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Back to School, Fools!!!
Back to School, Fools!!!

Back to School, Fools!!!

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“Get up! Come on quickly!” my mom shouted. “Get ready for school! I got an email saying that they sterilized the school all yesterday, and there’s a two-hour delay today!”

I jolted up. I must have heard her wrong. “What?” I shouted. “We have school today at the actual school?”

My siblings and I have gotten into the routine of getting up early, getting dressed, and going straight to our kitchen table to do schoolwork. I know that a lot of people have complained about being bored staying at home, and hate the self-distancing, but I don’t mind it. Whether I’m at home or school, I get work done. Seeing friends hasn’t been a problem either. My friends and I set up an online meet about once a day, so I’ve been able to talk with them often.

“Yes! Actual school today!” my mom shouted again.

Yikes! I got out of bed and rushed to get ready, but one look at the clock told me that I had plenty of time. It was just after eight, and if there was a two-hour delay I wouldn’t have to go until around eleven. I was in no rush. I debated calling a friend to confirm that there was school today, but decided against it, for we only had one shared phone, and my parents would probably get mad if they caught me using it.

After seeing to my morning needs, I did my usual chores of the morning, which included taking my dogs out, and doing some yard work. I wasn’t worried about getting to school yet, for I had decided that I’d do my routine within a half an hour before worrying about getting my stuff ready for school. Thankfully I haven’t touched my backpack since preparing it for the last school day, which we didn’t have.

After finishing my chores, I came back into my house and rushed upstairs to get ready.

“Let’s go! It’s school time!” my mom shouted up to our top floor, where my room is.

Irritated, I yelled back, “Still have about an hour and a half, mom!”

“No, you don’t. I’m taking you all at the same time!”

Wow. Was she that eager to get rid of us? I have siblings in both elementary and middle school, and if we were all going at the same time, I’d be waiting for my drop off time for a while.

“What about the bus?” I asked, still yelling down to her.

“Who knows what’s in those buses,” she answered. “I don’t think they sterilized those, so I’m taking you myself.”

Letting out a groan, I rushed to finish getting ready.

“We’re leaving now!” my sister shouted.

“I’m coming!” I shouted back. My siblings already seemed to be ready. At least they weren’t rushed this much.

Quickly bringing my hair up into a ponytail, I sprinted down the stairs. My dad was waiting on the second floor, dressed in his usual style of jeans and a t-shirt, and holding his water bottle. “Finally ready?” he asked.

Ignoring his question, I asked, “What about lunch?”

“You can buy that today,” he told me.

I thought his answer was pretty weird because we haven’t eaten out since the self-distancing was announced, and I didn’t think that the school cafeteria food was alright to eat if restaurant food wasn’t.

Rushing to go, I hurried down the next flight of stairs to get outside where the rest of my family was waiting, taking note that my dad was following behind me.

I felt like it was weird that the state announced that school was closed for the rest of the year, and now it’s reopening, but I was in too much of a rush to consider it. I thought for a while that my mom might be kidding, but she sounded too serious. Besides the fact that my dad was rushing me too. If he was in on it, then they must be telling the truth, for he is the most serious person I’ve ever met.

I finally reached the door. I opened it to find my siblings standing next to the car, and my mom standing a few yards away from them in our small front yard holding her phone. My dad followed me out the door and took his phone out as well.
“We’re going to take back to school pictures!” my mom called out with a smile.

By the time I got to where my siblings stood, my parents’ smiles had disappeared.

“Look at how serious you two are,” I called out. “I bet you’re kidding. There’s no school today. You’re probably taking us to some field and abandoning us. Or better yet, some creep’s house. I’m fine with that as long as the person has candy.” I know I’m a handful for my parents, but I’ve always had a great time poking fun at them, and so far they haven’t called me out for it, so I haven’t been inclined to stop.

“You’re unpleasant today,” my dad answered with a tight smile that told me he was annoyed with what I’d said.
I tried thinking of reasons why my parents would lie, but couldn’t think of any. Why choose this day to lie? I couldn’t think of any reason. Unless--

No. It couldn’t be. Since school closed, I haven’t been keeping up with the calendar, but my sister had her birthday recently, and if I count the days since then, I could figure out the date for today. Monday was the thirtieth, Tuesday was the thirty-first, which means that it’s a new month, and it’s--

“Happy April Fools!!!!”

Author Notes: This happened on April Fools day... I can't believe I let my parents fool me like that. I'll have to get them back next year! ;) Hope you all had a great April Fools day too!

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