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Bad Words

Bad Words

By popepop

Today, way too many people use bad words. Back when I was a kid, using bad words would always have a consequence. So . . . why are swear words okay to use today?
Here are some reasons why:
1. People (especially adults) have no self control once angered.
2. Adults have either not been raised well, or do not have any decency.
3. It gives certain people a sense of control.
4. Video games and t.v. programs may have affected them enough to make them show violence through their words.
5. Teenagers think swearing makes them cool.
6. Criminals just swear the whole ride to jail to bug the cop(s) driving the vehicle.
7. People just don't have a clue that saying certain words is bad.

In conclusion, it is NOT okay to be walking around with a potty mouth. It makes you seem like a bad person.

Parents, you need to teach this concept to your kids. Make sure they know that swearing can lead to violence and possible years in prison.

Kids, please listen to your parents on this one. It can result in your success or failure.

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28 Feb, 2013
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