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"So that's the Aurealeing Academy huh?" A guy says aloud to himself.

"Yup!" A voice from behind the man says. He walk towards the railings of the ferry and lean on them looking out to the island.

The guy turned to his side and saw an ebony looking man with an athletic build standing at around five ten with black dreadlocks and the edges of the dreadlocks look as if they were dip in light brown hazel honey. His age look to be around his mid twenties. With a face they keep a smile on it.

"Sad that lady liberty had to die though so that institute can be built though. Name is Bay by the way." Bay says holding his hand out.

"Maddox. But just call me Mad." Maddox says grabbing his hand and introducing himself too.

Maddox is of asian descent with sunlight skin. Black slick like hair like he's a greaser. He stand around five eight and has a skinny build with face and chin sharp as a knife.

"Mad? Haha! How you get that name? Is it just short for Maddox?" Bay said jokingly.

"Well, my brother use to always beat me in whatever competition we had with each other when was younger. So I kinda use to get mad at him alot for it." Maddox said explaining the nickname.

"So ever since then it kinda stuck with me." Maddox said.

"Haha! So do we gotta worry bout Mad Maddox losing his cool here or what?" Bay ask laughing again.

"Haha! Naw man I'm cool. Kids grow up afterall. But their nicknames always stay with them." Maddox said laughing also.

"True that. Well, good. Losing your cool there can mean your death after the indecent six years back." Bay said gazing upon the island.

"I know." Maddox said as he set his gaze upon the island where the Statue of Liberty use to stand.

The ferry finally arrives at the island. The ferry was carry two hundred or so people on it with their destination pointed towards the island. Only those who are able to emit aura from their body are allowed at the institute. If none of the people there can show that they can emit aura from their body they will be sent back home. The institute is the size of an collage campus. The people make their way down the ferry plateform and walk down walk path to the institute. Maddox and Bay are beside each other walking down the path. Since the statue of liberty was destroyed an forest begin to grow in its place around the island. The forest hides the institute and the only way you can see it is of an aerial view of it. The crowd of people continue there way down the walk path to the institute.

They come to three people. Two men and a woman. One of the men is of old age. His grey hair is very noticeable along with the wrinkles in his face. But for an older man he has an muscular build as if he work out everyday. Has strong jawline and chin that match with it. His skin is ivory like that of an elephant tusk. The other man looks to be in his early thirties with a pair of glasses on. Has a bright smile on his face that a make any woman fall for him. Has the physique skinny highschool student with his height being around at least six feet tall. Has golden brown hair that he slides his fingers through to keep it from off his forehead. His skin white as an cloud. The woman has an average physique. Her body looks soft to the touch with bust size that of an C cup. She stands at around five seven with golden light brown skin. It look like as if someone made her out of ivory and ebony. Has long blonde shoulder length hair that sits on her shoulders. She has her left hand on her waist near her aurablade.

The crowd of people finally reach the three people.

"Welcome everyone to The Institute of Aurealeings! Here you will learn how to wield an aurablade! Now some of you might already know how to wield one already! Nothing wrong with that but how long you can wield it for is what most of you are here for!

The average person who can wield an aurablade without training can maybe wield it for no longer than ten minutes at most! With property training you can learn to extend that! Some teachers here at institute can wield their aurablade up to an week if need be. Sounds crazy right?! But possible!" The man with the glasses spoke aloud to the crowd projecting his voice loudly but calmly.

Maddox didn't think an man of his nature wouldn't even have that loud type of voice he thought to himself.

"Now they will be three things that can get you sent home here while at Aurealeing! One! Using your aurablade to do harm to anyone here on the island! Two! Unable to show us that you can hold your aura for at least twenty minutes during training!" The man with glasses said loudly holding his index and middle finger up towards the crowd.

The crowd begins to chatter among themselves at the second term.

"Seem like some you might not be able to do that huh?! You might as well turn around now if you can't." The man with glasses spoke loudly to the crowd.

The chatter among the crowd increases. A couple people begin to turn around and walk back towards the ferry with anger in their eyes. The crowd is down to maybe to a hundred seventy people now.

"And lastly! Those who emit black or red aura will be sent home or worst! Killed by one of the teachers here at the Institute. So I hope y'all read over the fine print of the contract y'all sent back here to get our approval to be trained here cause those are our terms!" The man with the glasses spoke.

The institute double door bursts wide open.

"Oh my God Miles, I'm sorry I had hard time finding the megaphone but it was in the training hall." A young woman with a skinny physique says to the man with glasses.

"Haha. Better late than ever Eliza." Miles says holding his hand out for the megaphone.

Eliza hands him the megaphone. Miles hold it up to his mouth and turn it on. He takes aim at the crowd with the megaphone.

"Without further a do I'm Miles everyone!" Miles said very loudly with the megaphone telling the crowd of people.

He cause the crowd of people to cover their ears.

"Oh, I'm to loud!" Miles says aiming the megaphone at Eliza and the other people near him.
He send shivers through their body at his loudness with the megaphone. The woman who was standing next to Miles snatches the megaphone from him.

"Yes Miles! You're to loud!" The woman said aiming the megaphone at Miles eardrum.

He simply smiles with an sorry look on his face.

"I'm Ivy everyone. I hope y'all enjoy y'all stay here." Ivy said with a smile to the crowd and pass the megaphone to the old man.

"Raoul." The old man simply says and passes the megaphone to Eliza.

"And I'm Eliza. Just think of me as an information guide for the campus everyone!" Eliza says with an smile to the crowd.

She passes the megaphone to Miles.

"Now everyone if you'll follow us we'll get y'all settle in." Miles said to the crowd.

The teachers turn towards the institute and make there way into it. The crowd follows. The institute can house up to five hundred from the size of it. But they only allow two hundred students every summer up until the new year. The crowd follows the teachers until they arrive at a cafeteria. The cafeteria is empty. No sign of lunch or table in sight. The cafeteria has other teachers in there that was waiting for the students arrival also. The teachers tell the crowd to move into the middle of the cafeteria. They all do.

"Now everyone. We need for everyone to emit their aura from their body" Miles says into the megaphone to the crowd.

The crowd act shy as if their a bunch of highschool students on their first day of school. They just look at each other.

"Come on people. The faster you do this the quicker we can move this along. Now ignite everyone!" Miles yells.

The crowd continue to look at one another. It's quiet. Before all of sudden an white bright aura shoots up out of no where. Everyone look to the white aura.

"So what now?" Bay says to Miles.

"Mhm. Now move to the north side of the cafeteria please. Anyone who emits an white aura please move to the north side of the classroom." Miles says with an small grin.

Bay gives Maddox an cocky smile as he move to the north side of the cafeteria. Then all of sudden different auras begin to shoot out other people bodies. Blue, green, white, and brown were common auras. The average person had these auras. Some people auras came in different tones. Some came in oak tree brown or dark muddy brown, light sky blue or deep ocean blue, forest green or money green, cloud white to an silvery grey or an dry white. Maddox finally emitted his aura and he got paired with Raoul. Bay with an unknown teacher that either one of the guys knew. There were around thirty or so people left in the center of the cafeteria.

"Now, now, y'all. Y'all don't want to make it this far and have to get sent back home now do you?" Miles says to the people in the center of the cafeteria as people look on.

A couple people emit their auras and get paired with teachers. It's down to twelve people now. A few more people ignite theirs. Down to seven now. Out of the seven an girl ignite hers which come out an bright orange. The people look in as awe cause orange is an uncommon aura.

"Finally an student. Miles says getting all emotional jokingly. You'll be paired with me young lady."

The young woman makes her way towards Miles. When all of sudden an man who was in the center charges at her and grabs her.

"Back up everyone! She's coming with me." He says reaching down into his shadow and pulling out something.

It's an grip from an sword. An black aura engulf the man body. The sword grip ignites from the man aura. The aurablade has cylinder shape to it.The man aura darkens the bright room but there's still enough light left for him to see his shadow.

"Now. You either let the girl go and you can go freely also. Or you'll let her go by dying. Your choice." Miles says looking at the man.

The man begins to back towards his shadow with his grip tighten around the girl neck. He continues to ease towards his shadow. He looks at his shadow for an brief second. Miles saw this, grabs his aurablade and ignites it. He aims it at the man and it shoots out with lighting speed entering into the man forehead and exiting from the back of his skull. It never touch the girl he held hostage. The man falls dead to the floor. The blood didn't leave his head till he hit the floor. He begin to be engulf in by his black aura as if it's eating him. Before he finally disappears within it. Miles aurablade is still out and it's an bloody red. Miles sheaths his aurablade at his hip in his holster.

"Now where were we? Ah, five of you left now. Go ahead and show us your auras please.." Miles said smiling at them.

The last few emit their auras. It's black. They jump into their shadows and disappear. The girl is still in the same spot where the man held her hostage at. Miles walks toward her and comforts her.

"Come everyone." Raoul says to students.

"But he just killed someone. Isn't anyone going say something?!" One of Raoul students say.

"He lucky Miles got to him before I did." Raoul told his student while walking past Miles.

Raoul makes his way out the cafeteria. His students hesitate for an moment then they also leave out.

The next day Raoul told his students to meet him outside in the forest at eight clock sharp. A few meet him there including Maddox and others. Other students came late but Raoul sent them back to their quarters for the day since they were late.

"Now. We'll begin with an simple aura test. I want y'all to emit y'all aura from y'all body." Raoul said.

The students follow instructions. They emit their auras. Maddox comes out as an sky blue.

"Now I want y'all to keep them out as long as y'all can." Raoul said looking at his students aura.

Five minutes hasn't even gone past yet when all the students reach their limits and their auras disappears.

"Again." Raoul simply says.

The students look at one another. They try and nothing.

"Mr. Raoul, how can we when we can't even keep it emitted for more than five minutes? A female student asks.

"By pushing your body and mind to the point of no return. Question. How old do some of y'all think I am?" Raoul asks his students.

The students give every double digit number they can but none is right.

"Over an hundred." Maddox said.

The numbers stop coming at Maddox answer.

"I'm a hundred and fifty seven years old." Raoul tells his students.

"My aura keeps me in good health and alive. But if I ever come to lose it. I'd die." Raoul spoke bluntly.

"So, if I can push my body to the point of no return. What's stopping y'all?" Raoul asks.

"Experience." An male student answers.

"Correct. Only way for you to gain experience is through learning. You either learn to push your body and mind or you'll never be able to experience the full extinct of your aura." Raoul said to his students.

"I need a student with green aura to come here." Raoul said peering through his students.

A hand from the back get raise. It's a girl. She could be no older than twenty is what everyone thought when they saw her.

"Come here please, young lady." Raoul said looking at her.

She makes her way through the students till she reaches Raoul. She stand beside Raoul. He puts his hand on her shoulder. The girl screams scaring everyone except for Raoul. She falls to the the ground still screaming.

"What did you do?!" The students scream and yell at Raoul.

"I dislocated her shoulder. This is just an minor injury for people who possesses green auras." Raoul said looking at the screaming girl.

Students try to rush to her care. Raoul stands in front of her as if he was an father protecting his own child.

"If you wish to give her care you'll have to get through me." Raoul said looking out at his students.

The girl continues to scream in agonizing pain. The students look at Raoul as they hear the girl screams.

"So, what will y'all do?" Raoul said to them.

"Out the way." A voice in the crowd of students say.

The crowd open up till the student is finally revealed.

"Ah, an blue aura huh? Y'all have no particular abilities but the Will to keep fighting and to protect those in need. So, this person is in of need protecting. What will you do, Blue?" Raoul says tempting the student.

The student tries to charges at Raoul. But he's being held in place by something. He look down and saw that earth's dirt cemented his feet into place.

"Now blue push yourself to the point of no return to save this girl." Raoul tells the struggling student.

Blue begins to scream. His aura shoots out from his body. The cemented dirt begin to grow vines in them from his aura till it finally cracks. He rushes towards Raoul who punches him in the stomach. The punch knocks him unconscious.

"Anyone else?" Raoul said looking his students.

Fear get the best of students and no one else steps forward to help the injured girl.

"Hmph. Medic." Raoul calmly says.

A teacher jumps down from one of the trees in the forest. He puts his hand over the girl shoulder. His hand turn green. The girl shoulder begin to relocated back into place until she's fully heal.

"Tough as always huh, Raoul?" The teacher ask jokingly to Raoul.

"You'll be a ok sweetheart." The teacher said smiling at the injuried girl.

"Thanks." She said quietly standing to her feet.

She simply walk past Raoul holding her shoulder.

"What of him?" The teacher ask Raoul bout the unconscious student.

"Is he in need of healing?" Raoul question the teacher.

"Well, he's just unconscious. Nothing major. Good thing you held back on that punch." The teacher said laughing.

"I almost didn't. That a be all." Raoul told the teacher.

The teacher bows his head and jump back into the trees.

"When he wakes tell him class start at eight a clock tomorrow. Class over." Raoul said walking through his students.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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