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Unfair Pay
Unfair Pay

Unfair Pay


Is it right for professional athletes to get paid more than the military? When you look at what they do for us, it's an obvious answer. Military soldiers put their life on the line for our country, and they never come back the same. All an athlete does is run around in their uniforms, and cause fights. There are those who disagree with this, so let's look that over first.

First, most people believe that athletes are more at risk than the military. The glory athletes get from doing sports compared to military honor. We think that the athletes are all stars/ on top compared to everyone else.

Second, entertainment is more important than a war in our modern day economy. Everyone worries too much about football players being underpaid, for example, LeBron James got $35,654,150 in 2018 alone according to That's a lot of money, but modern society everyone needs more. Are people controlled by their wealth and power? says, "People Want Power Because They Want Autonomy," and said, "It is the human mind that gives money its power. When you become a slave to all the things money can buy and make money your 'god' that is where money gets its power. Money is the medium of exchange of value. In a sense, it's an indirect way of keeping x amount of value with you," so in short money is power.

Now you seeing that society cares about money, money is everything why is it not going to the people in need? is trying to improve The United States by getting 39,471 homeless veterans off the streets. The number was last drafted in 2010. They say, "Homeless veterans tend to be male (91 percent), single (98 percent), live in a city (76 percent), and have a mental and/or physical disability (54 percent)..." Herold Noel story is told by CBS news. He was a brave First Class Private who became a hero to our country. You will never guess where they found him, or even what the article was. Herold Noel was a hero to the people, so when he left the military he had no money... he lived on the street. He has tried to get job interviews for years now. When the opportunity came he put on the cleanest suit and tie he could, and off he went. Shelters couldn't help him because they were filled with other Vietnam veterans that the government tossed to the side.

Have you ever looked at the pay of a soldier? The annual salary for a U.S. Army soldier is $42,298. They put their lives on a line for us, and we give entertainment more money than our saviors. Their families suffer every day with bills, taxes, and the thought of them never coming home. Often when your child says, " I want to be a soldier," we think it's just a phase. We cry and convince them not to go, but not only are we ignoring their freedom to choose. Parents say, " You can be anything you want," but if the kid says, "I want to be a soldier," your hearts sink and your stomach turn. They Wish to serve our country with pride even though we give them so little. Think about this: What has entertainment done for us? Has it saved our lives? Now think about what the military has given us and fought for.

In conclusion, we mistreat our military and over privilege those who only run around and cause fights. Everyone should Contribute to the cause instead of ignoring it as they have been for generations. Do you want to overpay those causing the fight, or rightfully pay those who stop the fights? Let’s end this with some quotes: "To be born free is an accident. To live free is a privilege. To die free is a responsibility." "A man with a helmet on a field defending this country should make more of a salary than a man with a helmet on a field defending a ball." "Do one can maximize the American Dream on a minimum wage." "The soldier above all other prayers for peace, it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war."

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8 May, 2019
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