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Ask Her for It
Ask Her for It

Ask Her for It


She was seated on one of the stairs: giggling like a cute kid. With every occasional glance of hers, my heart throbbed ever so violently as to escape my chest. Did she notice me? No, for any girl could never endure the eternel gaze of a guy not known to her.

Dressed in a black dress, with her lustrous black hair and glasses with thick borders, she made me feel as if I were amidst a beautiful dream; and what else, for all the world, could have made this spectacle ever so finer, than the glosssy lips of hers, that gave way to a series of shiny diamonds to form the most perfect of smiles. I was being drowned.

With every smile that passed her lips, I inched deeper into the inescapable sea of love. Had I known this, I would still have been unable to restrain myself. Ah! poor me.

At length, the prom officially began, and every guy asked his girlfriend for a dance. In no time, the prom was at its climax. For a few moments, I lost sight of her. But soon spotted her sitting. Why on earth did any guy didn't ask the most beautiful girl in the prom for a dance? A moment's consideration made it clear that this was an opportunity not to be missed.

I was too afraid to ask her, however. A friend's pat, signifying incitement, gave me strength enough to muster up all the confidence.
‘Ahem, may I speak you?’ I asked her tentatively. No reply came as she sat watching me. Neither a smile, nor a grave look. Should I ask her for a dance?

‘Actually I was looking for a partn-’ a smile passed her lips.

She presented me her hand, and for a moment I felt too ecstatic to secure it with mine.

I could not believe that I was dancing with her. My mind was too busy ascertaining itself that it really was her! It was as though the time had ceased passing, making the moment last forever.

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15 May, 2018
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