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Back Alley

Back Alley

By djreed7100 - 1 Review

Walking through the nearby neighborhood streets , I see many structures I have seen on few occasions.  These occasions have been acid tripping and in my dreams.  Seemingly rudimentary drive ways and garage formations become boat dwellings.  Protruding portions of roofs are containment for the odd shaped boats and they're pieces.  Okay I cannot continue theses thoughts.  They are missing structure themselves. 

Living near a bay on the gulf of Mexico lends serenity.  Serenity collides with  disruption in sharp angles on most every street.  Beautiful constructive angles but nonetheless, angles.  Sound pulls my imagination back to realty as a jack Russel starts a playful bark.  Otis and I venture down a back alley towards the explosive sound.  Otis strolls over and sniffs the puppy through the fence, not really giving two craps about the Russel.  Odd that seems.  Otis is a Jack Russel/Rat terrier. Should there not be some dog code here?  what gives?  Just then it's owner lady walks to within hearing range.  I forcefully let out, 'how old is she?'  I don't know the dogs sex but, you don't want to call somebody's dog boy if it's a girl.  Blonde owner lady let's out, 'she's a one year old.  Her name is Roxy.'  This dog is friggin cute, we gotta play with her.  I firm up an invitation.  We then double back and head to front of  her house.

Roxy is waiting for us by her owners side.  Roxy is jumpy.   Otis is playing it casual, interesting?  I introduce myself formally to owner lady.  She introduces herself as Tammy.  We exchange pleasantries and keep our eyes on the mutts.  Otis just dilly dallies around and Roxy runs in to him.   She loads up a head of steam and rams him again.  Oblivious my boy is to this affection from Roxy.  Finally Otis cheers up and nudges back at her.  They scamper about.  Short lived as Otis gives me the go home sign by throwing his front paws on my thighs and looks me straight in the eyes.  If he were to speak it may go something like, " let's hit the road."  We head home to the bay and the sun.  

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16 Feb, 2016
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