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Art class

Art class

By thereisawall

Madison Smith was an exceptional character. She was the epitome of beauty, desire and fame. Her father, being a big shot Hollywood promoter, left her to fend for herself in a sea of people wanting to become famous. She had no real friends, not even...NO! she would not think of that, she went to the kitchen away from the computer still spitting out funny videos from YouTube, grabbed the whiskey bottle and pored a glass. "Fuck it" and with that she put the bottle to her lips and turned the bottle upside down.

Henry Lewis is the down cast of society, everyone hates him, and believes he's the one who will "shoot up the school." Never the less, he loved his live, his meaning is clear to him. The music he makes, the art he creates and the stories he writes is all he needs to be content. If only his mother wouldn't whore around people may like him.

Madison stumbled through the door of her father's "office", she laughed, it was more like a crack room. She went to where he kept his razorblades, he never used the same one twice, and opted out. She went to the kitchen again and grabbed the knife in its holster. She marveled at its beauty singing its siren song she held it up to her neck as she usually did, but cursed herself for not being able to do it. She then threw her shirt off and swiftly moved her hand next to her ribcage. Pain and pleasure mixed into a moan in her mouth, the orgasmic feeling of the blood flowing from her was enough for now, and then she cleaned the knife. After she did so she crawled into a ball on the floor and fell asleep.

"...and justice for all" Henry said while looking up at the flag of his country. He loved his first period class art. This is where his talent was really shown to everyone, his escape from reality. The first day of his senior year was going to be great he proclaimed to himself, and the year will only be better. That's when she walked in, the girl he hated Madison Smith, in her green designer dress and her beautiful blue eyes looking across the room.

"All right class I'm trying something new this year" Mrs. Wiggly said, "I'm assigning you partners for the whole year" then started reading off random bull shit. Great Madison thought I'm going to finally be able to be able to draw a perfect line, woohoo.

"...and lastly Madison Smith and Henry Lewis." I now hate this class Henry thought, how am I supposed to deal with that intolerant girl all year.

Who the Hell is Henry Smith, Madison thought. I hope he's not that guy in the front ready to kill someone.

With the pair sitting together they started their assignment, draw a tree. Henry was done in a matter of minutes and Madison was well... kind of...drawing a stick figure with allot of arms. For some reason Henry felt bad for her, he gave her his work and said " Stop drawing this is a group assignment anyway, but you should really practice more." And that's all it took they were silent until the bell rang for 2nd period.

Throughout the few weeks of school Madison thought this Henry guy might become her friend. They would talk from bell to bell most days and usually walked to each other's lockers until having to go to their separate classes. She felt as if she may have light in the world, maybe if she was lucky she'd get to know this guy more, and even possibly love him.

Henry got over the annoyance of Madison and actually started to like her. They would usually talk about what they viewed on life and joke about how Mrs. Wiggly yelling at this kid named Matthew. He even may have started to find her attractive. Whenever she walked into the room his heart always started to race, wanting to be with her as long as he could.

"Shit! "Madison yelled as she looked at her phone. Her number one problem would be at home later waiting on her, wanting her, blackmailing her. As she walked to her car she couldn't help but feel the dampness of her cheeks and then collapsed against the wall and slid finally sitting on the hard concrete ground outside.

"The one day I'm late to the bus my mom is gone for the week " Henry thought. I gesso I might as well try to find a ride. As he opened the door to go outside he saw no one, all the cars were gone, except for one. He ran towards it and stopped abruptly when her heard crying as he looked to the wall he saw Madison in her white dress crying on the ground. He went over to her immediately.

" What's wrong?" Madison herd from a familiar voice and looked up. She was suppressed and glad to see Henry looking at her with sympathy. "It's my brother, he kind of wants something from me, and I have to.."

That's all it took Henry understood and actually cared that she was hurting. He sat next to her an took his arms and wrapped them around his crying friend.

It has been a couple of days since the night since Henry has seen Madison, he's been worried about her non-stop. After she stopped crying, she finally started to tell him about what was wrong. She had told him about her brother and how terrible he was to her. How, whenever he was home he would beat, burn then rape her, and she couldn't do anything about it. Henry offered to find her a place to live or to tell the police but she told him not to. She told him her brother would kill their mother and father if she told.

Finally the bruises are gone, Madison thought. She had stayed home "sick" untill they faded away. She was just glad to be able to see Henry again, she missed him. Out of all of her "friends" he was the only one she wanted to see the whole time she was home. She slipped on her shirt she wanted to wear today and studied herself in the mirror. " Damn I forgot about that" as she looked at the burn that led its way from her sholder to the center of her cheast. So she searched for something else.

"Ok class now that we have been developing your talents, I think it would be great if we do a big project. Maybe something that has to deal with Sculpting." Mrs. Wiggley said. Finally I may get to show my talent, Henry thought. Maybe I can do an abstract on societal views on homeless, or maybe even a ... and that's when Madison walked in, She was stunning today, as if nothing was wrong. She walked in and sat by Henry looking at him with her startling eyes.

"So what did I miss" Madison said.

"Nothing, in here we just drew more pictures of what she wanted us to, and they were all group assignments don't worry. She also just told us about her idea for a huge project for sculpting."

"Yay we finally get to do our robotic penis idea"

"I almost forgot this sculpture has to be realistic, and cannot be anything sexual, I don't want to get fired."

"Hmmm so what should we do now" Madison said

" I don't know, maybe we should just do you "

" Umm Henry do you really think that will work"

" Yes it will I'll come over tonight and we'll work on it a little."

" Matthew. Ain't nobody got time for that!" Mrs. Wiggley yelled as he was messing with paint or something.

That kid really needs some ridilin Madison thought.

Alright, everything is set up Stephen is gone and dad is working, nothing to worry about and the house is clean from the last party my dad had, everything is good.

The doorbell rings, Man it's cold out here, Henry thought. Maybe I should have brought a jacket. The door opens revealing the girl of his dreams.

"Come in here you idiot it's freezing out here." Madison said as she held open the door. She was so happy to see her knight in shining armor. She couldn't help but notice how he looked right now, his hair was carefully combed to the side showing his stunning brown eyes.

"So, should we get started" Henry said holding a box of what she assumed was clay.

" Yes, come into the living room"

"Where do you want me to sit." She said looking at him.

"How about you lay on the couch, and do you have any music we can listen to it's going to take a while"

Henry started to take out his materials, and place them on the small table he had brought with him.

"How about, Santana?"

"That sounds great"

I can't believe this is happening, Madison thought. I'm so happy maybe he'll finally start to make a move tonight.

" Alright master, do with me as you will" Madison said throwing herself down on the couch.

" Ok, ummm face me, and move your leg"

" like this?"

"No like this " He reached out and grabbed her leg, making it cross over her other and bend slightly.

Why haven't I done this earlier, it feels as if electricity is going through me. Man, I need more of her not just this.

Henry looked at her and he saw something new in her. He could tell she wanted him too. The desire they both had intertwined and then he leaned down and kissed her.

Oh my God, yes. Why hasn't he done this earlier. The feel of his lips on hers was almost unbearably good. She started to pull him closer, forcing him on top of her, she started to run her hands over his body feeling all the muscle he has.

This is amazing, Henry thought. His hands went from her legs across her body felling her curves and the heat she was giving off. He wanted more, needed more.

Is this really happening, Madison questioned. I need him, why is he slowing down.

In one swift motion he shot off of her and stood up.

"What's wrong?" Madison asked

"It's just that I wasn't sure you wanted me to do this."

"Are you crazy, of course I do"

And with that she got up and kissed him, both of them trembled with excitement. She started to take his shirt off and then he pulled it the rest of the way. The pulled apart for a second, to undress both of them eager to feel the other. Then they kissed again, this time more fevered, hungered. he picked her up and laid her gently on the couch. She closed her eyes feeling the his muscles contract as he was getting ready.

Red hot pain surged through her body, as she flung her eyes open, what has he done.

Henry leaned over her with the handle of the knife still in his hand, he can't believe what he had done. Why had he stabbed her.

Madison started to cough, her blood reached her mouth. The pain was gone now, there was only a pleasure she had never felt before. She looked up at Henry his eyes fixed on hers. And then relief and darkness swallowed her.

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23 Mar, 2013
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9 mins
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