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Barely Breathing

Barely Breathing

By Roosie131

Callie said goodbye to her mum, but she didnt hear a response. She looked around and saw her mom dead on the floor. She screamed. She turned around and saw a man with a bag over his face. She ran around him, and ran out the door as fast as her 9 year old legs would take her. The man didnt run. In fact he didnt leave the house. But Callie wouldnt go back. She needed to get the money for a plane ticket to Florida, where her father was. She remembered she has 106 dollars.... in her room. She decided she would crawl through the window, grab her money on the ledge and run. She walked slowly, the man was kneeling beside her mother. She started to cry. "Mommy! Oh Mommy!" and she fell on the ground. But she wouldnt give up, not yet. She got in her window and grabbed the money on the ledge. 106 dollars. She then ran. Faster and faster. Two quarters in her hand for the bus, and another two quarters for a taxi. She had a suitcase in her hand. Only about 3 feet, and she was dragging it. She had it for the vacation for Disney World, but it was off. It had her three stuffed animals, a couple of barbies, and an Ipod touch and a charger. Clothes of course. She got to the bus stop and waited. She waited for several hours. It got dark, and the bus finally got there. She climbed on and handed the man 50 cents. She found a seat and sat next to another little girl. "Wheres your mum?" Callie asked. The little girl didnt respond, she looked sad when Callie asked that. "What's your name?" Callie asked. "Rebecca." The little girl responded. "I'm Callie."
"Wheres your mum?" Rebecca asked.
"Mine too. Where ya headed? I'm going to Alaska, to my father." and Rebecca smiled. But Callie didnt. She was too sad. "Good night. Im gonna get some sleep.


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27 Aug, 2011
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1 min
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