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At the End of the Rainbow#Part 1
At the End of the Rainbow#Part 1

At the End of the Rainbow#Part 1

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They say the end of the rainbow has a pot of gold, but I'm sorry to spoil the fun, *scoffs* No, sorry, it doesn't my buddy, wanna know what I found trying to get to the end of the rainbow? Find out.

My name is Oliver, and I dyed my hair pink, because of a dare my bully said to do, his name is Lucifer, he has black hair, grey like eyes, and where this black cross necklace, he's annoying, but I don't wanna fight him because I have a crush on him, so what, I'm bisexual and I like it, I know he would just laugh at me if I said I liked him, so that's why I kept it a secret, I'm 17, and still believed that at the end of the rainbow is happiness, people use it for the gay sign as well, I just don't get it, some of our favorite colors are in the rainbow, *chuckles* but who knows and cares, I don't-


Oh, that's my mom, she's lesbian, and is married to my mother, she's bisexual, my mom and dad broke up because they were in a forced marriage, knowing that they both had different sexualities, my dad was gay, and my mom is lesbian, so they divorced and moved on in their life, that's when I came in-



Oliver then runs downstairs and sits at the table, my mom's name is Sarah, and my mother's name is Gina, I'm mixed by the way, because my dad was African American Black, and my mom is Caucasian White.

I still get to visit my dad and stepdad though, they have a daughter now, she's 10, her name is Erica, she's my new stepsister, I just can't wait to tell her that she's adopted, she was sleeping when she woke up to her new parents. I'm actually the only child though, because at my home, I have no siblings, and I'm fine that way, they seem annoying.

Oliver then finishes his food and gets ready to leave after kissing his mom and mother on the cheek,

"By mom! Bye, mother! I'm heading off!",

Oliver says holding his lunch box and opening the doorknob after giving them a kiss on the cheek goodbye.

I go to a high school called 'BrichField High School', I know right, their name -Whispers- Sucks, *chuckles*, it should be called 'BoringField High School', it sounds better, I know, I'm a legend.

As Oliver gets into the school, Lucifer pushes Oliver to the locker and puts his hand beside Oliver's face on the locker,

"Where is it, idiot?",

Lucifer says to Oliver, Oliver then pulls out 20 dollars and gives it to Lucifer, Lucifer then chuckles and says,

"Heh, thanks nerd",

And he pushes Oliver into the locker after opening it and shuts the locker,

"Cya Olive brain",

*Sigh* he always put me in the locker, I don't care though, I just know my friend Nevaeh will get me out, Neveah is African American Black too, she has light skin, and has two buns and wears glasses, she a book nerd, like me, and she's my first best friend, Nevaeh then opens the locker and Oliver falls out,


"Oh! Oliver, I knew you'd be in here",

Oliver groans and Nevaeh helps Oliver off the ground,

"The demon put you in here again huh?",

Nevaeh says looking at Oliver like she a parent while doing the mom expression I seen on memes on YouTube and Google,


I said with a stutter, Nevaeh then chokes back on her words and says,

"Why do you even have a crush on him! Like-",

I cut Nevaeh off by covering her mouth,

"Shhh! You're too loud! A gossip person might hear you dumbass!",

Yeah, a gossip person, it's actually a squad this annoying cheerleader named Jessica made, they gossip and cause drama, there once was this girl who had a crush on one of the popular boys WHOS on the football team named Oscar, one of the gossip people heard and told, and so she got rejected, teased, and a lot of stuff, she moved schools now, I feel so bad.

"Oh... Yeah, those roaches, I forgot they were even alive",

Nevaeh says roasting, we both begin to laugh and walk to our first period before the bell rings. The class was finally over and I'm in my free period, I go outside and sit on a rock and watch people talk and be on their phones. I then fall off the rock and see Lucifer behind me as I know he has pushed me off,

"Oops! Sorry nerd, your ugliness is in my way",

He laughs as I get up, I then say

"Whatever... Your cuteness made me fall for you..",

I said in a very low mumble that I only know what I said, Lucifer then looks at me and says,

"What was that? Oh, you thank me for saying the truth about you? Oh, your welcome idiot",

He laughs as his gang follow him and they all walk away, I just sat back down on the rock and look up at the sky, it begin to rain, everyone went inside, except me, I loved to be out in the rain, even if I got sick, I didn't care. It's not like anyone would care.. That's when an umbrella appeared over my head, I looked back and saw Lucifer standing there with an umbrella, he then said,

"Nerd, you want to get sick? Not that I care, I just came to give you this umbrella, the teacher said so."

Lucifer says staring at me, I look into his eyes and get up we both stare at each other, I begin to turn red a little, he then says,

"Get the umbrella nerd!",

I then shakily grabbed the umbrella from his hand, he started to walk off in the rain, I then scream out,

"Wa...Wait! You uhm.. gonna catch a cold, we.. we can share the uhm... Umbrella?.",

Oliver says stuttering, Lucifer then looks back at Oliver and says,

"Ugh... I'm only gonna share the umbrella because I don't really like getting wet, I dare you to tell anyone else, I will drown you in the toilets..",

Lucifer says his personality is kind of switching, I then nod, and so, we both hold the umbrella and walk to the back of the school gym door so no one can see us.

As we got in, we both tripped and-

-To Be Continued-

Author Notes: Hey guys! This is to be continued! Tell me how I did! Have a good day,

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