart to forgive me even just a little. I left to get help for my alcohol addiction. I will have my assistant send you money from time to time. Give me this chance to make up for what I did and didn't do for you. I wish I could go back in time and changed what I've done but I cant change time all I could do is try to fix it.

sincerely, Mikaela R. Hemsworth

I shed I tear knowing he truly felt sorry. I felt awful for everything I said. Though I wasn't sorry for what I said 'cause it was true, it really was and that's something I won't go back on.

A two years later I forgave him. Then for the next ten years I focused on college, my career and the twins. Along the way my dad got better and we tried to mend our relationship. The twins split up when I was twenty-four. Connor , the oldest twin, stayed at home to pursue his career in art. Cora, the youngest twin, went to college to become a therapist. They both did what they loved to do; helping people. Connor's career took off and he moved out...eventually. Cora was speeding threw college, as expected I never worried about her I knew she'd make it. Cora was her last years of college when, at thirty I met my husband. At thirty-four my daughter, May. That same year my dad died in a shooting that happened at an art gallery. He was here suporting connor. I think it hit connor pretty hard to lose him. Connor also stopped painting and stopped talking to me and Cora though every once in a while...I know he was talking to Cora she just wouldn't tell me.Connor did go back to painting but there was something chilling about them...because they were of a girl that looked like May but older. They also almost always had an orb around her and they stopped seeming as if he wanted to help people. I was scared so me and my husband, henry, moved closer his mother. Then out of nowhere around the time that May was seven Connor sent me a letter saying he wanted to meet and catch up. I left May at henry's mother's house.Things are getting better and I can't wait to see Connor.

Author Notes: i will not be continuing this story sorry

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16 Feb, 2018
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4 mins
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