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Ashamed: Many Years Later
Ashamed: Many Years Later

Ashamed: Many Years Later

BookNerd123Black Sheep
3 Reviews

( Third Person Pov.)

Isla stands in front of the priest; her hair decorated beautifully with gold and silver roses, her dress a long pale white gown with lace and diamonds ajorning it.

Katy stands beside her in her own gown of white. Their hands reaching for each other; fingers locked, lips smiling.

" You have prepared vows, " the priest says indicating Isla.

"The love I have for you is like a sun shining down upon snow; different yet beautiful. I knew the first time you held me, there was no going back. I am utterly and totally in love with you. I love your crooked smile, your bravery, your stupidity, and your snort when you laugh. I love you, katy."

Katy wiped her eyes, "everything about you is my weakness. You are so incredibly amazing, even when you get on my nerves. I loved you from the first graze of our skin against one anothers. You are the only person who makes me feel this way. Forever am I yours. I love you."

The priest smiles, "you may kiss."

Katy leans forward, pressing her lips gently Isla's.

Author Notes: The end.

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Black Sheep
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18 Sep, 2020
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