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Baby Blanket
Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

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the mom hollers out,


The mom once again hollers, Kiara then groans and gets up and yawns stretching her hands in the air,

"I'm up! I'm up! Gosh..",

Kiara says with a tired voice, she starts to get up and slides on her slippers, she then walks to her bathroom and brushes her teeth and wash her face. As she finish her quick morning routine in the bathroom, she walks downstairs and sits down at the table in the dining room, her mom then comes over and sets down a plate of Pancakes, Bacon, and Eggs infront of her,

"Thanks mom",

Kiara says nicely appreciating her dish, Kiara then starts to dig in, Mom then sets down cups of orange juice and then nicely sits down at the table too.

"Sooo.. Kiara, I was thinking",

Says mom while looking at Kiara, Kiara just continues to stuff food in her mouth,


The mom hollers in a tone, Kiara then quickly looks up at her mom and says,

"Ohm.. Yesh mum?",

Kiara says with her mouth stuffed of food, mom then face palms her forehead, and shakes her head, and says,

"You need a job! Your 17! And still have no job! You need to get a job by today, you need to start getting your own money to care for yourself! You turn 18 in 3 months young lady!",

Mom says with confident in her voice, Kiara then swallows her food, and speaks up,

"Oh come on mom! Can I at least get a job next month-"-


Mom cuts Kiara off on her last words with anger, and then says,

"You've said that last week! Never, nope, and no! If you don't get a job by today I will kick you out! No excuses young lady! My time for caring for you is at limits! Either get a job or leave!",

Says mom as she gets up from the table and carries her plate of food and her cup of orange juice and walks away to the living room. Kiara then looks down at her dish and thinks, Kiara then gets up and goes to clean off her dish, she then goes to her room and opens up her laptop while sitting on her bed, as she scrolls through jobs, none of them were needing for an employee, Kiara then sighs, and stays up on the laptop looking for a job.


As Kiara is strolling trying to find a job, she found one open, it's a Babysitting job, Kiara then signs up and waits to see if she gets accepted.

6:00AM -The Next Day-


Kiara says in excitement as she jumps up and down on her bed celebrating! Her mom then bursts open the door and says,


Says her mom holding onto the door knob as she talks in anger, Kiara then stops jumping and stands up on the floor, and says,

"Mom, I GOT A JOB!",

Kiara says excitingly as she spoke, mom then says,


Mom says happily as she questions, Kiara then flops over to the laptop and shows it to her mom, showing that she got accepted, mom then hugs her daughter and says,

"I'm so happy for you! This calls for a celebration!


Says Kiara's mom in excitement as she grabbed her daughters hand and rushed downstairs,

A few minutes went by, and the family is drinking wine while celebrating Kiara's job acception, dad then speaks up,

"What time does your job start dear?",

Kiara then speaks up and says,

"Tommrow at 10:00AM!",

She says in excitment, they all continue to celebrate as they all did fun things, like watching movies, eating snacks, and playing games.


As the celebration slowly turns off, Kiara flops down on her bed and looks up at the ceiling excited, she then slowly fell asleep, and the next day slowly came.


The alarm clock goes off, Kiara smacks the clock down to the floor and got up, she then gets herself ready for her first day at work. She comes down stairs dressed up in a red hoodie, blue jeans, and white shoes, she also put her hair in two braid buns and weared her moms star pin on her hair. Her mom then speaks up and says,

"Honey, I'm so happy for you! I hope you do well! Here's your lunch",

Says mom as she walks up to Kiara and gives her a bag with a plate inside with food, Kiara then thanks her mom and hugs her as she walks out the door saying bye to the family, she rides her bike to the chosen address, and stops by a large house like mansion, she then is amazed, and begins to walk up the stair case, and rings the door bell, the door slowly opens, as a beautiful lady appears opening the door,

"Hello! My name is Ms. Jamisa! You must be the new babysitter!",

Ms. Jamisa says as she opens the door wide, Kiara then speaks up,

"Yes! That's me! My name is Kiara Uami, and yes, I am the new babysitter you accepted!",

Says Kiara in excitement as she speaks, Ms. Jamisa let's Kiara in, and shows her around the whole house,

"And this is the baby room",

Ms. Jamisa says whispering as she walks up to the baby crip, Kiara follows her while amazed of the beautiful baby room, and says in a whisper,

"It's a very beautiful room",

Ms. Jamisa then says while looking upon her baby that has a blanket covered over her,

"This is my baby girl, Nomed",

Kiara looks down at the blanket covered baby, and says

"Uhm.. Won't she suffocate?",

Ms. Jamisa says,

"No, silly, she can breathe through these nose and mouth holes",

Kiara is then weirded out and says,

"Why is she covered up though?",

Ms. Jamisa then says,

"Oh, she has a condition, but right now, I will give you the rules",

Rule 1: Don't run in the house,

Rule 2: Don't break anything,

Rule 3: Make sure you feed Nomed everytime she cries,

Rule 4: Water my plants every 2 hours,

Rule 5: Make sure you take my dog on a walk for 1 minute,

Rule 6: Make sure you put Nomed to sleep at 6:00PM,

Rule 7: Don't take Nomed a bath, I will bath her,

Rule 8: If Nomed have an oopise, don't change her, I will change her,

Rule 9: If Nomed coughs, give her the medicine that is provided in the cabinet left side,

Rule 10: Don't, take the blanket off Nomed.

Says Ms. Jamisa in clear words, she smiles, and says bye and kisses Nomed on the head as she walks out the front door and goes into the taxi, Kiara shrugs and picks up baby Nomed, she then takes baby Nomed to the kitchen and sits her down in the baby chair, Kiara then starts to make baby milk following the instructions, baby Nomed then starts to cry, Kiara then says,

"Shhh, it's okay, your mommy just went to work, your yummy food will be done in just a minute",

Kiara says to baby Nomed in a nice tune, baby Nomed then stops crying and is very silent, she doesn't even make a movement or a baby coo, Kiara is weirded out and finishes her baby food, she then goes over and picks up baby Nomed and puts the bottle in her mouth, baby Nomed then drinks all of the baby food and Kiara takes the bottle away and puts it on the counter and walks back to baby Nomed's room and puts her in the crib.


As Kiara finishes taking the dog out for a walk and cleaning the house, she then sits down on the couch and watches tv, 1 minute later, baby Nomed starts to cry, Kiara rushes to the baby room to check on baby Nomed, she then says to herself,

"Oh, she's just hungry again, how much can she eat, gosh..",

She picks up baby Nomed, and baby Nomed seems to be breathing in a weird way, she then just ignores it and goes back to the kitchen, sits baby Nomed in the babyseat, and makes the baby food, baby Nomed then cries once again, Kiara then turns around with the baby food, and says,

"It's okay, here's your food",

She picks up baby Nomed and puts the bottle in her mouth, baby Nomed once again finishes the food, and so Kiara puts the bottle back on the counter, and takes baby Nomed to her room and puts her in the crib, Kiara then sits back down on the couch and watches tv.


Kiara goes to check on baby Nomed, and says in a disgusted voice,

"Ugh! It rots in here! What is that coming from!",

As she walks over to baby Nomed, she notices that baby Nomed has had a Oopsie, Kiara then was about to change her diaper until she remembered something Ms. Jamisa told her,

'Rule 8: If Nomed have an oopsie, don't change her, I will change her,

Kiara then stops at what she was gonna do, and leaves the room while holding her nose with her finger, as she was about to leave, baby Nomed starts to cough, Kiara then rushes back to baby Nomed and takes her to the kitchen to give her, her medicine, she then puts baby Nomed back in the crib, and was about to leave until baby Nomed cried, Kiara then runs to get the bottle of baby milk and gives it to baby Nomed, baby Nomed finishes it, and then Kiara started to go away, until baby Nomed screamed, Kiara afraidly jumps in horror as she was about to leave and turns around to see baby Nomed just sitting in the crib looking at her, when her eyes are blocked with the blanket, Kiara is then horrified, but then calms down and lays baby Nomed down so she can rest.


As Kiara puts baby Nomed to sleep, she then is about to leave until the lights flickered, Kiara then is horrified and screams, as she fell back and hit the wall, the lights came back on and she saw baby Nomed standing right in front of her, Kiara then blinks and baby Nomed isn't there, she then is frighten to hear baby Nomed's cries again... Kiara slowly went in the room, and saw baby Nomed standing up in her crib leaning against the wooden planks holding the crib in place, Kiara then picks baby Nomed up, while holding her nose and lays baby Nomed down, Kiara then forgets to feed baby Nomed when she cried and just went to sit down on the couch and watch tv.


The lights turned off as she forgot to feed baby Nomed, frighten, Kiara covers her eyes and slowly uncovers her eyes to see the lights are on, she didn't see anyone there though, she laid back and looked up at the ceiling and saw baby Nomed staring right back down at her while on the ceiling, Kiara let out a scream and jumped off the couch, she then heard baby Nomed scream and holler and cried, Kiara slowly walked to baby Nomed's room, and opened the door, she then sees baby Nomed just laying down in her crib, she goes over to the crib and picks up baby Nomed, she then says in disgust,

"Ugh.. The smell.. It got worst! She needs to be changed badly! She might can catch sickness!",

Says Kiara as she takes baby Nomed to the baby changing room, she puts baby Nomed on the baby changer bed and begins to take the blanket off... She saw a terrifying scene as she takes the full blanket off...

Baby Nomed was a skeleton with little skin attached to her with red eyes in the skull eye holes, marked on her skull says Demon, Kiara then realizes Nomed spelled backwards is Demon, Kiara runs out the changing room and bumps into Ms. Jamisa, Kiara falls onto the ground and looks up to see Ms. Jamisa with a axe in her hand.

"I told you. Don't take the blanket off Nomed..".

Author Notes: I hope you enjoyed! Comment down below how I did, thank you! Have a nice day!

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