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A Baby Having A Baby

A Baby Having A Baby

By sydknee10

Sitting anxiously on the cold metal hospital table in a stuffy room with my significant other pacing back and forth, waiting for that little knock of the nurse couldn’t have come soon enough. “The test came back positive..” the tall skinny nurse informed me. My heart dropped, but it wasn’t the end of the world. It was a miracle, a little gift from god.

I was young, but not incapable. Raising this little baby nine months from now would become a dream come true for me. I felt alone, and scared at first but in fact from ages 15-19 the yearly pregnancy total was 742,990 in 2006, so I defiantly wasn’t alone. We left the hospital knowing our new addition would be incredible. Breaking the news to our parents was more nerve-wracking then waiting in that stuffy hospital room. What would they say? Would they help us? Or completely disown us? It was in fact the total opposite response we were waiting for. They were excited, they wanted to know everything and help right away. It was as if this little blessing brought all of our family closer. Our parents immediately helped us start saving money to get everything we would possibly need for the new baby. Phone calls went from every couple of weeks to at least twice a day. This might have been annoying at first, but it was a blessing that our family was becoming so close and loving.

Being a pregnant teenager wasn’t difficult aside from the morning sickness, 15 pound weight gain, and horrific pain in my ribs from the baby kicking, but in the end its worth it. Waking up in the morning and feeling like you were hit by a bus or hungover from the night before was not fun, especially because you had a human growing inside of you, and family planning is not something a nineteen year old wants to worry about. Although, I sucked it up and tried to swallow the tasks I needed to accomplish before baby. It wasn’t just about decorating, and baby showers, that would have been nice though! I needed to figure out health insurance, my OBGYN, where we would live, and so much more. I had the responsibility of taking my “horse” pills as I call them because they are so large every morning. I had to clear my schedule of any free time and put doctors appointments in place. My baby may take nine months to get here, but my life changed the second I found out. After months of hard planning, I was finally getting somewhere. I had more then half of my checklist accomplished, and soon I knew I would be working on the fun stuff. I was thrilled to plan my baby shower, because I was too picky to let anyone else! I needed everything perfect. And reconstructing my apartment with new appliances, carpet, tile, and paint, helped everything continue to fall into place. The nursery was my next project, I was so excited and when I was finished I knew my baby had the best room around!

I went from college student to parent in a year after high school. Somewhere I never thought I would be, but I believe that it was my course of life. Sometimes I think that my life is on hold, because my life now revolves around my child and its needs, but this isn’t true. I have to learn to do both. Being pregnant I took the initiative to take online classes over the summer to get ahead in school, and figure out a plan in order to continue toward my degree and still be a mother. I was lucky enough to have to ability to put my baby in daycare half a day when it comes in order for me to go to school, and the baby’s father to continue working full time so he can take good care of us. I found that as long as I always have a plan, this will keep me working hard and striving to do my best. Although, I know my plan will take plenty of challenges and changing in the next few months I hope I can figure out how to be a parent and still place my own life in the right direction.

It wasn’t the end of the world getting pregnant at a young age as some people make it out to be. Its just an extra obstacle that I am proud to take on. I am very lucky and pleased to have the support from all my family and friends, and learning family planning on all levels. I can’t wait for my little one to be here, so we can take on the world together!

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11 Aug, 2011
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