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At the Graveyard Pt. 3
At the Graveyard Pt. 3

At the Graveyard Pt. 3


"He vanished." I said.
"What do you mean he vanished. People don't just vanish." Brandon said.
"Well, what do you call it when, someone is in front of you and then gone when you look up?"
"Ok, maybe he vanished. Is that even possible? How do you know him?
"We met at the graveyard like two months ago."
"Ok, so you were at the graveyard and what happened?"
"I was writing in my book. He came out of nowhere, here I wrote about him in my book."

September, 3, 1992,
Last night I met this guy. He's name is James. He had purple eyes. They were so pretty. He was wearing a black hoodie and ripped jeans. He walked over to me and wiped tears off my face his hands were freezing but it was warm out.

Brandon looks up at me and says "Emma, there is something wrong with this guy I want you to stay away from him."
"Yeah, no, I wanna find him and learn more about him."
"Emma that's not a good idea."
"I don't care if it's a good idea or not."
"Okay, but be safe."
"I will. I have to go now I will talk to you tomorrow."
"Ok, I'll talk to you then."

I text my dad as soon as I walk out of Brandon's house.
hey dad...
can you come get me... im at Brandon's
yeah im on my way now
k thanks

My dad pulls up and I get in the car. On our way home he asked me if I was okay but I didn't answer.
We pull into the drive way and I get out and walk to my room. When I open the door I see something move at the side of my bed. I walk over and it's James.

Author Notes: i am no longer working by myself on this half credit goes to @BookNerd123

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4 Oct, 2020
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