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Baby Doll
Baby Doll

Baby Doll

1 Review

Hi, my name's Molly, I'm five. My mom got me a new baby doll two weeks ago and I haven't been able to play with it yet. So my mommy was down stairs with daaddy watching Tv. I snuck into their room to play with the baby doll. It looks like it was very expensive because it was made so well, you could even feel a hair like material on its head, I try to get it out of the toy crib but its so heavy I finally managed to get it to the top of the rail on the crib, and because its so heavy I just let it drop to the floor. It immediately started crying really loud. I looked for an off button or something. I didn't want to get in trouble. I could already hear her coming up the stairs. I start hitting the dolls head on the floor. My mom rushed in the room and took the doll. I'm currently throwing a tantrum. I see blood everywhere and my mom cryig but that doesn't have aything to do with it. I want my doll back.

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3 Jun, 2021
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