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At the Graveyard Pt. 2
At the Graveyard Pt. 2

At the Graveyard Pt. 2

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It's been almost two months since I seen James. I've come back to the graveyard to see my mom, but I always hope to see him agian. Its a nice day today so I desided to go see my mom and tell her about everything going on at my school. As im walking over to her grave someone calls my name and I instantly smile. I reconized his voice, I knew it was James.
"Hey Emma." he says with a warm smile.
"Hi James." I reply. when I actually looked at him I relized something was diffrent about him. Didn't he have purple eyes?
"Are you going to see your mom?"
"Yes, when we met you had purple eyes. Now they are green. Do you wear contacts?"
"No, I dont wear contacts," he says looking down. "I am not human."
"What do you mean your not human of course you are." I look up at him and he vanishes.

I walk over to my mothers grave in tears. "Hey mom, I finally saw him again. He told me he wasn't human. Did I just imagine him? Was he real? Will I ever see him again?" My eyes start to burn as my makeup begins to run. I take a deep breathe in and I hold it until I can't no more. Finally I stop crying, and I text my dad.
hey dad... do u remember james?
no i dont know who that is

okay im at moms grave now ttyl
ill see u when u get home

I sit here at my mothers grave for about 2 hours just thinking about if James was real or if im just crazy. I texted my dad and told him I was going to a friends house. When I got there I started to cry again. My friend Brandon answered the door. When he saw I was crying he huged me tight and kissed my forhead. We stood there for two minutes, him holding me in his arms as I cried. Then, he pulled me into the living room and sat down on the couch.
"Emma what's wrong." He asked looking confused.
"He vanished." I replied.

Author Notes: This story will be continued with a part three.

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3 Oct, 2020
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1 min

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