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Barely Saved

Barely Saved

By magiclola

I remember sitting on the stool next to my Mom's bed. To young to understand what was going on. Just waiting... for my dad to stop talking to the Doc and go home. The n my mom called me"Sweetie come here" "oKay" I replied happily. It was the 1st time in weeks she had the strength to talk to me."I love you" "Me too mommy!" "But I might be going soon" to small to realize the statement meant that she would die(She took a medication that only prolonged her life for another year) "Going where?" She couldn't answer me. By that time we had to leave. I also remember the prayers we had in our house for my mom. How each and everyone in our church would pray hard as they can for revival. Then my mom decided she can't and she won't die because he family needed her alot(without my mom we wouldn't be able to afford a house since my mom was the one who supported the family the most, my dad had a small job). She decided she would submit her whole life to God! She took of her expensive gold earings and necklace and threw them into the trash.Using all her might she bent down on her knees and cried to God. She did this everyday. The sickness was getting worse and we were all losing faith but then one miraculous day the doctors did a scan and they were all shocked everything was gone!!! Everything!!!!! And my mom says this is exactly what the doctors said "This healing is truly from your God!" Thank You God!

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19 Feb, 2012
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