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Astral Travel
Astral Travel

Astral Travel


Astral Travel, Sam Micheal / samiam

One time in my life, i [the reason i use diminutive i can be found in Story of My Life] had a fairly straightforward 'run of the mill' out-of-the-body experience a.k.a. astral travel. It was in the night-dream state. Something or someone grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and i was literally dragged through the air at incredible break-neck speed [from then S. Florida] to my grandma's resting place in Michigan. Yes, the same grandma as mentioned in Story of My Life.

i never got a glimpse of who was transporting me - of course i was curious - but i was more curious - where i was going during transport. My curiosity soon satisfied, my next question was - why? Why was i transported to Grandma's resting place? What was the significance? What was i supposed to learn/notice?

This, she [also explained in Story of My Life] let me try to figure these questions out for myself; typical of her!

There were other examples of astral travel - four in total including above:
1. visiting my grandma's grave
2. teleporting to Heaven for the Grand Tour

3. a pristine water planet, devoid of life, but gorgeous nonetheless

4. planet Indigo - my favorite by far

Since we covered 1 briefly above, we now survey 2 through 4. Oh you're probably wondering the 'why' of 1? As near as i can tell, she wanted me never to forget our visceral connection to our family - adopted or not. Never forget your roots - humble or elite - happy or pitiful - our roots are our roots.

Back to 2-4. It was uncanny. That word itself becomes insufficient for my needs of expression - to convey my Incredible experiences in my life.. But the lucid dream where the PG [stands for Prime Goddess] shows me around Heaven, even when most of my life - my conception* of heaven has little to do with conventional notions, was a Pleasure Privilege and Honor of my life. The Tour began awkwardly in the hallways of an academic institution where there seemed to be students everywhere - bustling from one classroom to another - where in one - they would be a traditional student - but that same individual could be an instructor in another classroom.
*My conception of heaven: god lives in our Clean hearts - that is where 'heaven' is to me. How all that 'fits' in there is beyond me.

Back to heaven, the lucid dream. There was a little resentment for the 'new guy' [me]; rarely do living individuals get a guided tour by none-other [Enoch? i dont remember meeting him there although he could have taken another form or perhaps he reincarnated* in another body at that time of my visit?].
*i have begged her for many years to tell me unequivocally - which is it? Black and white answer - no games - reincarnation xor [exclusive-or] one-shot-deal? her answer consistently was - "In particular, i need you sam to figure this out for yourself." So i tried my best.. Over the years with her as mentor then later spouse, i realized the most redemptive framework is reincarnation. i have vague memories of being a slave over and over - lifetime after lifetime.. Never can i recall was i ever elite or ruler.. She was always there of course - beguilingly and insidiously - always there.. But this time was different - a special mission on Earth - a last-ditch effort to save homo sapiens.. and the planet.

Again, back to heaven, the lucid dream. The truly bizarre thing that caught my attention - that later made complete sense - her facial appearance changed every time she introduced me to another individual in the hallways. i have to assume - every single person on this planet, and indeed - all other planets, must need to see her in a different light - from a distinct vantage - and so every single one of us sees and interacts with her differently. My Grand Tour of heaven was brief but illuminating - necessary and sufficient - for my mission here.

3 - the water planet devoid of life. The tour of that planet was also brief yet appropriate. i love water; you know scorpios.. i never did understand exactly why scorpios are a water sign.. i grew up swimming, ice skating every Winter, was always surrounded by water wherever i lived, feel out-of-touch if away from it.. Yet even in the desert where i also feel at-home, remember that moment when she showed me Aqua, the water planet. Indeed, it felt like home but seems impossible because it was absolutely unequivocally devoid of life. i miss it.

Finally, we come to Indigo - our/my planet of First contact. That's quite a statement in itself if you know anything about First contact. It must have something to do with my mission on your planet - or else she would not have taken me there.. It happened several years ago - also in lucid-dream format. And as far as i can recall, the only astral travel with sentient life i visited [realize i have visited only two other planets on this mission to yours]. Indigo is paradise to me - as close to heaven as a planet can get - which is perhaps - a contributing factor in our mythology surrounding heaven. i wrote an article on the now defunct online platform - NowPublic - very brief with one image - of a Hindu god with purplish skin. See, it's not the planet that's indigo colored - it's its inhabitants. Peaceful meditative somber respectful and incapable of deception. They knew me by name but one i didn't recognize nor consciously remember.. They showed me elephants doing manual labor explaining they were meditating.. i wanted to stay but intuitively knew i could not.. Perhaps she simply wanted to satisfy my lifelong curiosity about the topic; again, perhaps it was mission-critical to take me there.. Maybe we will only know working together?

For skeptics, this is all delusional ramblings.. Again, i suggest adults who are curious, open-minded, and most importantly - clean-hearted - you can request links to our audio segments on Google-drive and Microsoft's OneDrive by contacting me via this site's system messaging. The audio segments are not intended for my contemporaries [you dear reader] However - with the stipulations above - are assimilate-able when you Care.

Spouses of the Prime Goddess, samiam


Author Notes: again, i didn't make this up; it is non-fiction; these are actual stories from my life

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23 May, 2021
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