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At the Graveyard Pt. 5
At the Graveyard Pt. 5

At the Graveyard Pt. 5

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Without thinking I pull away from James. "What do you mean we are soulmates?" I asked him. "How do you know?"
"I've been attracted to you since we met in the graveyard."
"Oh, why me? Why are you attracted to me?"
"I don't know. I can remember your smell and your touch. How pretty you looked next to the tombstone. I can remember every last word that you have said to me."
"I remember your eyes were purple the first time we met. But when we met the second time they were green. Now they are golden brown."
"They change with my mood and what I wear and what I chose to say and do."
"So, how did you know where to find me?"
"I didn't know you would be there I went there to talk to the spirits and you were just there."
We starred at each other for a few minutes, and then he kissed me goodnight.

I walked down the steps and went out the front door. I sat down on the cold concrete steps. I pulled my journal out of my bag and held it to my chest. I stared to cry. I didn't want James to leave yet. I began to write in my book.

November, 2, 1992,
I saw James earlier today his eyes were green and he told me he wasn't human and then he vanished. I went to Brandon's and he told me I should stay away from James. After my dad picked me up from Brandon's I went up to my room and James was next to my bed I asked him what he was doing in my room and he told me we were soulmates and he needs to drink my blood in order to survive. I cut my wrist and let the blood pour into a cup when he drank it I thought I was gonna puke. But he told me he wasn't happy he said he could never be because I could never like him the way he liked me...So I kissed him.

I stood up and walked back into the house. I walked over to my dad and said goodnight. Then I walked up stairs and checked my messages. Brandon messaged me to say goodnight I told him I would come over tomorrow. Then I went to the bathroom to get a shower and brush my teeth. After my shower I went to bed.

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About This Story
12 Oct, 2020
Read Time
2 mins

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