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As a kid

As a kid

By Mikethorbern

Maybe as a kid he was rejected, addicted and non protected,
Had a father who was always high, and a mother who just wished he'd die,
Maybe he never went a day without being made way with
Feeling astray as his mother leaves and walks away,
Wishes his father left and had an accident, wrecks his chest and gets a coma on top of it,
Maybe is his mind he ran but no pop or nan to hide with
He's alone in this cold world feels his father figure is the dark sith,
As a kid he's always mad, plotting the day when he'd hit his dad
A failure at life he had assumed, no friends or christ thoughts that he was doomed.
This kid had no chance, no mother there to build his stance,
You can see the inner death, summer day stillyou can see his Cole breath,
No one knows what's inhanced, black clothing long sleeves
Try to hide how much he bleeds,
The scars may heal but one thing never will,
This kid isn't living long ago he had been killed,
No conscious he turns to blood, feet in the dirt and his face in the mud,
Can't move or see clearly, clearly his father made him fear thee
Merely appeared he hates himself with a passion kills himself in rations
No reaction from a relative, no one wants him or at least for him to live.

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About This Story
4 Dec, 2011
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1 min
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