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A very long time ago, there existed in the Atlantic Ocean, the great continent of Atlantis. A magnificent place it was with mountains, vegetation, crystals, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, minerals, bushland, plains, wildlife, spaceports and settlements, inhabited by civilizations ranging from primitive to highly advanced.


The primitive civilizations lived in many areas – by the coasts, in mountain regions, deep in the forests, in jungles, in the bushland areas and in caves.

The most primitive kind of people were the ones who lived in caves. They hunted dinosaurs and other ferocious beasts to survive.

Each and every primitive civilization had its traditions – dancing, singing, playing instruments, feasting and telling stories. They all had their own folklore and creation legends.

Not only that, but they all had pantheons of Gods and Goddesses – Sun God, Moon Goddess, Earth Goddess, Sky God, Love Goddess, Creator, all those kinds. Coastal primitive civilizations worshipped the Sea God and believed that the horizons were the edges of the world. Each and every primitive civilization had its own religious rites and ceremonies to honour the Gods and Goddesses.

Furthermore, they all had afterlife belief systems. Some believed that they would go out to the stars, others believed that they would reincarnate, all those kinds of things. There were those who believed that they would descend to the Netherworld over the seaward horizons, or through underground caverns and passages.


The less primitive civilizations came in a wide variety too. In the Western regions there were real live cowboys out riding horses, through valleys, mountains and across open plains. The terrain there was all red like Texas with farms and real Western style settlements run by serifs were dotted about. Traditional feuds between family clans took place, as did typical saloon punch ups.

In mountain ranges elsewhere, people lived in Alpine-style settlements, scattered chalets and on dairy farms. Other mountainous regions were home to people who lived in Himalayan-style settlements. Although they weren’t primitive, they did worship Gods and Goddesses.

Along the coasts, there were typical villages and towns with cobbled streets and harbours, resembling those in Victorian Cornwall. In the countryside areas, there were more old-fashioned villages and towns and farms too. The inhabitants lived their lives similar to those of the Victorian era and others known to history.

There were a great many adventurers too – balloonists, climbers, archaeologists, deep sea divers, jungle explorers, cave explorers, long distance hikers, the lot. Not only were there adventurers, but there were writers, musicians, artists, theatrical performers, astronomers, sports players and so on.

So many less-primitive civilizations there were.


The advanced civilizations came in a variety too.There were those who were very similar to the Greeks, the Incas, the Egyptians and other civilizations of ancient times. Like the primitive and less primitive civilizations they worshipped the Gods and Goddesses, but were highly advanced in building skills. They built enormous structures of stone, marble and gold – pyramids, plazas, temples and many others, by using sound levitation technology. Their geometry was so precise and they created enormous statues by using diamond tipped tools. They even built spaceports.

Other civilizations were well versed in every form of scientific, robotic and crystal technology. Unlike other civilizations, they lived in vast cities resembling the likes of Coruscant in Star Wars. They had levitation transports – buses, speeders, cars, trains, that kind of thing.

Every one of those cities had a spaceport, allowing aliens from numerous star systems to visit Atlantis.


Atlantis was also home to beings outside the realm of civilization or any form of technology.

There were Oracles, sages, soothsayers, prophets and other kinds on that level. They lived solitary lives, which allowed them to be very close to the realms of spirituality.

They communicated telepathically with animals, foretold future events, entered in and out of other dimensions and travelled through time and space. They relied not on scientific technology, nor building skills. They were more advanced than any civilization, because of their great wisdom.


Atlantis was home to many wild creatures as well as humans.

The mountain regions were home to wolves, primates, wild goats and sheep, big cats, bears, deer and birds of prey. The jungles were inhabited by snakes, insects, tropical birds, big cats, reptiles, amphibians and primates – monkeys especially. The woodland areas were home to deer, boars, badgers, squirrels, foxes, owls, raccoons, snakes, insects, aardvarks and every other known woodland creature. Wild cows and horses roamed the cowboy region; Buffalo roamed the great plains; lions, giraffes, elephants and other forms of African wildlife inhabited the bushland areas; rabbits, hares, small birds, snakes, insects and so on inhabited the countryside and finally there were the dinosaurs, which inhabited the areas where the cavepeople lived.


A most wonderful place Atlantis was. No one even so much as dreamed that things would change, that some form of cataclysmic disaster would befall. And yet, things did change. The wise ones with the gift of foresight began to see terrible visions of great disaster and future events.

In their visions, the wise ones saw a great meteor shower strike Atlantis – resulting in a whole chain of catastrophic events – volcanic eruptions, enormous Earthquakes, crumbling mountains, collapsing caverns and tunnels underground, lakes and rivers being swallowed up, forests going up in flames, acid rain falling, settlements crumbling, all wildlife becoming extinct and many civilizations perishing. When the disasters reached the coasts, the waves rolled over and submerged Atlantis.

Most shocking were those visions, which the wise ones saw, but they also had visions, which were not doom and gloom – visions of events, which happened before the demise of Atlantis. They saw the more highly advanced civilizations flee to other lands, the alien visitors leave Earth and themselves entering other realities.

And so, the wise ones journeyed throughout the land – telling everyone of the upcoming events.


Now that the fate of Atlantis was known, many of the inhabitants had to take action.

The beings from outer space left Earth, just as the wise ones had foreseen. Several civilizations left the shores of Atlantis and fled to Egypt, South America, Greece and many other places to start things all over again. They built mega structures of stone, including pyramids and temples. One of those civilizations fled underground and started building settlements in caverns.

The less advanced civilizations remained. They were so set in their ways of life, that they didn’t think for a moment about leaving Atlantis. Many paid no attention to the prophecies of the wise ones. Others simply decided to go down with Atlantis.

The primitive civilizations believed that the Gods were involved and that the wise ones were messengers sent by them.

So all those who believed in what was to come waited in mortal dread. Come it did.


After studying space night after night, the astronomers finally saw it – a shower of ten meteors heading straight for Earth. Closer and closer the meteors came until one night, they came within everyone’s view. From that point onwards, those who hadn’t taken the matter seriously, could no longer deny the prophecies of the wise ones.

Still closer and closer the meteors came until one night, they struck Atlantis. The outcome was absolutely catastrophic – just as the wise ones had envisioned.

Every single volcano erupted with tremendous violence – spewing out lava, which set vegetation and settlements on fire, along with clouds of ash. Some volcanoes went off with such force that they were blown apart.

Tremendous Earthquakes cracked open wide the land – swallowing lakes, rivers, farmland, settlements and everything else in their paths. Entire mountain ranges crumbled – due to the Earthquakes and worst of all, collapsing caverns and passages.

Yes, there was indeed a system of passages and caverns of stupendous size, which stretched out beneath the entire continent.

The thing was, a great deal of the remaining population was unaware of those areas, so it came as an extremely traumatic shock when they witnessed tremendous holes appear in the land and immense areas of terrain being swallowed, along with rivers, lakes and whole cities. Many of the inhabitants along with a great deal of wildlife ended up perishing in such a fashion.

All life was totally wiped out.

When the devastation reached the coasts the sea rolled over and submerged Atlantis.

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