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Are You the One
Are You the One

Are You the One


Are you the one?
Should it be you?
Are these feelings I have true?
I dont know what to do,
And its hard for me to talk to you,
For I now see that I love you.
You are the one,
Everyone else is gone.
All I think of is you,
I know our love is true.
Thinking about you is all I can do.
I love you so much,
And you say you love me too.
I know my feelings are real ,
I want to be with you.
All i think of is you,
You are my everything,
My thought of a ring.
I dont ever wanna lose you,
I cant stay apart from you.
I love you so much.
You say you wanna spoil me,
Does that really have to mean money,
You being with me is all I want.
I wanna earn you trust.
Walk hand in hand,
Cause when im with you,
Everything else dissapears,
Sometimes i wonder if things will reappear,
But i would be ok if they didnt.
All i need is for you with me.
I love you so much.
All i need is for you to see,
How much you mean to me.

Author Notes: i think ive fallen inlove

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30 Oct, 2020
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1 min
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