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Bad Bit*h
Bad Bit*h

Bad Bit*h

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Her eyes are gorgeous,
her hair so soft.
Her nose so perfect,
Her neck has a great cost.

Her smile mezmerising,
the way her lips spread.
Smooth, warm and moist,
its colour, cherry red.

She replaced me so easily,
it was always so clear.
She looks like an angel,
with a devils spear.

Her laugh is adorable,
each word that she utters.
melting my heart,
thinking about all her lovers.

I have no chance,
against the bad boyz.
They treat her like shitt,
but their company, she enjoys.

If this is what love make someone,
weak, uncomfortable and shy.
I still want her to be mine,
or else, id rather die.

The thought of her existence,
makes me smile and blush.
This secret deep withen me,
my forever lasting crush.

I want her to be mine,
to only touch my shame.
to grip me tight,
and stop my burning flame.

If this is what love makes someone,
fragile, painfull and afraid.
Weather she loves me or not,
i can't be betrayed.

With slashes of scarlet red blood,
already broken, crushed and cried.
This fear of loss and jealousy,
I want her as my bride.

Those nights locked up,
with no rules to break.
It seemed to easy,
I realise my mistake.

I want her to come back to me,
to look at what she's done.
to help me rise from this depression,
we could have so much fun.

Her love is dangerous,
it's torn me widly apart.
I wish i could replace her,
but thats up to my heart.

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19 Apr, 2020
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1 min
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