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One night, a young woman called Dotty had a most bizarre experience.

It started off with a six-foot-tall, humanoid feline called Zogon, appearing in her bedroom.

Zogon explained to Dotty that he was from a world orbiting the Pleiadean star Electra, called Zolex. He then said that he was going to take her for a visit to Zolex.

In her Astral body, Dotty got out of bed and approached Zogon, who took her by the hand.

In the blink of an eye, they vanished.

They reappeared on the summit of a very high mountain, in a vast range, resembling the Himalayas.

Unlike Earth’s blue atmosphere, the atmosphere of Zolex was pale green.

Then there was Electra itself, beaming down from millions of miles away.

While standing on the mountain top, Zogon told Dotty that the Pleiadean’s had a hand in the original colonization of the sunken continent of Atlantis.

After that, they joined hands again and vanished.

They reappeared on a long sandy beach, by a calm pale green ocean. Gulls were flying about and whales and dolphins were leaping in and out of the water.

Zogon told Dotty that Zolex was Earth-sized with only one ocean and a continent the size of Africa. The continent, he said, was home to many life forms, including dinosaurs, wild horses and a number of civilizations, ranging from primitive, to highly advanced. The ocean he said, was inhabited by all of Earth’s Sea creatures.

After that, Dotty and Zogon vanished from the beach.

They reappeared in a peculiar settlement, nestled among the foothills of a mountain range, resembling the Swiss Alps.

The settlement bore little resemblance to any Earthly one.

The buildings were all pyramidal in shape and made of some sort of luminous crystal-like material, which sparkled in the sunlight.

Zogon explained to Dotty that the buildings were see through from within.

The streets were wide and made of gem-embedded marble instead of tarmac or stone. They were lined on either side with trees, flower beds and gem-embedded marble walkways.

Instead of cars, vans and lorries, there were multicoloured hover vehicles, either parked outside the buildings, or being flown back and forth through the streets by beings, resembling Zogon.

More humanoid felines were walking back and forth along sidewalks, sitting around in gardens, working on allotments and going in and out of buildings through triangular openings.

There were other life forms there too, including cats, dogs, squirrels and small birds.

Zogon told Dotty that there were other such towns inhabited by members of his civilization.

At one point, the pair of them vanished again.

They reappeared at a gigantic spaceport. There were beings of so many varieties going back and forth along wide marble walkways and space vehicles of all different shapes and sizes were landing on marble platforms, or taking off into space.

From there, Dotty was able to see the three moons of Zolex. They formed a straight line leading away from the planet. The nearest one was roughly a hundred thousand miles away.

Zogon explained to Dotty that beings from thousands of star systems in the Milky way and beyond, visited Zolex all the time.

Soon the pair of them vanished again.

They reappeared outside a vast opening in a hillside, situated in a region of mountains, resembling the Peruvian Andes.

Zogon and Dotty went through the opening, which happened to be the entrance to a cavern of stupendous size.

The cavern was over a mile across in all directions and over four thousand feet high. Vast crystals were growing everywhere and two far larger openings led off into the unknown on the opposite side of the cavern. Furthermore, the entire cavern was lit by some kind of strange pale pink luminescence.

Zogon explained to Dotty that there was a vast complex of luminous caverns and passages going down for hundreds of miles, beneath the entire surface of Zolex, to a peaceful realm inside the planet itself. Many he said, had lakes, swamps, jungles, mushroom forests, crystals, oceans and civilizations inside them.

After that, Zogon returned Dotty back to Earth.

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13 Jun, 2022
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3 mins
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