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She Was in the Corner
She Was in the Corner

She Was in the Corner


Ava, was an able-bodied intellectual teenager who loved nothing more then, being a wild child. Except for those who knew Ava, knew she was far from the “girl who smoked pot and partied every weekend”. Ava lived in her head more than anybody I had ever met, she made decisions based off of pure facts and unbiased truths. You couldn’t suede her one way or another just because you shoot her a flashy smile, no for Ava only the true facts of life would do for her decision making.

One thing Ava did the most, was date bad apples. But not in the literal term of course, because that’d be weird. She liked her relationships, like she liked her schoolwork, hard to handle and overbearing. One relationship I remember Ava had that pissed everybody off in particular was when she dated this boy named Elijah. Elijah was far worse then what most people were used to seeing Ava with. He had been charged the year previous to this with an MIP, and driving without a license after curfew. Nobody liked Elijah and he didn’t like anybody back. Except for Ava, because of course there’s exceptions to every rule right?

When I had asked Ava why she dated him, it was always the same response. “I was out of places to turn, but when I looked at him, I was happy.” Which is single handedly one of the cheesiest things I had heard in a long long time but I accepted it. The reality was that Ava was alone, anybody walking the halls at Bishop High could see that. She and her first long term boyfriend had broken up, but her 2 best friends Alexis and Danielle had taken his side. Danielle was talking/”dating” him and Alexis was his best friend. The three of them at that point were three peas in a pod. Ava though still had Nick. But she didn’t really, not after he drunkenly told her he was in love with her, so she ran away from him and never looked back, resulting in their friendship terminating immediately. So she was out of places to go and nobody seemed to care. Nobody cared that she spent a large amount of time in the bathroom trying to summon her bravest face she could find.

When it came to Elijah though, she was in love. But maybe she wasn’t truly in love maybe it was more of a lust kind of thing. I don’t really know, I just know she really was happy around him. Even though Elijah was nothing more than a drugged up douchebag, Ava accepted it and just wanted him to get better. She was out of places to turn you know? She had no friends and nobody seemed to care that she hadn’t articulated more than a word in weeks, nobody seemed to care that the scars on her arms were lined with dried blood. She was out of places to go and people to talk with. Except, Elijah, he wouldn’t drink around her or smoke, he played her game because he loved her back. He would sit and listen as she unloaded the weight of the world off her shoulders and put them into words. Elijah and Ava weren’t right together, but they sure did make each other happy and maybe in that moment they were exactly what the other needed.

When it comes down to it, I think Ava dated Elijah because he was the only person who seemed to care anymore about what went on insider her dark head. And Ava was the only one who thought maybe Elijah could become a better person than what everybody saw him as. She tried to fix something broken, and maybe that was stupid of her but she didn’t care. Ava loved Elijah because he loved her back. When she was out of places to go she had him.

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7 Nov, 2018
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3 mins
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