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By Kiraa - 2 Reviews

Your artificiality is driving me insane

When did it become cool to not have a brain?

You walk around these halls with your face caked on,

Your hair like straw from all those times you dyed it to cover up the real one

Who never told you how you were was enough?

What made you think you had to cover up?

I just don’t understand.

You’ve got wings on your eyes, foundation and contour

Nobody even knows what you really look like anymore

You spend so much time covering up who you really are,

Your pimples, your face, all the way down to your scars

You puff out your lips, suck in, eyes wide

All just to take a good picture while you hurt inside

And then you do it again and again, because everyone tells you you look great

Yet the very same people say, “I hate it when people are fake”

An insect hides in plain sight to avoid predators

In disguise it lives its’ life like it's’ hiding under a bed cover

The Mocker Swallowtail wears big, red wings because it’s afraid

It makes me wonder- does their fear ever make them ashamed?

I’ve seen girls starve themselves over their looks

Stay up day and night, searching for an answer in some magazine they read like a religious book

I’ve seen girls suffocate themselves in some body wrap

Girls who don’t even weigh 140 pounds, thinking that they’re fat

The mask you wear is overtaking you

Why do you care so much about what Kim Kardashian is doing?

How are you ever gonna live if you keep suffocating yourself?

You’re just a product of the items hanging on the makeup shelf

In all honesty, I don’t really want to understand

Sometimes I slightly want to hit you with a frying pan

Just to get it through your head

That life isn’t about your looks or the rumors you spread

It’s about heart and soul- I got one, I know you do, too

Imagine how great the world would be if we all started to tell the truth.

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30 Sep, 2016
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1 min
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